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Dr Phil Mcgraw Net Worth, Biography And Annual Salary

Dr Phil Mcgraw Net Worth, Family, Biography And Annual Salary With Their Personally

Dr. Phil McGraw Biography

Dr. Phil McGraw biography is very interesting as he is officially called as Phillip Calvin ‘Phil’ McGraw. He was born on 1st September, 1950 in Oklahoma at Vinita. He is also called by the nickname of Dr Phil is a populous author, American T.V personality, ‘Dr. Phil’ T.V show host and a psychologist. He became a celebrity after appearing on a show of 1990s called Oprah Winfrey Show.

Dr Phil Mcgraw Net Worth, Biography And Annual Salary

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His schooling was completed from Shawnee Mission North High School situated in Kansas, Overland Park in 1975. His graduation was completed in B.A in Psychology from Midwestern State University in year 1976. His post graduation was completed in 1976 with experimental psychology and PhD degree was completed in 1979 with clinical psychology from North Texas University. Dr. Phil McGraw biography also contains his weight loss products, foundations and psychological approaches.

Dr Phil McGraw Career

Dr. Phil McGraw Career in psychology made him one of the successful psychologists of his country. He achieved a scholarship of football in 1968 to Tulsa University and he played there middle linebacker under Glenn Dobbs coach. On 23rd November, 1968 his team lost to Houston University 100-6 which is known to be the most interesting game in history of football. McGraw was transferred to Wichita Falls in Texas to the University Of Midwestern State. He joined his father Joe McGraw after gaining his doctorate over there.

He also practiced his private psychology at that place. He and his father joined an established businesswoman called Thelma Box in 1983. They all together resented pathways seminars and experienced based training which makes individuals to create and achieve their own specific results. Some of his filmography are namely Frasier in 2003, Sesame Street in 2004, Scary Movie 4 and Simpsons in 2006, Madea Goes to Jail and Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009 and Hannah Montana in 2010.His approach to psychology had drawn some critics from some fellow laymen and psychotherapists in year 2013. He never loved the counseling of one-on-one as claimed by him in the interview of South Florida newspaper in 2001. He also said that he is not a kind of psychologist who talks about hush puppies, pipe and talking about mother.

His foundation had been formed for fighting against childhood obesity was opened in 2003 by raising its funds. Many charitable organizations were connected with this foundation to help spiritual, emotional and monetary needs of families and children. His weight loss products made him a more famous personality. His entrance into this business selling numerous products like energy bars, shakes, supplements etc. was featured on his show and its testimonials were broadcasted in television with his sisters and nephew.

The name of the brand of these products is ‘Shape It Up, Woo, Woo!’. The products comprises of ingredients which are scientifically researched that can control your behavior along with controlling your weight. He ahs been accused from many sources and several critics are being identified as well. His products were taken off from the market in 2004 after facing an investigation from Federal Trade Commission. There was also a class action lawsuit against Dr. McGraw claiming that his products are not helping people in their weight loss.


Dr Phil McGraw Net Worth

Dr. Phil McGraw net worth is estimated to $335 million comes in a list of the rich celebrities. The rich and most famous celebrity is actually a popular American television personality, author, psychologist and a host who has an amazing Dr. Phil McGraw net worth. Hence, Dr. Phil McGraw net worth estimation is too huge makes him a rich celebrity.


Dr. Phil McGraw Annual Salary

Dr. Phil McGraw annual salary in 2009 was $80 million. Dr. Phil McGraw annual salary after 2010 is between amounts $80 to $200 million. Therefore, Dr. Phil McGraw annual salary has touched the sky.


