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New And Funny Love Quotes For Lover And Husband

Funny And New Love Quotes For Lover, Husband, Wife And Girlfriend

Today we have a great collection of the new and funny love quotes for your friends and family so that you can give a sweet smile on the face of your loved one. These funny love quotes are specially designed for our loving readers so that you can send them to your loving lovers and boyfriends too. These are amazing new and funny love quotes which is not for you and your lover but you can send to anyone these new and funny love quotes for brother, sister, brother in law, sister in law, mother, lover, husband or wife etc.

Today this is the trend of social media so you can also share some of the funny love quotes over lots of social media network like fb, facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, pinterest or any app like whatsapp, line, hike etc and many others. So now without wasting more and more time over the introduction let’s take a quick look over it.

Funny  Love Quotes 1:

Sometime the money and husband are same when you marry with money not for love but it become different when you marry with your husband for love.

New And Funny Love Quotes For Lover And Husband

New Love Quotes 2:

Stupidity is when you try to change something in other but smart don’t need it because you can change in yourself. Love you so much.


New Quotes 3:

I like to have the messages from the love what you doing baby which I can answer the gaga gugu and gula.


Funny Quotes 4:

When some one ask me about my results which was declared today then my reaction was always like hell and come from the mouth irritating.


Funny Love quotes 5:

If you see a messages over social media which is written by wife to husband that where are you and who is with you and why you are not replying to me then you can understand that their marriage age is not too bigger.


New Love Quotes 6:

Love is heaven and marriage is the sin for everyone but if you marry then divorce should become crime for everyone.


Funny quotes 7:

There are never be the uniformity to make a person who always care for you love you so much and spend on you but according to me, there should be a single chance to have you on the uniformity to have a single one who is only for you. Love him so much.


New Quotes 8:

A real women is only the women who married to real man because getting single is never be a great choice for anyone as it will always give her lonely feeling.

New And Funny Love Quotes For Lover And Husband

Funny Love Quotes 9:

Marriage is like hell cum heaven because when you think it heaven then it will become hell and if you think it hell then it actually mean it.

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New Love Quotes 10:

If my grandmother say to me that you are young now then I feel so but when my girlfriend say this then I feel proud and enjoy it with an automatic charges.

Updated: October 2, 2016 — 11:21 am
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