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Funny Happy Friendship Day Messages, Sms And Quotes

Funny Happy Friendship Day 2017 Messages, Sms And Quotes

Today we are here to share some very funny happy friendship day messages, sms and quotes which will help you make your friend happier. It is not a matter of just wishes to your friends but you should make them happy with your funny messages so you can check this awesome and funny collection of happy friendship day 2017 messages, sms and quotes. Hello how are you friends hoping you are preparing well for friendship day celebration.. Today as you all know that we have awesome friendship day funny quotes and sms in Hindi and English 2016.

Funny Happy Friendship Day 2017 Messages, Sms And Quotes

It’s not like how life sees us, but it’s like how we see to our life. If we see our life as a hell then it will become hell for your and never become heaven, but if we see our life as heaven and full of happiness then it will become heaver for always. Our attitude become our life always, we see our life as like we see it. This is only attitude which give me more strength in my life which is the contribution from my friends in life which is always is remember for their contribution in my life. We are going to share some funny happy friendship day 2017 messages, sms and quotes today which you can share with you friends and take some fun with him on this awesome day.

According to many researcher, they never found any proof, but when we analysis then we can say that friendship is in our thinking from the starting of our civilization when they don’t even know how they come to on earth. So we can say friendship is one of the oldest relation by which he don’t know each other.

This is the awesome day which you celebrate with your friends and can arrange an awesome party for celebrating with your friends. When you want to celebrate with them with a loving long drive then it will be give more pleasure to you and your friends. You can celebrate on this day. Now without wasting any more time, we are giving friendship day funny quotes and sms in Hindi and English 2016.

Funny happy friendship day 2017 messages, sms and quotes


Ohh my friend, how are you,

You are awesome, I love you…

I am happy you are my friend,

You are like a friendship band….

Just kidding happy friendship day..

You are happy, than I am happy

You are sad then.






I am double happy heheheh…

Happy friendship day


Many people say you like cow,

You feel happy that many people say you innocent,

But today I am revealing the truth,

They say you cow because you are like an animal.


A real friend is one who even can trust on you when you are saying false to him or her. That’s a friendship but true friendship is when you try to say false but truth came from your mouth.  A very happy friendship day 2017 to you too.


According to internet world friendship, a true friendship is becoming best and true when you came to any friend’s home and your internet automatically connected with his wifi.


True friend is when he share the password of his wifi with you and fight is when he changed the password without telling you.


A True friendship is when you make smile without any reason even only just remembering him or her. Happy friendship day 2017 to you.


Real friend is that who support you even if he know that all mistake is yours. He fights with other after knowing all the fact and make you safe from that.


Real friend is one who borrow your things but always fight for returning it but never give back. A real friend is like who fight with you everytime but love you more then anything else.


A true friend is one who purchase beer for you and always drink maximum from it on his own. Happy friendship day 2017.

Happy friendship day 2017 funny messages.


“I think me and my friend is incomplete without each other so always live with your friends” happy friendship day 2016.


“Friendship never creates history but it is the awesome when you create and continue.”


“I think when we maintain our true friendship, it’s like god gifting to us to help each other in the situation of worrying.”

“Every mirror respect you a lot as they know that we love our friends so much and love them so much” Happy friendship day 2016 to you.


“mirroring the most beautiful things and person is use for saving the person in your heart so I mirror you in my heart with lots of happiness as a wonderful friends”


“A memory will be last forever which never die anywhere and make your story long and lasting ever which makes your friendship rememberable” Happy friendship day

Friendship day funny quotes and sms


“Every one listen only those words which you say everyday but friends always listen what you not to say by your mouth but listen what you say from the bottom of your heart”


“Happy morning starts of this happy friendship day with lots of new thinking and fresh ideas but long lasting with lots of new things and make it rememerable for everyone you like”


A friend means

F- Fullfil the dreams

R- Ready to execute the ideas

I-Inoccent Person

E- Erritated but Sweet sometime

N- Naughty than ever before

D- Dramebaaz every time

So, we can say that Friends don’t have any replacement in this world.


Everyone is in the friendship but success of the friendship is the awesome makes the happy friendship day 2016. It is the real awesome day when your friends going to heaven.


Best Work is Hard and smart work

Top Day is always be Today

Best Stand will always be Understand

Top End will be the “Friend”

So happy friendship day 2016.

Friendship Day Funny Quotes And Sms In Hindi and English 2016.

