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Happy Friendship Day Short Stories, Essay And Speech For School

Happy Friendship Day Short Stories, Essay And Speech For School

Hello friends, first of all, I want to wish you all for happy friendship day. Today as you all know that friendship day is not limited to only one community, society, city or country. It is celebrated worldwide with lots of joy and happiness because we always love to celebrate it. If you are search some happy friendship day short stories then you will find it here which are best for your personal use.

Happy Friendship Day Short Stories Essay And Speech For School

India is the country of celebration and we celebrate our festivals over the year. Indian people always love to celebrate every festival with our friends and family but when the occasion is specially coming for friends then how we can miss this. We always love to celebrate it with our most loving and tremendous friends. Today we are giving you some example of happy friendship day short stories which you can search over internet and use it for your work like school competition etc.

There are thousands of stories in the world in which you will find some short stories of friendship day and some stories are long stories for friendship day which are quite popular. You will listen many stories among lots of friend which are said and people enjoy a lot. In happy friendship day short stories, you can search for rabbit and tortoise story for best reference of short stories. In which they are very good friend of each other and in the proud the rabbit run fast for the winning of the race which was the competition of tortoise and rabbit.

Happy Friendship Day Short Stories

In this story due to his over confidence, rabbit sleep in the mid of the way and the slowly running tortoise win that match with him. This story tells many motivational things to us that never make proud, never be overconfident and never underestimate anyone in comparison then you. These all thing are always harmful to you. There are lots of stories like monkey and turtle, bee and the fire of the jungle and many other which is very suitable for u on the friendship day 2017. In year 2017, happy friendship day short stories are very useful for you.

Happy Friendship Day Short Stories

You read this story and you can also check a story of the bee and the fire of the jungle in which a bee live with her friend bee in a jungle and when the fire was destroying the jungle then bee done lots of effort to save her friends and with their struggle she saved them. She call their friend elephant and requested her to save her from that fire and then elephant drop the water over it and save the jungle from burning and they shower lots of water over it. This is the time bee saved their friends from burning and this is the time they need her help from burning.

This is the thing which you will like the most in which you will surely love to read the stories of the happy friendship day while reading them.

As you all know that friendship day is coming very faster day to day and people start searching for happy friendship day essays and speech for school etc. so today we are giving you some overview about the happy friendship day essays and speech for school so that you can prepare it for the school and various other function and parties on friendship day.

Happy Friendship Day Essays And Speech

So without wasting our time we start a short essay for school assembly which you can read as a speech and explain all the persons about the friendship day.

Hello my dear friends, mam and respected principal,

Today I am here to tell you some very awesome and tremendous about friendship. I say awesome and tremendous because in my opinion, friendship is the only relations which don’t need any blood relation but it will help you more than any relative to which you have any blood relation. Friendship is awesome and helping every time when you need any help. Friend is counted as that person who always stands for you when you done any mistake and helps you when you need them. Friendship is the relation which became your secret happiness while you are in sadness and become your backbone when you are happiness. So never leave supporting to your friends.

Friendship day 2017 is not the day but it is the part of feeling which is dedicated to the friends who love to you. As you all know that there are many festivals in India and many other countries which can be celebrated with lots of family and relative but you will not find any festival of event which is dedicated to the friends. But this is event which you can dedicate to your friends. You can celebrate this day with lots of friendship day greetings cards and exchange these things with friends. We can celebrate this day with lots of party with wines and beers etc.  You can also band some of the friendship day bracelets on the wrist of your friends.

When it comes to my friends, then I must say that I have such friends which have huge heart and always help me too in my work. My friends are ritu, subhi, nanda, Rahul, roni and many others. They always support me in everything of my life. I want to say thankx to all of my friends.

Thank you,

Happy Friendship Day Essays, Short Stories

This is the happy friendship day 2017 essays and speech for school assembly which you can use freely for your own personal use. These happy friendship day essay and speech is very useful for all your wishes. I hope you all like these friendship day essay and speech which you can dictate in your school assembly on the occasion of friendship day.

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Happy Friendship Day Jokes, Sayings And Shayari

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Jokes, Sayings And Shayari

Hello my online and offline friends who is reading this article, first of all as you all know that friendship day is coming so I want to wish all of you about the happy friendship day 2017. Today we bring some very awesome happy friendship day Shayari and sayings for whatsapp, fb for sending to your friends and wish him or her for the friendship day.

