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Happy Friendship Day Messages, Sms And Wishes In English

Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Messages And Sms In English

If you are looking for some great happy friendship day 2017 wishes, sms and messages for fb then you are at right place where you can get some awesome collection of wishes, sms and messages which you can use for wishing to your friend on this awesome day of friendship day.

You can use this collection of happy friendship day 2016 wishes, sms and messages for your friends who you want to wish. You will love to wish them on this occasion of friendship day.

Happy Friendship Day Messages, Sms And Wishes In English

In this busy schedule, when there is everyone busy with their private and professional life and not able to make some free time for some friends and family then these days are helpful for the those so that they can spend some time with the friends. You can also celebrate your this day with your loved one friends and other too. Many people celebrate with their friends on this happy friendship day 2016 by messages so you can get some messages and sms for wishes.

Without wasting much time, we are going to share some happy friendship day 2016 wishes, sms and messages for fb.


“Oh My Friend, Wish you happy friendship day and thank you for being a friend of mine”


“Thank you for my friend for being my friend, Love you forever”


Happy Friendship Day Sms


“It’s a pleasure to be your friend as you are the only one who can suits me for my friendship as I am so choosy.”


“On the occasion of the friendship day, I can say that may be I don’t get a good friend but you succeeded in finding the good one. :p :p :p”


Happy Friendship Day 2016 Wishes

“I think there is only one relation in the world which is not related to blood but it is strongest relation ever from any relation in the world.”

Happy Friendship day wishes, SMS and messages 2016


Everything in this world for which you have wish will become yours,

Every night become golden and beautiful night with become yours,

Our friendship will remain forever,

Every successful goal and destination forever will become yours….


Friends are only few in this world,

Every pain is intact in this world,

My friend keep your friendship in this world,

Because this the earning of life in this world.


A friend never angry with their friends in this universe,

A lover never angry with their lovers this universe,

Please forgive some of sins to you,

Because a simple person can never be god in this universe..

Happy Friendship Day 2016 Wishes


Will be these days can spend so much faster,

May be we can go here and there after these days

May be you create hell lots of memories at that time,

But I am sure you will not able to forget the days

Which we spend together…Happy Friendship day 2016.


Only a single stone is enough for break the glass,

Only a smile is enough for making the heart,

And don’t be afraid with these problem my friend,

Only best move towards life is enough for making the whole life.

Happy Friendship Day 2016


As the friendship day come near, we all make some good plan so that we can celebrate our happy friendship day with more happiness and enjoy. But we are also here to add some more value in our friendship and make you more pleasant with our happy friendship day sms and messages 2016 in English for fb.

There are many friends who also expect from you that you wish them but if you don’t have any friendship day sms and messages then it can cause some trouble in your friendship. So we have short it out with this problem and manage some happy friendship day sms and messages 2016 in English for fb.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Messages And Sms In English

If we divided our heart in four part

1 for papa, 1 for mother,

1 for Sister, 1 for brother,

Then where are friends..




You are the heartbeat dear don’t worry….


We learned in school that

1 hour is equal to 60 minutes

1 minutes is equal to 60 seconds

But we don’t learn in school that without friends

1 second is equal to 100 years….

Happy Friendship day 2016


Happiness for you and Sadness for me,

Life for you and death for me,

Smile for you and tears for me,

Everything for you just your friendship for me….

Happy friendship day 2016


If I add you with pain, it will become relief,

If I add you with Loneliness, it will become party,

when I add you with tears, it will become smile,

If I add you with road, it will become destination,

If I add you with nothing, it will become everything,

It means if I add you with me then it will become a great story of friendship


Happy friendship day 2016 in addition

Happy Friendship Day Messages 2016 In English For Fb


I was in interview and they reject me because they asked what the team work is and I simply answer “Mass- Bunk”… Am I wrong???


“I love to share my problem with my friends. It is not only for solving the problem, but they give such solutions that we forget our problems too.”


We will be your friends till the day when the stars will be in the sky and twinkle with shine of sun and shine of full moon night and remain with you with lots of smile and love.


There is always a story behind every friendship,

Which can only come to an end only on the silence

Not on any fight with friends because fight has some reasons

But silence don’t have any reason so can’t be solve that

It’s always better that you don’t have love in your life,

But not good when you don’t have friends for your life,

So when you don’t have any friend then I will always be with you..


As the date coming nearer of happy friendship day 2016, we always search for some message and quote for wishing to our friends. So if you are also searching happy friendship day 2016 Messages and Quotes then you are now at the place where you will get some new happy friendship day messages and quotes for 2016.

As per I like to wish to my all friends on the same date with some awesome messages and quotes on the exact starting like at 12:00 Am and I searched on many website, so I am bringing some very best and awesome happy friendship day 2016 messages and quotes for your wishes and status and Sms so that you can wish your friends and become the first person to wish them. Today we collected some very awesome Friendship day 2016 quotes and messages for your wishes to your loving friends which they will not only like but become so much impress with you and their love towards you increase too.

Happy Friendship Day Sms, Wishes And Messages In English

Now without wasting more time we are going to write some happy friendship day 2016 messages and quotes for you all.


“I wish you on this awesome day which is only comes every year for our unbreakable friendship. Love you always my friends”


“If you remember your relative then that is love but if you remember your friends then that is known as the friendship” Happy friendship day


“I don’t know how to thank you for choosing me as your friend and make me laugh at every problem of my life” Happy friendship day to you my loving friend..


“A true friend never change any day weather the environment change, family change, relative change but they always remain same. You can check any day whenever you want.


Happy Friendship Day Messages 2016 For Whatsapp, Tumblr And Twitter


Friendship is tremendous, Friendship is awesome,

It is unbelievable, it is incomparable…..