Updated: November 19, 2016 — 10:55 am

Funny And Cool Friendship Day Quotes, Sms And Messages For Best Friends

Friendship Day 2017 Quotes, Sms And Messages

There are many friends in my list who searching friendship day 2017 quotes, friendship day quotes, happy friendship day quotes which is quite their need and also important for wishing to their friends. After understanding their needs, we are writing this post for our hundreds of users and readers who were requesting to us for all these stuff like friendship day messages for best friends, friendship day sms for best friends, friendship day quotes for best friends.

Friendship Day Quotes, Sms And Messages

Hello friends, I am hoping that you all are enjoying this celebration with remaining fit and fine in your life. So first of all I want to wish all of you for the friendship day which we are going to celebrate this year on 6th august 2017. As you all know that there is very less days are remaining from today to celebrate this friendship day 2017. So today we are here again with a very awesome post about the friendship day in which you will see funny and cool happy friendship day quotes, sms, messages for best friends whether they are boyfriend or girlfriend about which I can surely say that you all will like them.

Friendship day Messages

Friendship Day Messages, Quotes And Sms

Friendship Day Quotes

As we all are very eager to celebrate this day with our lots of friends and best friends and with lots of stuff of happy friendship day which can be celebrated within friends circle and family and relative too. That’s why we are providing you some very unique happy friendship day quotes which you can send them as we the real value of the friends in your life. We know the value as we know that as the parents is important in life friends are also important so we should also respect the feeling of our friends who share many problem and solution with you and make you the part of your life.

Friendship Day sms

Friendship Day messages

Quotes form an important role in any type of wishing to anyone in your life because sometime words are not enough for any festival quotes but quotes has some deep meaning in it so you will love that. You can also use them for sending to your family and relative because there are many persons in the family of everyone to whom we have friend’s type relation which is sometime more good for your life. It is also important because sometime they help us in solving our problem when we face any problems in our life.

Friendship day Quotes

Cool Friendship Day Quotes

Cool Friendship Day sms

Cool Friendship Day messages

These friendship day quotes are very interesting which you will feel very interesting and also like them too. Happy friendship day quotes are sometime become very important because lots of people want to send them to their friend and make them so much happy and there is nothing in this world which is so much precious as the smile on the face of a friend. You can send these quotes of friendship day on the occasion of friendship day to your friends as a wonderful gift for them. So guys, if you also like these ideas about the friendship day celebration and sending some friendship day messages and sms for the smile of your friends.

Friendship day quotes, sms

Funny Friendship Day Quotes

Funny Friendship Day sms

Let’s see happy friendship day quotes for your best friends which you can send as the friendship day wishes -:

  1. The best part of my life is the friendship day which is consists of my friends.
  2. I can give the whole life to my friend but he must not ask the Wi-Fi password of my internet. Hehehe just kiddng
  3. Most of the person thinks including me that if you need any adventure and love in your life then you must have a spice friend with you.
  4. Online world can be now defined as full of friends who is someday stranger.
  5. Most valuable person having value more than any antique is now friend who was stranger once in a life.
  6. Love and friendship always walk together because when something reduces in the life then other thing automatically stops. Happy friendship day
  7. If you will become depressed in your life then no one can make you out from it except a true friend.
  8. According to me if you are unable to understand who is your true then make a situation that you are in trouble then you will get to know who your true friend is.
  9. If you are not in situation that who is your best friend then you should analysis that who can understand you better and able to understood. This is the real thing where you can understand who is best friend.
  10. The true friend is only one who knows how to believe you and make you able to believe in you.

Today you have seen some very awesome funny and cool happy friendship day quotes, sms and messages for best friends which you can use for sending  over mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop pc over lots of social media network like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linkedin, line, hike, instagram, Google plus, pinterest etc.

Funny Friendship Day messages

So guys and girls, if you have some loving friends in your life whether they are best friend or not and you want to do something for their smile then this is very good chance for you by which you can send some friendship day quotes to them. We have also included some of the very funny friendship day quotes 2017 too in our collection which also perform best role in giving some smile to your friend.

You will amazed to see -:

Friendship Day sms For Best Friends Friendship Day Quotes For Best Friends Friendship Day messages For Best Friends Friendship Day Sms, Messages And Quotes

If you searching for some happy friendship day 2016 special sms and messages in Marathi then now you are at a very right place. Here you will get these amazing special sms and messages in Marathi. These messages are on friendship day 2016 which you can use for wishes and sending to your friends on this amazing day. We don’t like any language boundation in wishing but we become helpless when no one understands other language.