Happy Friendship Day Jokes, Sayings And Shayari

Every year we are celebrated our friendship day on first Sunday of August and this time it is coming on 7nd august 2017. This festival is mainly dedicated to friends and celebration takes place to wish him with love and pleasure. This is begun from 1935 from USA country. Inclusive of India, this festival is celebrated all over the world with lots of friends and loved one. You can also exchange many friendship day gifts too like wrist watch, cards, gift items like teddy for your beautiful friends.

Now today we are bring an awesome and funny collection of happy friendship day shayari and sayings for whatsapp, fb 2016 which you send to your friends and loving peoples. Now without wasting our more time over friendship topic we should start our article about happy friendship day jokes and sayings for whatsapp, fb.

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Shayari

I love my life because you are a part of this… so thank you for being my friend happy friendship day 2016…..


A memory comes in a day and ends in the same day

A month starts in a 30 days and lasts in the same month


I can feel you by my heart


Every beautiful thing can be feel by the heart

Any emotion can be feel by heart

My Any pray can be done by heart

Any sadness can be feel by heart

Any happiness can be feel by heart.

So oh my friend,

You are also the same feeling which can be feel by heart….


Real feeling can be seen by the real friends only even after you smile on anything. This is the thing which is only known by the true friends that’s why you need friends.


Happy Friendship Day Shayari


Its always amazing that two stranger become the closest friend as you needed them for sharing your feeling with them. Happy Friendship day 2016.


Don’t walk with too much stranger as they can be your best buddies to which you cant handle as good friendship need space and time both.


Don’t walk daily in front of me because may be some I will unable to follow you.


Best friends is the best buddies for everyone who have them and if the friendship demand then you should follow them and never leave them alone.


Every person can celebrate your success,

But a true never do like this,

He can celebrate your failure with you too

By saying “Sale mai bhi fail ho gaya”


Memories goes and memories made new,

But true friends never came again in your life.


Today we are very happy and provide you best happy friendship day jokes and Shayari in Hindi 2016. You will get some awesome and best happy friendship day jokes and shayari in Hindi 2016 from our happy friendship day blog which you can use for sending to your friends and wish her too.

As you all know happy friendship day 2016 is very nearer which is just like festival among all the friends who want to celebrate it with friends. You will be happy to know that we will also celebrate our friendship day with friendship day jokes and Shayari in Hindi. Many persons like to send jokes and shayari but now the occasion of celebration so they need more and more jokes and shayari to send them. You can also send some jokes and Sharayi in Hindi on friendship day 2016. It will give you more satisfaction when you send some jokes and shayari in hindi to your friend and when they will smile on those.

Now without wasting any extra time, just take a look over best happy friendship day jokes and Shayari in Hindi 2016.

Happy Friendship Day Jokes And Shayari


Chamach mei chamach, chamak mei jeera,

Oh my dost teri shakal aisi jaise






Tamatar pila pila

Happy Friendship Day Shayari And Jokes


Apne dost itne kameene

Jaise girta huwa kaddu,

Gana gata huwa babbu,

Soch hai inki kamina

Jaise unka dost kamina


Tu meri dosti ke liye ek kaam kar

Apne saare dosti par ek ahsaan kar,

Saare gumo ko iske naam kar,

Apne saare gamo ke aasu bhul jaya kar.


Apne best dosto ko hazaar pr ruthne pr

Bhi unhe hume mana lena chahiye,


Saale saare raazo ko jaante hai,

Kya jaane kab telecast kar de…

Happy Friendship Day Shayari, Sayings And Jokes


Mujhe ruka sake ho, mujhse lad sakte ho,

Tang kar sakte ho, Chot pahucha sakte ho,

Per itna karm jarur karna apni is dosti ki khatir,

Mujhe apna kandha jarur de sakte ho…


Tere dil ko apne armaan saja sakte hai armaan dekar,

In labo ko bhi hasa sakte hai apni jaan dekar,

Kya pata mere dost kaisa waqt aayega aane wale saaalo mei,

Hum to himaat rakte hai tere jism ko zinda karne apni jaan dekar..


Mujhe pariyo par yakin hai jo sidhe swarg se aati hai or wo humare charo or bhi aa jaye to mai to unhe bhi apna dost hi kahuga or unhi mei tum bhi ek ho. Thank you for everything you given to me.


Kya pata ye din yu hi naa gujar jaayege,

Hum pata nahi kaha or aap kaha chale jayege,

Kabhi bhi naraz naa hona humari in pagali si batao se,

Yahi to wo saare pal hai jo aapko humesa hi yaad aayege.


Koi pal ho na yah din to rahega hi,

Yeh din ho na ho sab hafta to rahega hi,

Eah hafta ho na ho, 30 dino ka mahina to rahega hi,

Or agar kuch bhi na raha to apni dosti ka majma to rahega hi….


