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Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp And Facebook Quotes And Status

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Whatsapp And Facebook Quotes And Status

Today we are here with some of the amazing and latest happy friendship day 2017 whatsapp and Facebook quotes and status which you can send to your friends who is not only share their happiness with us but also distribute your sadness in the friend circle and make you happy too.

Today we in the happiness of friendship day as it are coming in the month of August 2017. We are going to celebrate this day on 6th August 2017 and according to me it’s a day of friends so we are celebrating this day with our friends. If you are searching for some happy friendship day messages sms for whatsapp status updated for your friends on this friendship day then you are now at a right place which is very helpful for you to wishes to your friends.

Friendship Day whatsapp and facebook Quotes

Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp And Facebook Quotes And Status

Friendship day whatsapp and Facebook quotes and status is necessary because now a days of digitalization, you don’t have lots of friends in the real life but in the online world you have thousands of friends. So you have to take these status and quotes and update them in the social media platform of your lots of profiles. Friendship day is always become more important every time when you have even a single friend in this world. This is the day which is quite very popular among all the persons of the world which is celebrate first Sunday of every august month and quite celebrated as the one of the wonderful festival among all the friends.

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This is the trend that lots of people change their profile quotes and status according to the festival which is nearer to them so we are also giving you some happy friendship day whatsapp and Facebook quotes and status without wasting more and more time.

Now its world is going digital. In India, we are also working for digital India campaign so we are working regularly on that. It also attract the young generation to work digitally on this campaign and in this Whatsapp is very popular among all the generation so we are today giving you some awesome sms for whatsapp status which you can also add for your friends on your whatsapp profile.

Top 15 Happy Friendship Day Quotes And Status

  1. We met it was a chance

We become friends it was our luck

We still friends it was our co-ordination,

We talking it were our faith,

We will friends forever it’s my promise

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes

  1. Love is when you have a relation between your heart to another heart but I think friendship is known when you have relation between your heartbeat to another heartbeat. Happy Friendship day to all of you.
  2. Making a friend is not an achievement but become friends forever is an achievement.
  3. Having hundreads of friends in your facebook will not make you happy but sharing things with any single true friend make your life heaven.
  4. Need a hand of friend….remember that I am always there to be that hand.
  5. Friendship is not burning fire which can fire up the home of any one but it’s light of matchstick which start for giving you light to find the way. Happy Friendship day Quotes
  6. Friendship is not finding the disconnect button of the mobile phone but it comes with the unlimited talktime which need not to worry about the money.
  7. Drink a coffee with the friends is not a small thing it can also reveal some secrets….Happy friendship day
  8. Friends say I love you but a true friend say “I love you” which generally mean “I will kill you if you don’t love me”
  9. Friendship is not coming and going from the life but it’s a personality who comes and never goes forever.
  10. Every true friend know how to make you smile even if you are in the biggest pain of your life. Happy friendship day 2017 Quotes to you.
  11. It is only a friendship which can tell you the real meaning of life because they know how to spend some penny from your pocket even if you are so much greedy.
  12. A faithful friend is always performs a role of the medicine for every pain of your life.
  13. Friends will be watermelon who can become water if you don’t touch them for a long time but it can’t be stone who never forgive and remain same forever.
  14. Friendship is helpful for you always whenever you need it.

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Happy Friendship Day Status 2017

“Friends, without any decoration, without any prior preparation, I want to say happy friendship day 2016 to all of my friends.” Happy Friendship day status.

“Oh my dear friends,

Don’t fear I am always there,

For you,

I miss you…

Happy friendship day friends…”

All of my facebook friends, I want to wish all of you


A treasure of friendship is in that friend who comes with lots of cookies for you and has their own fast on that day. Happy friendship day


True friend is always equal to thousands of friends who don’t talk to you when you really need them or lots of whatsapp friends who are not with you.


Now a days whatsapp or facebook friendship is on the peak but remember one thing that whenever you need someone then only your true friend will come to you. Friendship day 2016 will bring lots of happiness in your entire life.

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A person has 1000 facebook friends, 560 twitter followers, 980 linkedin friends, 2000 google plus follower but when he was ill his neighbor only was outside his hospital only with his friends.


You don’t need thousands of friends but a true friend is only necessary to spend whole life with so much happiness. Happy friendship day 2016 to you with lots of warm wishes for your life.

Happy Friendship Day Status


Friendship Day facebook And Whatsapp Quotes

I hope these top 15 happy friendship day whatsapp and facebook quotes and status will be liked by you a lot. And if you like them then you should comment on us. You can also share your quotes and status of friendship day too in the comment box.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 5:52 pm
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