If your friend circle is from Marathi state and known only Marathi then you has to wish them in Marathi with special sms and messages in Marathi. If you also know only Marathi language then with the help of special Marathi messages you can celebrate it with these messages and sms for sending to your friends which is your loved one.

Friendship is just sharing the happiness with love and joy and sadness to your friends. It doesn’t matter that you choose which language whether it is Marathi, English or Hindi but you have to spread your joy to other with saying them happy friendship day 2016.

So without wasting more time we are going to provide you some very awesome sms and messages and picture in Marathi language which you can use for sending them to your friends.

Happy Friendship Day 2016 Special Sms And Messages In Marathi



आता पन्नास वर्षे मी त्यामुळे जुन्या व्हाल, तू मला विसरू शकते

मी कधीही आठवत नाही शकते तर आपण माहीत आहे की,

किंवा मी एकदा आपण काळजी घेतली विसरू शकते,

मी कदाचित … .पण मला असे वाटते की नाही

आनंदी मैत्री दिवस


happy friendship day 2016 sms in marathi

आपण एकटे नाही आहात तर मी तुमचा सावली व्हाल

पण रडणे इच्छित असल्यास, मी आपल्या खांद्यावर व्हाल

आपण एक मिठी इच्छित असल्यास, मी आपल्या उशी व्हाल

आपण आनंदी असणे आवश्यक आहे, तर मी आपल्या स्मित व्हाल

पण कधीही आपण मला व्हाल मित्र आवश्यक!


तो एक मित्र म्हणून आहे भरपूर अर्थ

तू माझ्या जीवनाची एक भाग झाले आहेत

मी तुम्हाला आणि तसे वाटत

आम्ही शेअर वेळ मोहक आहेत आणि मला माहीत आहे,

काही हरकत नाही काय मी नेहमी आपण मोजू शकता!


happy friendship day sms in marathi

मी फक्त एक खरा मित्र आवश्यक आहे,

मागे मला सोडून नाही जो

ज्याला मी नेहमी अवलंबून करू शकता

मला तेथे नेहमी आहे जो!

खूप आनंद झाला आहे फ्रेंडशिप डे 2016



या पृथ्वीवर काही नाही

अधिक खरे मैत्री पेक्षा prized करणे!

खूप आनंद झाला आहे फ्रेंडशिप डे 2016


happy friendship day 2016 special sms in marathi

आपण पडणे, तेव्हा आम्ही सर्वोत्तम मित्र आहोत

मी नेहमी हसणारा थांबा नंतर न्यायला येईन

आणि या मैत्री दिवशी एक चित्र घ्या



मित्रांनो, आपण शीर्षस्थानी पूर्ण लोक नाहीत

ते लोक आहेत

तळाशी आपण कोण होते!

happy friendship day 2016 special messages in marathi

कधी कधी आपण मित्र क्षमा

फक्त कारण

आपण अजूनही आपल्या जीवनात इच्छित!



चांगले मित्र झाले, चांगले पुस्तक

आणि एक निवांत विवेकाचा.

आदर्श जीवन आहे!


happy friendship day 2016 messages in marathi

आनंद गोड फुले, loveliest,

संगीत melodist, सौंदर्य तुलना करू शकत नाही

आणि आमच्या मैत्री विशेष नेस!

सर्वोत्तम मित्र सर्व आनंदी मैत्री दिवस



प्रत्येक बाग प्रत्येक गवत काही दव असणे आवश्यक आहे प्रत्येक चेहरा एक स्मित असणे आवश्यक आहे एक गुलाबाची असणे आवश्यक आहे, आणि प्रत्येक व्यक्ती आपण जसे एक मित्र असणे आवश्यक आहे.


> happy friendship day 2016 messages in marathi

मैत्री ज्याच्याविषयी तुम्हाला प्रदीर्घ ओळखले जाते नाहीत … हे आले होते आहे, आणि आपल्या बाजूला कधीही सोडले नाही …



खरे मैत्री सर्वात सुंदर गुण एक समजून घेणे आणि ते समजू आहे.


happy friendship day 2016 sms in marathi

एक खरी मैत्रिण जगाला बाहेर फिरायला तेव्हा चालतो आहे.

Updated: November 19, 2016 — 11:00 am

Top, Sweet, Cute and funny Happy Friendship day Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Top, Sweet, Cute and funny Happy Friendship day 2017 Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

We are on the way of making a website which will be very useful for you for your daily needs and becoming a social website. Today we are going to tell you top, sweet, cute and funny happy friendship day wishes, sms, messages and msgs which will be very helpful for you to wishing to your friends.