This is somehow hard to keep the friendship always but you are too much lucky if you have friend who can live with you. Happy friendship day 2016.

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Happy Friendship Day Thoughts And Thinking

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Thoughts And Thinking

First of all I want to say happy friendship day 2017 to all of you my friends and dears. According to me happy friendship day is the day which is dedicated completely to your friends who always stand for you and with you at any cost and any situation. You will completely agree as your friend is always loves to be with you because it always never is in a situation that you always are with them.

Happy Friendship Day Thoughts And Thinking

True friends will always celebrate this day with their friend on this happy friendship day and loves to support their friend. A true friend is the friend who always ready to help you at any situation whether you made any mistake or not. I always wonder about their friendship who rarely talk and never meet with each other but when you talk with them they say that they are friends. According to my happy friendship day 2017 thoughts and thinking that two can be friends if they are meeting, talking and helping each in every situation. I don’t think such friendships which don’t have any relation even talking have more value in the eyes of friends. I can respect those people but never think that those can become good and true friend.

According to happy friendship day 2017 thoughts and thinking, friendship is name of spending time with friends as it can be in talking, spending time in long drive or any form so that it can be better friendship than any other. So if you are thinking about the happy friendship day 2017 then you should also know that you should celebrate it with your friends and with tie some ribbons and bands on their wrist or gifting some friendship gift to them you can make your friendship stronger.

Celebrate your happy friendship day 2017 thoughts and thinking with your friends. You can get many celebration ideas too for celebration the friendship day.

Celebrate friendship day 2017 thinking

Having a very good friend will be equal to the reading a very good book because they give you all the surprise while reading them in the seconds.

Sweetness of joy, lovingness of hard work, melodist of the lyrics of songs which included all in one together in a single true and loving friends. Happy friendship day 2017.

You should never compare the beauty of the love and friendship with anything else in this world because nothing can beat these things. You will surely love the affection in the friendship.

Happy friendship day 2017 thinking

I will always be with you till the date I will take the oxygen as the breath.

Some friends are always comes in the memory but they are not lover but the relation with them is more then any other relation and you are one of them. Happy friendship day 2017 to you.

We are friends from a long time and want to be with each other for a long time with a loving relation with each other.

You will be always with me as the air flow in the environment and as they needy by the all the living thing in the earth. This will be very good for all the persons.

Happy friendship day 2017 thinking And Thoughts

As you all know our happy friendship day 2016 is going to celebrate on the 7nd of August 2016 as it is celebrated on first Sunday of August. First Sunday in august will now become on 7nd so the friendship day will be celebrated on the same day.

In your life, you found lots of friends which are sometime become your loved one and sometime they lost. So for all those, you can celebrate this happy friendship day 2016. You can celebrate it with your current and forever friends or you can also celebrate it for those who have lost while you are busy in your life. You can see some thoughts on happy friendship day 2016 here.

According to me in a life, I think friend is the only person who can remain with you even after your mistake and at every mistake you can be the only person who should also take serious of his silence. Friendship is the only relation which don’t have any blood include but will remain with you.

Without wasting our time we are starting our happy friendship day 2016 thoughts -:

happy friendship day 2016 Thoughts

“Friendship is the only relation which don’t need any blood relation but it is more strong then any blood relation”

“Friendship and friends are always remains with you while doing anything in your life. Friend takes your all trouble and will always in front of you but in happiness, they always follow you.”

“Happy Friendship Day 2016 is celebrated for the friends who are your loved one can be celebrated with some thoughts with the enjoyment.”

happy friendship day 2016 Thoughts

“Happy Friendship Day 2016 gives you a chance to celebrate with your dear friends and Friendship band is not like an ordinary band which will not only secure you from various problem but it like a golden thread on your life.”

“Happy friendship day 2016 is not only a day to celebrate but it’s a feeling which connect your friends with your friend’s heart”

You can like these thoughts on happy friendship day 2016 for your own wishes to your friends and your loved one who is very near to your heart…..

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Join Clash Of Clans Game WhatsApp Group And Get Updates

Clash Of Clans Game WhatsApp Group Join With Us

Today we are here with some of the new series in which if you are the lover of Clash of clan game then you will surely like it. We are making a new whatsapp group with the name of Clash of Clans Whatsapp group in which we are daily updating many stuff.

Join Whatsapp Group For Discuss And Get Messages

Clash of Clan is the online android and window game which is played by millions of people around the world with so much enjoyment and love. They love to come in front from their friends and go for the nice competition with them. They cross level after level and also try to cross their friends in the level war. Clash of clan is the big hit game which is played online through mobile mostly all over the world because everyone like to play it with a big competition in friends.

