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Funny And Latest Love Quotes For Him

In the previous love quotes we have discussed some of the very awesome funny, latest and new love quotes for her but today in this series we are bringing some of the funny and latest love quotes for him so that you can also have some of the very good quotes which you can send to your boyfriends or husband too. These funny and latest love quotes for him is also have the potential to make them happy while reading that and they will also know that how much you love them.

Funny And Latest Love Quotes For Him

Sometime Love quotes for him can also surprise your boyfriend or husband which will also give them feeling to do something to you too. And who know may be they can give a better surprise too. These quotations can be the best article over the internet and we really hope that you all like them. In this article, you will get some wonderful ideas of love quotations which is helpful to make something according to your loved one.


Just take a look of these quotations -:

Quote 1: Oh god if god give us some strength to be anything then I want to be your tear drop so that I born in your eyes travel through your cheeks and die on your sweet and lovely lips.
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Funny Quotes 2: Till then when I meet to you, a wonderful spin is keep rolling in my mind. I don’t know what is this but I think I am in love with you.

Funny And Latest Love Quotes For Him

Quotes 3: many times I have seen that you love me more than I can do to myself. I love you so much to you.


New Quotes 4 : I don’t know whether god is with you or not but I want to say you that I am always with you ever and forever who will not only with you but also make you happy and forever for you.


Quotes 5: When you are next to me what should I need in my whole life.


Awesome Quotes 6: I am not only with me when I am with you then I think you are my love forever.


Latest And Funny Love Quotes For Him


Quotes 7: I love you and I really mean it and don’t know why I always like some commitment which is really mean that.


Funny Quotes 8 : I think your name is graven on my heart, it may be possible that we can be with each other forever or not but my heart will beat for you only forever too.

Latest And Funny Love Quotes For Him

Quotes 9:  It is not only a relationship with each other but I don’t know why it is really a meaning for me.

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Latest Quotes 10: I don’t know how I will recognize you but I think my heart can recognize you ever you are standing in your thousands of twin brothers too. I love you a lot.


Funny And Latest Love Quotes For Him

11: I don’t know is the you only the reason of my happiness because I feel very happiest person in life when I am with you.


12: I am thinking that I am luckiest girl in the world that I found what I was really needed and also the person who love me a lot.

Funny And Latest 2016 Love Quotes For Him

Quotes 13: You never understand the feeling of mine that how much I control my feeling while I talk to you.


Latest Quotes 14: I am wondering that you also smile when you listen my name as I smile when I listen yours.
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Quotes 15: Three magical words which I really means a lot which is I love you which say everything, mean everything and live it somewhere.


Motivational Quotes 16: Life is too small which is very difficult to get the love again so do what you want to do now.

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