Dr. Phil McGraw’s personal information

  1. Phil McGraw full name: Phillip Calvin McGraw
  2. Phil McGraw middle name: Calvin
  3. Phil McGraw nicknames: Phil and Dr. Phil
  4. Phil McGraw Birth date: 1st September, 1950
  5. Phil McGraw Birth place: Oklahoma, Vinita, United States of America.
  6. Phil McGraw Age: 64
  7. Phil McGraw Height: 6’4 feet
  8. Phil McGraw eye color: grey
  9. Phil McGraw skin color: white
  10. Phil McGraw hair color: grey
  11. Phil McGraw ethnical background: White
  12. Phil McGraw sex: Straight
  13. Phil McGraw zodiac sign: Virgo
  14. Phil McGraw Nationality: American
  15. Phil McGraw Occupation/Profession: T.V personality, host and an author.
  16. Phil McGraw Educational qualifications: Schooling from Shawnee Mission North High School and graduation from Tulsa University and Midwestern State University in B.S Psychology and post graduation from North Texas University in MA and PhD in Psychology.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s family information

He was married in 1970 at the age of 20 to Debbie Higgins McCall who was a cheerleader. He began dating Robin Jo Jameson in 1973. They were married in year 1976. This couple became proud with two children namely Jordan and Jay.

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How Much Is Genius Musician Stevie Wonder Net Worth, Annual Salary

How Much Is Genius Musician Stevie Wonder Net Worth, Career, Annual Salary

Stevie Wonder Biography

Stevie Wonder’s full name is Stevland Hardaway Morris also known as Stevland Hardaway Judkins was born on 13th May, 1950. He is a prestigious and successful multi-instrumentalist, record producer, singer, musician and song-writer. He was born in Michigan at Saginaw. He is a son of Lula Mae Hardaway and Calvin Judkins. He became blind after birth as his birth was six weeks premature which was resulted in having ROP that is Retinopathy of Prematurity. This is a condition in which retina detaches and eyes growth are aborted and this situation leads to blindness.

How Much Is Genius Musician Stevie Wonder Net Worth, Career, Annual Salary

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He was very small, at the age of 4, his mother left his father and shifted to Detroit with him along with her other children. She modified her name to Lula Hardaway which was earlier before her marriage. Wonder’s name was changed into Morris. He was a superb multi-instrumentalist started playing piano, drums and harmonica. He joined John as he did partnership with him and they both together used to perform at dances, parties and street corners. The lovable personality became one of the popular and distinctive performers in 20th centuary. When he was 11 years old, he signed with Mowtown’s Tamla and started recording and performing for them. You must be thinking that ‘how much genius musician Stevie Wonder is?’ we will give all answers of your every question. Stevie Wonder net worth is about $110 million. Stevie Wonder annual salary is $13,333,000.


Stevie Wonder Career

He composed ‘Lonely Boy’ of the Miracles. He worked in many singles like Sir Duke, I Just Called to Say I Love You, Superstition, You Are the Sunshine in my Life, Tribute to Uncle Ray, Sunset, Wondering, The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie, Little Water Boy, Fingertips, Upright (Everything’s Alright’), Blowin’ in the Wind, In a Child’s Heart, Make it Happen, Tears of a Clown, I was Made to Love Her, ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’, For Once in my Life and My Cherie Amour. He was a part of albums like Songs in the Key of Life, Talking Book Inner Visions and Recorded Live: The 12 Year Old Genius, etc.

At the age of 12, he joined Motor town Revenue. He created a no. 1 hit called as ‘What Key? What Key?’ when he was 13 years old. He recorded ‘Mother Thank You’ which was replaced by ‘I call it Pretty Music, But the Old People Call It the Blues’. He was appeared in films like Bikini Beach and Muscle Beach Party. His album in 1968 was named as Eivets Rednow which is a backward spelling of Stevie Wonders.


How much genius musician Stevie Wonder is?

His career started when he was 11 years old small boy and he won about 25 Grammy Awards and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. There were about 100 million singles and albums were sold of Wonder. He was also recorded in best selling music artists list of top 60 and recorded 30 above top 10 hits of U.S. and recorded more than 30 U.S. top ten hits. He was called famously as ‘Peace Messenger of United Nations’ in 2009.  This was noted that he was in sixth position in 100 Hot Billboard All-Time top artists list. He was also known by the popular name of ‘Little Stevie Wonder’ before signing Clarence Paul producer. His genius attitude was started at such small age that made his fans started.