Top, Sweet, Cute And Funny Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the As the name suggest, this is the very beautiful day which is especially dedicated to your loving friends with which we are going to celebrate our friendship day. This time friendship day are going to celebrate on 6th august 2017 which is the first Sunday of the August month. If you are searching for some very happy friendship day 2017 wishes, sms, messages and msgs for fb and WhatsApp then now you have landed on a very special place which is capable to give you all the things which you are really need for your wishing of the friendship day.

According to me and lots of people who I know specially knows that friend is the person who can understand the feeling of other friend and without giving them more pain understand his pain in just the eye contact.

If I personally understand about the friendship then I can say friendship is not a subject just like math, science which you can study in your school or colleges, it is like a mutual understanding between two persons who accept it not as written but by heart. This is not a relation which can bound you in some limitation but it is like mutual thinking and thoughts which should be accepted between two persons for a long life of the friendship between them.

Top, Sweet, Cute And Funny Happy Friendship Day 2016 Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Top, Sweet, Cute and Funny Happy Friendship day 2017 Wishes for Fb

“Hey friends you are a beautiful part of my life who support me in all problems and difficulties” Happy Friendship Day 2017


“I want to say sorry on this friendship day to all my friends about all of my faults and mistake which I have done with them” So sorry to all my friends


“Happy friendship day to all who comes in my life with lots of happiness to which we are spreading to thousands of people”

Happy Friendship day wishes for fb


Happy Friendship day sms

Happy Friendship day to all of those friends who not only stand with me in my mistake but also able to correct those mistakes with their knowledge and support. I want to thank full for all of those. Happy friendship day to them.


Happy friendship day to those friends who newly included in my friendship but did not talk to me even once.. It can be a beautiful chance to become my friend again thank you and talk to me for the first time in the life.


Happy Friendship day 2017 sms

Top, Sweet, Cute And Funny Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Happy Friendship day Messages

This is the day which is not only become the continuous work to wish everyone but I think this is the day to make some strong connection with friends.


Wishes to all those friends who always say for came behind in my sadness and stand with us in every problem.


Wishing to those friends who just named as friend but in real they are just like the brother because whenever we need them they come in front of us without any rings or call to them.  Happy Friendship day 2017 to all of those and thank you a lot for be a part of our life.


Happy Friendship Day Messages and Sms For Whatsapp Status

“A simple wish to a simple friend from a simple person having a simple heart which beats for their simplicity” Love you my friends.


“God knows that every friend is very important in my life but I think that you are the only person who understands me” Thank you for your friendship


“My friendship need you, Your friendship need me, it’s not any deal but it’s a mutual concent which never said” Happy friendship day 2017 my friend

Happy Friendship Day Messages and Sms For Whatsapp Status


Happy Friendship Day Sms and Messages for Whatsapp Status

“A awesome friendship is always love to share everything for their friendship, I am very happy that I am your friends and feeling very proud” Thank you my friends to be my friend- happy Friendship day 2017.


“I always feel awesome till you come to my life as a friend, it’s not like I want you, but I need you, Thank you for being my life as a friend”


Whole life try to evaluate your life whether it is remembering by all or not but yes I can’t say whether anyone remembering you for friendship. Happy Friendship day 2016.


From today towards the old age was not so biased and I don’t like to be old without you as you are my best buddies. Happy Friendship day


I always need a true friend

Which is also a best friend,

Who will remain the fair friend,

Someone who is trusted friend,

Someone who is loving friend,

A one who is always there for me,


True friendship don’t need any certificate but it need to have a true heart to maintain the friendship on the day.


There are the main thing in which you will surely love the occasion of friendship day 2016 which you will love to celebrate. Happy friendship day 2016.


Sometime you are unable to forgive your friend who done something wrong with you but it is fact you should forgive him as he know all the secrets from you.


Happy Friendship Day Sms and Messages for Whatsapp Status


Happy Friendship Day Msgs 2017

“Collection of hearts is never trusted as friendship, but we can count friendship with selection of a good heart”. Happy friendship day 2017

“I have lots of friends in my friends list, but best friend with a good heart are very few and you are one of them” happy friendship day 2017.

See Some -:

“Ohh my friend always lamp my friendship burning with the oil of your love so that we never go far from each other, if we need to separate with each other then only our body should be seprate instead of our heart.” Happy friendship day my friend

Happy Friendship Day Msgs 2017

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 6:44 pm

Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp And Facebook Quotes And Status

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Whatsapp And Facebook Quotes And Status

Today we are here with some of the amazing and latest happy friendship day 2017 whatsapp and Facebook quotes and status which you can send to your friends who is not only share their happiness with us but also distribute your sadness in the friend circle and make you happy too.