Happy friendship day 2016


May be in this world there is nothing which is more precious than friendship and you will never pay the price of this friendship any day or any time.


May be you are not first person who have best friends but you should do such thing which is unique in your friendship that can make adorable in every one’s eyes.


Friendship loves, Friendship in life comes,

Slowly and lovely, Happening and lonely,

Make it fulfill with your love,

Spread love and take love….


You are awesome, Friendship is like blossom,

Give your friend some space, Take care of your friends.


Friends are not those person who always become with you when you are on top

But they always perform a best role when you are struggling to go on top


Sometime you forget your friends

But true friend are those who always remember you..

Happy Friendship Day to all of you.


If a experience person become your friend then you will always get the benefit for this because he always tell you the true thing from his own experience.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes 2016 For Whatsapp, Tumblr And Twitter

Updated: November 19, 2016 — 10:59 am

Top, Sweet, Cute and funny Happy Friendship day Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Top, Sweet, Cute and funny Happy Friendship day 2017 Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

We are on the way of making a website which will be very useful for you for your daily needs and becoming a social website. Today we are going to tell you top, sweet, cute and funny happy friendship day wishes, sms, messages and msgs which will be very helpful for you to wishing to your friends.

Top, Sweet, Cute And Funny Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the As the name suggest, this is the very beautiful day which is especially dedicated to your loving friends with which we are going to celebrate our friendship day. This time friendship day are going to celebrate on 6th august 2017 which is the first Sunday of the August month. If you are searching for some very happy friendship day 2017 wishes, sms, messages and msgs for fb and WhatsApp then now you have landed on a very special place which is capable to give you all the things which you are really need for your wishing of the friendship day.

According to me and lots of people who I know specially knows that friend is the person who can understand the feeling of other friend and without giving them more pain understand his pain in just the eye contact.

If I personally understand about the friendship then I can say friendship is not a subject just like math, science which you can study in your school or colleges, it is like a mutual understanding between two persons who accept it not as written but by heart. This is not a relation which can bound you in some limitation but it is like mutual thinking and thoughts which should be accepted between two persons for a long life of the friendship between them.

Top, Sweet, Cute And Funny Happy Friendship Day 2016 Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Top, Sweet, Cute and Funny Happy Friendship day 2017 Wishes for Fb

“Hey friends you are a beautiful part of my life who support me in all problems and difficulties” Happy Friendship Day 2017


“I want to say sorry on this friendship day to all my friends about all of my faults and mistake which I have done with them” So sorry to all my friends


“Happy friendship day to all who comes in my life with lots of happiness to which we are spreading to thousands of people”

Happy Friendship day wishes for fb


Happy Friendship day sms

Happy Friendship day to all of those friends who not only stand with me in my mistake but also able to correct those mistakes with their knowledge and support. I want to thank full for all of those. Happy friendship day to them.


Happy friendship day to those friends who newly included in my friendship but did not talk to me even once.. It can be a beautiful chance to become my friend again thank you and talk to me for the first time in the life.


Happy Friendship day 2017 sms

Top, Sweet, Cute And Funny Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Sms, Messages And Msgs

Happy Friendship day Messages

This is the day which is not only become the continuous work to wish everyone but I think this is the day to make some strong connection with friends.


Wishes to all those friends who always say for came behind in my sadness and stand with us in every problem.


Wishing to those friends who just named as friend but in real they are just like the brother because whenever we need them they come in front of us without any rings or call to them.  Happy Friendship day 2017 to all of those and thank you a lot for be a part of our life.


Happy Friendship Day Messages and Sms For Whatsapp Status

“A simple wish to a simple friend from a simple person having a simple heart which beats for their simplicity” Love you my friends.


“God knows that every friend is very important in my life but I think that you are the only person who understands me” Thank you for your friendship


“My friendship need you, Your friendship need me, it’s not any deal but it’s a mutual concent which never said” Happy friendship day 2017 my friend

Happy Friendship Day Messages and Sms For Whatsapp Status


Happy Friendship Day Sms and Messages for Whatsapp Status

“A awesome friendship is always love to share everything for their friendship, I am very happy that I am your friends and feeling very proud” Thank you my friends to be my friend- happy Friendship day 2017.


“I always feel awesome till you come to my life as a friend, it’s not like I want you, but I need you, Thank you for being my life as a friend”


Whole life try to evaluate your life whether it is remembering by all or not but yes I can’t say whether anyone remembering you for friendship. Happy Friendship day 2016.


From today towards the old age was not so biased and I don’t like to be old without you as you are my best buddies. Happy Friendship day


I always need a true friend

Which is also a best friend,

Who will remain the fair friend,

Someone who is trusted friend,

Someone who is loving friend,

A one who is always there for me,


True friendship don’t need any certificate but it need to have a true heart to maintain the friendship on the day.


There are the main thing in which you will surely love the occasion of friendship day 2016 which you will love to celebrate. Happy friendship day 2016.


Sometime you are unable to forgive your friend who done something wrong with you but it is fact you should forgive him as he know all the secrets from you.


Happy Friendship Day Sms and Messages for Whatsapp Status


Happy Friendship Day Msgs 2017

“Collection of hearts is never trusted as friendship, but we can count friendship with selection of a good heart”. Happy friendship day 2017

“I have lots of friends in my friends list, but best friend with a good heart are very few and you are one of them” happy friendship day 2017.

See Some -:

“Ohh my friend always lamp my friendship burning with the oil of your love so that we never go far from each other, if we need to separate with each other then only our body should be seprate instead of our heart.” Happy friendship day my friend

Happy Friendship Day Msgs 2017

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