He worked for political causes as well as an activist and also worked for his work of civil rights. He was also induced into Rock and Roll and Songwriters Hall of Fame along with winning Lifetime Achievement Award.


Stevie Wonder Net Worth

Stevie Wonder net worth in 2015 is $110 million. He earned so much of many and established himself from the film contracts like Innervisions, Fulfillingness’ First Finale, Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through ‘The Secret Life of Plants’, In Square Circle, Hotter Than July, Talking Book, Jungle Forever, The Women in Red and Songs in the Key of Life. He is also paid from programs featuring and sponsorships which is $3,437,500. Hence, Stevie Wonder net worth is what he deserves.


Stevie Wonder Annual Salary

Stevie Wonder annual salary is $13,333,000 which is earned through film contracts, endorsements, sponsorships and program featuring. Stevie Wonder annual salary is amazing.


Stevie Wonder’s personal information

  1. Stevie Wonder full name: Stevland Morris Hardaway Judkins
  2. Stevie Wonder middle name: Morris Hardaway
  3. Stevie Wonder Birth date: 13th May, 1950
  4. Stevie Wonder Birth place: Saginaw in Michigan
  5. Stevie Wonder Age: 65
  6. Stevie Wonder Height: 6’1/2 feet
  7. Stevie Wonder eye color: black
  8. Stevie Wonder skin color: brown
  9. Stevie Wonder hair color: Black
  10. Stevie Wonder ethnical background: American and African
  11. Stevie Wonder sex: Straight
  12. Stevie Wonder zodiac sign: Taurus
  13. Stevie Wonder Nationality: American
  14. Stevie Wonder Religion: Not given
  15. Stevie Wonder instruments: Piano, electric piano, vocals, drums, harmonica, keyboard and arranger.
  16. Stevie Wonder Occupation/Profession: song writer, musician, singer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer.
  17. Stevie Wonder style of music: R&B, R&B/Soul and Piano.
  18. Stevie Wonder labels: Motown, Tamla


Stevie Wonder’s family information

Stevie Wonder was married two times. One with Syreeta Wright in 1970 and they were divorced in year 1972 and the other one is Kai Millard Morris in 2001 and they were divorced in 2012. Yolanda Simmons met Stevie when she applied for secretary job to him. Alisha Morris is Stevie’s and Yolanda’s daughter is a successful singer. He have two genius sons with his divorcee Kai Millar Morris named as Kailand Morris who is a drummer performs with his father and the other one is Mandla Kadjav Carl Stevland Morris. He is a son of mother Lula Mae Hardaway who was died at the age of 76 in Los Angeles. His ninth child is Nia with Tomeeka Robyn Bracy. The names of his all nine children are:

  1. Aisha Morris
  2. Kwame Morris
  3. Keita Morris
  4. Mumtaz Morris
  5. Kailand Morris
  6. Nia
  7. Mandal Kadjay Carl Stevland
  8. Sophia Morris
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Mike Myers Net Worth, Halloween And Annual Salary

Mike Myers Net Worth, Career, Halloween, Annual Salary And Family Information

Mike Myers Biography

Mike Myers was born in 25th May in 1963 is a well known screen-writer, producer and an actor. He was born in Ontario at Scarborough. He used to perform on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and played many title roles in Shrek films, Wayne’s World and Austin Powers. He was born and brought as protestant because his ancestry was the combination of Irish, Scottish and English. His citizenship is Canadian, British and U.S. his schooling was completed from Sir John A. MacDonald Collegiate Institute situated in Scarborough and then he completed his graduation from Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute which is also located in Scarborough. He joined the populous Second City Theatre in year 1986. Mike Myers annual salary is estimated to $21212000 million and Mike Myers net worth is around $175 million.