Today we in the happiness of friendship day as it are coming in the month of August 2017. We are going to celebrate this day on 6th August 2017 and according to me it’s a day of friends so we are celebrating this day with our friends. If you are searching for some happy friendship day messages sms for whatsapp status updated for your friends on this friendship day then you are now at a right place which is very helpful for you to wishes to your friends.

Friendship Day whatsapp and facebook Quotes

Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp And Facebook Quotes And Status

Friendship day whatsapp and Facebook quotes and status is necessary because now a days of digitalization, you don’t have lots of friends in the real life but in the online world you have thousands of friends. So you have to take these status and quotes and update them in the social media platform of your lots of profiles. Friendship day is always become more important every time when you have even a single friend in this world. This is the day which is quite very popular among all the persons of the world which is celebrate first Sunday of every august month and quite celebrated as the one of the wonderful festival among all the friends.

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This is the trend that lots of people change their profile quotes and status according to the festival which is nearer to them so we are also giving you some happy friendship day whatsapp and Facebook quotes and status without wasting more and more time.

Now its world is going digital. In India, we are also working for digital India campaign so we are working regularly on that. It also attract the young generation to work digitally on this campaign and in this Whatsapp is very popular among all the generation so we are today giving you some awesome sms for whatsapp status which you can also add for your friends on your whatsapp profile.

Top 15 Happy Friendship Day Quotes And Status

  1. We met it was a chance

We become friends it was our luck

We still friends it was our co-ordination,

We talking it were our faith,

We will friends forever it’s my promise

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes

  1. Love is when you have a relation between your heart to another heart but I think friendship is known when you have relation between your heartbeat to another heartbeat. Happy Friendship day to all of you.
  2. Making a friend is not an achievement but become friends forever is an achievement.
  3. Having hundreads of friends in your facebook will not make you happy but sharing things with any single true friend make your life heaven.
  4. Need a hand of friend….remember that I am always there to be that hand.
  5. Friendship is not burning fire which can fire up the home of any one but it’s light of matchstick which start for giving you light to find the way. Happy Friendship day Quotes
  6. Friendship is not finding the disconnect button of the mobile phone but it comes with the unlimited talktime which need not to worry about the money.
  7. Drink a coffee with the friends is not a small thing it can also reveal some secrets….Happy friendship day
  8. Friends say I love you but a true friend say “I love you” which generally mean “I will kill you if you don’t love me”
  9. Friendship is not coming and going from the life but it’s a personality who comes and never goes forever.
  10. Every true friend know how to make you smile even if you are in the biggest pain of your life. Happy friendship day 2017 Quotes to you.
  11. It is only a friendship which can tell you the real meaning of life because they know how to spend some penny from your pocket even if you are so much greedy.
  12. A faithful friend is always performs a role of the medicine for every pain of your life.
  13. Friends will be watermelon who can become water if you don’t touch them for a long time but it can’t be stone who never forgive and remain same forever.
  14. Friendship is helpful for you always whenever you need it.

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Happy Friendship Day Status 2017

“Friends, without any decoration, without any prior preparation, I want to say happy friendship day 2016 to all of my friends.” Happy Friendship day status.

“Oh my dear friends,

Don’t fear I am always there,

For you,

I miss you…

Happy friendship day friends…”

All of my facebook friends, I want to wish all of you


A treasure of friendship is in that friend who comes with lots of cookies for you and has their own fast on that day. Happy friendship day


True friend is always equal to thousands of friends who don’t talk to you when you really need them or lots of whatsapp friends who are not with you.


Now a days whatsapp or facebook friendship is on the peak but remember one thing that whenever you need someone then only your true friend will come to you. Friendship day 2016 will bring lots of happiness in your entire life.

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A person has 1000 facebook friends, 560 twitter followers, 980 linkedin friends, 2000 google plus follower but when he was ill his neighbor only was outside his hospital only with his friends.


You don’t need thousands of friends but a true friend is only necessary to spend whole life with so much happiness. Happy friendship day 2016 to you with lots of warm wishes for your life.

Happy Friendship Day Status


Friendship Day facebook And Whatsapp Quotes

I hope these top 15 happy friendship day whatsapp and facebook quotes and status will be liked by you a lot. And if you like them then you should comment on us. You can also share your quotes and status of friendship day too in the comment box.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 5:52 pm
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