Clash Of Clans Game WhatsApp Group

While playing this game, you will also notice that there are thousands of people near you playing it with more and more courage. You will see there are thousands of people who are also on same lever on which you are playing. In our Clash of Clans Game whatsapp group, you will get tons of information which is regularly updated by us. You can also interact with users of the group with chatting with them and can able to get to know what their interest in this game is with the chat session in the group.

Clash of clan is the online game where you can not only play but also chat with the people in the chat section. You can also make your own and can start playing the game for winning the war of the game level. This is fun and strategic game where you have to build your own town and crush the towns of others. By joining our clash of clan whatsapp group, you will also get all the info with more and more tricks and tips of the game playing in the group. You can improve your tactics and skills of playing the game with the help of our whatsapp group because you will get in touch with clash of clan lover and you can ask them too with the strategies.

You can join us for –:

  1. Regular updates of the Clash of Clan versions
  2. Tips to play the game and
  3. Some strategy so that you can cross the level
  4. Videos of the game
  5. Installation and playing process


How to join Clash of clans whatsapp group -:

  1. Comment your full name including first and last name.
  2. place where you live
  3. Mobile number including your country code

Clash of Clans Game Whatsapp Group

That’s all from my side as I have created this group for the game lover and you will surely like them because they are favorite for lots of people. I hope you will surely enjoy adding in this group. After your amazing response I will also arrange some groups too where you can be added and get some live video and updates about the clash of clans WhatsApp group.

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Dr. Dre Net Worth, Annual Salary And Biography

Dr. Dre Net Worth, Biography And Annual Salary

Today we are going to tell you something very special which you were expecting from us from a long time as you will surely love him and also many of our friends got some inspiration from them. Yes you are right today we are going to tell you dr. dre net worth and annual salary which you can find very interesting.

Dr. Dre Net Worth, Annual Salary And Biography

Dr. Dre Biography

Dr. Dre was born on 18th February 1965 in the city of Los Angeles of California of United State of America country. His full name is Andre Romelle Young. He was married with Nicole Young in 1996 and having five children. Dr. Dre loves his wife and children a lot.

As per the year 2015, Dr. Dre net worth is $800 million which give him a stand in the richest person of the Hollywood and film industry. Mostly he is an American rapper who generally known by this work. With the rapping they also check his destiny in producing and wealth entrepreneur too. As per my view he is also included in the race of becoming a billionaire and we are hoping too that he will become billionaire soon. He is handling two most earning companies as the CEO which is “Aftermath Entertainment” and “Beats Electronics” which don’t need any introduction as they are holding the spot of 1st richest Hip Hop American which is also verified by Forbes List of the year 2014.

Dr. Dre net worth is increasing day by day as he has also sold out his Beats Electronic to the most popular company Apple Incorporation with the value of $3 Billion. It is known as one of the big deals of the industry when it comes with the Hollywood star’s company. Beats Electronics was the high end headphone company which was also doing so much big work in the headphone industry. It was most expensive deal between of the Apple.

Dr. Dre Net Worth

As we above said that Dr. Dre net worth was of $800 million as per the year 2015 so he is also comes in one of the richest person in the Hollywood celebrities are earning also very good. Dr. Dre was nominated as the third richest person of the year 2014 which was also the huge achievement in his life and also nominated with 620$ million holder. When we search about the Dr. Dre Net Worth in the previous then we surely get some facts about it you can also take a look.

Year For Net Worth

Estimate of Net Worth


550 Million


630 Million


720 Million


770 Million


800 Million


In Dr. Dre net worth and Assets, you will see big 3.2 million dollar woodland hills home, approx. 13 Million dollar Hollywood hills home, Carlyle Group and many more stocks in beats electronics with some stake too.

Dr. Dre Annual Salary

This is also one of the good things about him as he is earning yearly so many amounts which generally people don’t have total worth too. As per latest survey and assumption, we can say that nearly about 960 Million dollar approx. which is generated from various sources he is perfect in rapping, producing and record executive as well. He was ranking 44th highest richest paid person in the year 2012 and made one of the new milestones too in his life. When we see Dr. Dre annual salary then you will also find lots of big earning annually.

When we observe him as a person then we can understood that he was not just earning money and increasing his net worth only in this world but we can see that they is a good personality too which is a very big thing and more than thousand million dollars. He is very kind in nature having very love and attention of his life. When we see records on his name then we can there are lots of record which are recorded on his name. If you are fan of him then I can say that he is worth of it which also make him more loving in his fan following.

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