Mike Myers Net Worth, Halloween And Annual Salary

Mike Myers Career

His career started when he was just two years old as he performed in commercials. When he was 10 years old he was appeared in a commercial for the famous British Columbia Hydro Electric. When he became an adult, he became a part of troupe Chicago and Toronto. He also became a member of Comedy Store Player which was a comedy troupe. He won an award of 2000 American Comedy, award of Emmy, award of Lucille Ball Legacy of Laughter, 4 award of American Comedy, 7 MTV Movie Awards and 2 award of Razzie in 2008.

He performed different roles in different movies, documentaries, short films and voices mikelike Wayne’s World in 1992, So I Married An Axe Murderer and Wayne’s World 2 in 1993, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in 1997, ‘54’, The Thin Pink Line and Pete’s Meteor in 1998. Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me and Mystery Alaska in 1999, Shrek in 2001, Austin Powers in Goldmember in 2002, Shrek 4-D, The Cat in The Hat and View From the Top in 2003, Shrek 2 in 2004, Home in 2006, Shrek The Third in 2007, The Love Guru in 2008, Inglorious Basterds in 2009, Shrek Forever After in 2010, Oscar Etiquette in 2012, Being Canadian Sometimes in 2013, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon in 2013 and I am Chris Farley in 2015.

He also appeared in T.V shows and episodes like The Littlest Hobo, King of Kensington, Bizarre, John and Yoko: A Love Story, It’s Only Rock and Roll, Saturday Night Live, Elvis Stories, Monty Python Live (Mostly), etc.

Mike Myers Net Worth

Mike Myers net worth is $175 million. He grossed about $798.9 million from ‘Shrek The Third’, $484.4 million from ‘The First Shrek’, $183 million from ‘Wayne’s World’, $919.8 million from ‘Shrek 2’, $312 million from ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ and $296.6 million from ‘Austin Powers In Goldmember’. Mike Myers net worth is really flawless along with his presence as an actor, screen writer and producer. Thus, Mike Myers net worth which is $175 million has been collected from his movies and one of his most popular movies is ‘Shrek the Third’.

Mike Myers Annual Salary

Mike Myers annual salary is about $21212000 million gathered from his films and endorsements. His personality is very impressive and startles every citizen of his nation beautifully. Mike Myers annual salary is huge along with his superiority is acting ability in Hollywood.

Mike Myers Halloween

Mike Myers Halloween is a horror American franchise which comprises of 10 comic books, films and novels. This franchise concentrates on Michael Myers fictional character. He was as a child committed to a sanitarium for his elder sister Judith Myer’s murder. He was being chased by Dr. Sam Loomis who is a psychiatrist and escapes to kill and stalk Haddonfield, Illinois people after fifteen years. Mike kills them on the day of Halloween. Mike Myers Halloween is again his best achievement and he made lots of money through it.

Michael John Myers’s personal information

  1. Michael John Myers full name: Michael John Myers
  2. Michael John Myers middle name: John
  3. Michael John Myers nicknames: Phil
  4. Michael John Myers Birth date: 25th May, 1963
  5. Michael John Myers Birth place: Ontario, Scarborough, Canada
  6. Michael John Myers Age: 52
  7. Michael John Myers Height: 5’9 feet
  8. Michael John Myers Weight: Not given
  9. Michael John Myers eye color: Light brown
  10. Michael John Myers skin color: white
  11. Michael John Myers hair color: Light Brown
  12. Michael John Myers ethnical background: English, Irish and Scottish.
  13. Michael John Myers sex: Straight
  14. Michael John Myers zodiac sign: Gemini
  15. Michael John Myers Nationality: Canadian
  16. Michael John Myers Religion: Episcopalian/Anglican
  17. Michael John Myers Occupation/Profession: Comedian, actor, producer and writer.
  18. Michael John Myers Educational qualifications: Stephen Leacock High School in Ontario in Toronto.

