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Funny And Awesome Love Quotes For Her

Today we are very much excited because we are going to write some of the best and awesome love quotes for her which is one the best topic we are covering because love is the only thing in this world that people can’t live without love. And if you can’t make happy to your love then make them your loved one becomes useless.

Funny And Latest Love Quotes For Her


Today we are sharing some of the best, top and awesome love quotes for her which is the best part which is starting of your love relationship. We have one of the best collections over lots of various websites because we have collected them for our own. Now without wasting more and more time over the introduction let’s start our wonderful collection of quotes for her just take a quick look over it.

Love Quotes For Her 1:

My desire is only you,

My wishes is only for you,

My love is only for you,

My expectation is only to you,

And if make come together then

May be you look at me,

And it will enough to complete all of these at once.


Beauty Quotes For Her 2:

When I combine all songs of the world in one together,

When I combine all the beauty of the world in one together,

Then it all become a particular shape,

Which become formation of you and only to you,

I love you my love.


Beautiful Quotes For Her 3:

When I suck all the adjectives of the every beauty,

Then it will give you just a nail of your feet….. Love you forever my love.


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Awesome Love Quotes For Her

Love Quotes 4:

I don’t know what is the attraction in you my love,

That whenever I feel smile that only a cause of you,

I love you my love.


Latest Love Quotes For Her


Motivational Quotes For Her 5:

I always feel that all of my sense for love,

Just because of you, because of you,

And I know something about the love after meet with you.


Funny Quotes For Her 6:

When you sleep I don’t dare to wake up you,

When you walk I don’t want to stop you,

And I have a simple request to you

When I love you then please never stop me too.

Just Kidding Love you always


Love Quotes For Her 7:

I miss you,

I miss every moment which I spend with you,

I missed talking with you,

I am missing your caring eyes which always search to me,

I miss that tear which flow for caring me,

I always wish to gently love her.

I miss you so much,

Be Happy My love


Love Quotes for Her 8:

You are meek like a lamb,

Soft like a silk,

I always feel crazy when I sit next to you.


New Quotes for her 9:

Love me till the sun convert into the moon

Like me till the all-stars come to the earth,

Hate me till the seconds go down to minutes,

Kiss me till the new watch string rotates,

I love you forever.


Warning Quotes 10:

Allow you to play and dance, around you.

Allow showing the talent and she will make you laugh forever,

But never hurt her nature and ego,

You will lose her forever.

Funny Love Quotes For Her

Hate Quote For Her 11:

I like that my her can open her wings.

But after that she cut mine too.

I hate you forever.
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Love Quotes For Her 12:

She Entertain us with their naughty activities,

Her work and demand is oversized as well,

She always constantly invents something,

So childish and very crazy too always,

Who like to entertain us forever,

That’s the only reason I like her so much and love her very much.

I love you my love.


Her Quotes 13:

Your eyes are so deep like a sea,

Your thinking are full of flow like a river,

Your mind are so sharp like a paper,

And my heart is not mine now,

It is always beat for you.


Quotes 14:

You are like a coconut for me as per my experience,

You never tell me anything and show rude from upper,

But it is very softer from inside and love to have you in my life.

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