Mike Myers family information

Mike Myers is a spectacular son of father Eric Myers and mother Alice E. Hind. They both belonged to Liverpool. He has two brothers known as Paul Myers and Peter Myers. He dated an actress and a famed comedy writer Robin Ruzan in 1980 and they got married in year 1993. They were divorced in 2005. Mike started dating an owner of a café in 2006 named as Kelly Tisdale and they both got married in 2010. Now, Mike is happy with his two children namely Sunday Molly is a daughter who was born in year 2014 and son Spike Alan who was born in year 2011.

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Derek Jeter Net Worth, Annual Salary And Endorsements

Derek Jeter Net Worth, Biography , Career, Annual Salary And Endorsements

Derek Jeter Biography

Derek Jeter officially called as Derek Sanderson Jeter was born on 26th June, 1974 is an American shortstop baseball player who played for New York Yankees in Major League Baseball. He was born in New Jersey at Pequannock Township. His parents made him sign every year a contract which was based on unacceptable and acceptable behavioral forms. Dorothy said that she can see positivity and a positive attitude in her lovely son. He played about 20 seasons of MLB. He is a World Series champion who won it about five times. He is known for his base running, hitting, leadership and fielding. He was called by the nicknames of Mr. November and Captain Clutch for his outstanding performances.

Derek Jeter Net Worth, Annual Salary And Endorsements

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Being as an eminent athlete of this generation, he was also involved in numerous endorsements of products. His personal life and relationships connected with celebrities had drawn attention of media as well. His parents left New Jersey when he became four years old and bounced to settle in Michigan at Kalamazoo. He spent his schooling in Kalamazoo at Kalamazoo Central High School. He scored high averages of batting for the baseball team of his school. He spent the precious time with his grandparents in New Jersey and used to attend the games of New York Yankees. He was inspired by a player of that team named Dave Winfield and he wanted to make his career in baseball.

Derek Jeter Career

His career was full of motivation and dedication. He was the leader of MLB after giving so many hits. There were about 3,000 hits and he became the 28th popular player to reach at that level. He became the starting shortstop of Yankees’ and he cooperated with his teammates to win World Series 1996.

He voted for AL that is the American League after finishing third. His high numbers in career were recorded maximum in year 1999. He was used to be the captain of his team Yankees’ from year 2003 and he was retired in year 2014. He helped his teammates for gaining success in franchise. His batting average was .321 in World Series. He was considered as the best player of baseball in his high school in Michigan. His hits made him the most marketable player claimed by surveys. His approachability, sincerity, influence, experience and focus was accountable to maintain his professionalism.

This clubhouse leader is an aggressive leader is in second position of being highly paid for his endorsements. The maintenance of his work ethic strongly he was motivated by teammates and opponents to raise his self esteem. He was in sixth position in MLB and created history. He had won a World Series MVP Awards, Player of the Year Award in High School, B’nai B’rith Award for scholar athlete, All-Star Game MVP, award of Most Valuable Player MVP, Rookie of the Year Award, Roberto Clemente Award, 2 Hank Aaron Awards, 5 Gold Glove Awards and 5 Silver Slugger Awards.

His achievements were gradually increasing during his career time as he made 3,465 hits, 544 doubles, 358 stolen bases, 12,602 plate appearances, 11,195 at bats and 4,716 times on base. He played about 2,747 games and his 14 ALL-Star selections made everybody amazed. He was inducted in Athletic Hall of Fame in year 2003 by his Kalamazoo Central High School. His talent was observed by Michigan University as well and he was offered a scholarship for baseball to play for the baseball team of Michigan Wolverines.

He was also appeared in television shows named Saturday Night Live, Finding Your Routes and The Abstinence. He was mentioned in 60 Minutes. He was also noticed in comedy movies like ‘The Other Guys’ and ‘Anger Management’ along with playing a role of Bronx Bombers in Broadway. Jeter was also featured on video games like MLB 2K7, 2K Sports’ MLB 2K6, MLB 2K5 and Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2008. You can see his sculpture in Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory situated in Kentucky at Louisville and a wax statue of him can be seen in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum located in New York.


Derek Jeter Endorsements With Net Worth Increasing

Apart from baseball he was also a part of several endorsements like his own Jumpman Shoe, Discover Card, Feet Bank, Nike, Skippy, VISA, Ford, Gatorade, Gillette, XM Satellite Radio and Florsheim.


Derek Jeter Net Worth

Derek Jeter Net Worth is $185 million is one of the highest paid athletes. The total of his endorsements and salary makes his net worth $185 million makes him the richest. He is absolutely an awesome athlete who makes every citizen amazed and his pay is really fabulous.


Derek Jeter Annual Salary

He is paid about $30 to $35 million for his endorsements and as a salary as an annual salary. He has been signed a contract of ten years with Yankees in year 2001 which is the total of $189 million. He has several endorsements like Nike, Discover Card, VISA, XM Sattelite Radio, Ford, Fleet Bank and Gatorade. He has earned about $250 million as a salary alone.


Derek Jeter’s personal information

  1. Derek Jeter full name: Derek Sanderson Jeter
  2. Derek Jeter middle name: Sanderson
  3. Derek Jeter nicknames: Derek Jeter, Mr. November, Captain Clutch, Number 2 and Caption.
  4. Derek Jeter Birth date: 26th June, 1974
  5. Derek Jeter Birth place: Pequannock in New Jersey
  6. Derek Jeter Age: 41
  7. Derek Jeter Height: 6’3 feet
  8. Derek Jeter Weight: 88.5 kg
  9. Derek Jeter eye color: Green
  10. Derek Jeter skin color: white
  11. Derek Jeter hair color: dark brown
  12. Derek Jeter ethnical background: German, Irish, American and African.
  13. Derek Jeter sex: Straight
  14. Derek Jeter zodiac sign: Cancer
  15. Derek Jeter Nationality: American
  16. Derek Jeter Religion: Roman Catholic
  17. Derek Jeter Occupation/Profession:
  18. Derek Jeter Educational qualifications: Schooling from Central in Kalamazoo, MI and graduation Michigan University.


Derek Jeter’s Family Information

Derek Jeter dated a singer from 1997-98 called as Mariah Carey. He also dated Lara Dutta (Miss Universe), Vanessa Minnillo (T.V personality), Joy Enriques (singer), Jessica Biel (actress), Jordana Brewster (actress), Hannah Davis (model) and Minka Kelly (actress). He was in a relationship with Vida Guerra who is a model. The name of his mother is Dorothy who was an accountant and his father is Sanderson Charles Jeter is a counselor of substance abuse. His youngest sister was a softball star in her high school called Sharlee.

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How Much Is Barry Sanders Net Worth And Annual Salary

How Much Is Barry Sanders Net Worth And Annual Salary

Barry Sanders Biography

Barry Sanders was born in 1968 and his birthday falls on 16th July. He is a successful and talented American football player and a part of Detroit Lions of NFL which means National Football League. His birthplace is Wichita in Kansas. He used to play football in his college for Wichita North High School. He also played it for Oklahoma State Cowboys from year 1986-88. He was remarked as the most remarkable runner in National Football League and was ranked by as NFL Top 10. He became the member of professional and college football famed halls. He is also topped in a list of mind-blowing players. He had broken the records after gaining about 1,500 yards per season. He left the game after completing 1,457 yards made him top the NFL list.

How Much Is Barry Sanders Net Worth And Annual Salary

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Barry Sanders Career and increase in net worth

Barry Sanders has been highlighted as wearing #21 while playing for Oklahoma State Cowboys between years 1986-88. The nation was in return got 31.6 and he led nation in yards per kickoff. He scored 8 touchdowns and completed about 600 yards at the same time. He became the main focus point of his junior year. He created history by completing the average of 7.6 yards per 200 yards and rushed for about 300 yards in about four games in 1988. He was used to be his team’s returner of kickoff by adding about 516 yards on other teams.

He also had the score of 5 touchdowns for 222 yards in Holiday Bowl of 1988. He entered NFL Draft after leaving Oklahoma State in 1989. His professional career was spent by Detroit Lions. He is a part of NFL and college football Halls of Fame and was called as the most spectacular runner by NFL along with his mention in ‘NFL Top 10’. He was selected about 6 times in First Team All-Pro and 10 times in Pro-Bowl. He won Heisman Trophy in 1988, Offensive Player of the Year Awards, MVP Awards etc. The records of 34 NCAA were also set by him along with holding the record of single season national college in 1988 with 2,628 yards.

His professional career had reached the higher level through his exceptional qualities as in year 1989 he was selected in NFL draft in first round by remarkable Detroit Lions. In the yards of rushing of NFL he led there for almost four times that is in 1994, 1990, 1997 and 1996. He was tied with famous Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith most of the seasons.  He rushed for about 100 yards in NFL record in year 1997 for about 14 consecutive games and he reached about 2,000 yards in a season and after that he was called as the only third player to reach that level.

He and Brett Favre shared NFL MVP Award together. In season of 1997 in 14 final games he had rushed on 310 carries for 2000 yards as compared with 2003 yards of 14-game mark on 332 carries of O.J. Simpson. He was also selected for populous Pro Bowl. He rushed for over 150 yards in record of 25 games in NFL. In record of 46 games of NFL he scored 150 yards and later he scored runs of about 50 yards in 15 touchdown of career and he created history after scoring such score. Jim Brown came in second position with the score of 12.

He became second after Walter Payton who scored around 16,726 yards at the time of Barry Sander’s retirement. At that time Sanders created the score of 15,269 yards. Later because of suffering from liver cancer Walter Payton died when he was 45 years old. On the list of all-time he was placed at sixth position from scrimmage by scoring career yards of 18,190. On 100 Greatest Football Players he was ranked in 12th number in the list of ‘The Sporting News’. After that he was ranked as the highest scorer along with being third highest ranker after Payton and Brown. He was mentioned in Hall of Fame on 8th August, 2004 along with Carl Eller, John Elway and Bob Brown.


How much is Barry Sanders Net Worth

Barry Sanders is an American football player who is retired now. The professional Barry Sanders net worth is $28 million makes him one of the most successful and wealthy celebrities. Barry Sanders net worth is really spectacular makes him a distinguished man and a superb and highly qualified player.


Barry Sanders Annual Salary

Barry Sanders annual salary was dipped to $851,000 from 6.4 million dollars after his retirement in 1999. This amount is extremely awesome. You can now imagine that annual payment of Barry is super duper lovely. Barry Sanders annual salary made him a highest paid celebrity.

The hard work, different perception and focus in football also made Barry Sanders annual salary his deserving amount.


Barry David Sanders personal information

  1. Barry David Sanders full name: Barry David Sander
  2. Barry David Sanders middle name: David
  3. Barry David Sanders nicknames: Barry Sanders
  4. Barry David Sanders Birth date: 16th July, 1968
  5. Barry David Sanders Birth place: Wichita, KS
  6. Barry David Sanders Age: 46
  7. Barry David Sanders Height: 5’8 feet
  8. Barry David Sanders Weight: 92.1 kg
  9. Barry David Sanders eye color: black
  10. Barry David Sanders skin color: brown
  11. Barry David Sanders hair color: Black
  12. Barry David Sanders ethnical background: Not given
  13. Barry David Sanders sex: Straight
  14. Barry David Sanders zodiac sign: Cancer
  15. Barry David Sanders Nationality: American
  16. Barry David Sanders Religion: Not given
  17. Barry David Sanders Occupation/Profession: American football player
  18. Barry David Sanders Educational qualifications: Graduation from Oklahoma State and schooling from Wichita North – KS.

Barry Sander’s family information

Barry Sanders is married to Lauren Campbell and have four sons namely Noah Sanders, William Sanders, Barry J. Sanders and Nigel Sanders. Barry’s brother name is Byron Sanders. He is a proud son of father Nicholas Sanders and mother Shirley Ann Sanders.

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