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How To Make Nipples Smaller Of Your Boobs

Some Tips And Tricks To Make Nipples Smaller Of Your Boobs

This is very common that no one can’t be perfect in this world someone has some problem in their body parts some have problems in the life. Man and women both feel same problem in their body parts but ladies always worry about their body parts. Today we are going to tell you how to make nipples smaller of your boobs as the ladies always love to have perfect both from their body and face.

They also love to be in proper shape of all the parts of their body whether those parts in cloths or remain without cloths. In the general, if we see that all girls and even women who are married too also very aware about the abnormality in their body part and they take a very quick action for that. They always want to be in shape and care about nipples, breast, bumps and waist, skin brightness etc.

It is also seen that many married women also very curious about their body parts because they don’t want to lose their husband’s interest in them. Single girls also want to be in shape because they like to be live like fit and attract boyfriend and also like to be more loving and careful. So without wasting more and more time over the introduction, let’s start some of the ways to know how to make nipple smaller of your boobs which are as follows :

  1. Pigmented Skin Removal

This is one of the best methods for any girl or women because experts think that nipple become bigger when the pigmentation skin layer covers the surface of your nipples and it becomes bigger. If you can able to remove this skin layer of pigmentation then you can easily make your nipples smaller. But you should take care of the things that it has some of the side effect too for your nipples and you can get scar marks around the areola margin. So be careful while choosing any method of how to make your nipple smaller.

  1. Exercise

This is one of the best method we can say because it is cheap and without any side effect. But while using it you should take care that it is sometime a long process. It is also a good practice if you are sometime feel scare from doctor and don’t want to opt such solution like plastic surgeries and pigmentation etc. You can get in some serious discussion with your zym or physical trainer who are giving you training. With these exercises you can make your nipple smaller and look good in some months. You can also take help from some consultant or any fitness expert who can guide you better on this topic. You can also take part in some offline or online discussion and get the help from them. this will be best answer if you ask how to make nipples smaller of your boobs..

  1. Scrubbing Of Nipples

This is one of the methods which is also working good in the direction of smaller nipples because some time expert suggest that bigger nipple can be caused due to dead skin cells around the nipples. So when you choose the method of scrubbing for making the nipples smaller then you can choose variety of skin scrubs which is also available easily in the market. These skin scrubs are used to remove the dead skin cells because they are specially make for that. You have to rub your nipples with your finger tip after applying the scrubbing on your nipples. After all the thing you can wash it with some little hot water. You can also rub a pumice stone too on your nipples which is also effective in making your nipple smaller.

  1. Plastic Surgery

I place this method on the number 4th because it can be quite expensive and very big consult is needed with the doctors and experts before taking this decision. You should choose a very experienced and expert plastic surgeon that is very experienced in this field and can give you best of best treatment. It is quite expensive too so you have to think before choosing this decision. This option can be very best if you are choosing best surgeon and able to bear all the cost too. This can make your nipple very good and give you a very beautiful look after the surgery.

  1. Hormonal Injection

This is one the good method too for those whose pocket allowed doing anything. This is good method for doing something good in the thing of abnormality of Hormon because many expert things those bigger nipples are due to abnormality of hormons. So for controlling the hormons you can take hormonal injection to your nipples. But you should aware that this can cause some side effect too so you should properly take care and get some proper speaking to your physician and trainer.

  1. Surgery

Surgery is also very effective process by which you can also make your nipple smaller. But doctors do this so lots of people feel scar about this because it is sometime very risky because of sensitive parts of body. In this time, medical have developed so much so we need not worry about it but if you have limited amount of money then you have to surely think about it. The ladies who have bigger nipple can also take some consultant from doctor before any surgery takes place. If your pocket allow then you can go to make nipples smaller of your boobs.

  1. Reduction in Estrogen Level

This is also one of the good methods which can make your nipple smaller because sometime doctors suggest that the reason behind the bigger nipple can be reduction in estrogen level in your body parts. This level influence many parts including nipples of your boobs. So after the proper care of your food habit you can increase in this level which can also make your nipple smaller. You should drink only filtered water. You have to add some of the supplements in your food habits like magnesium and zinc fishes oil and also you can add some of the items having vitamin B. In my suggestion you can become proper vegetable eater too which can also help you in making small your nipple.

Must Check now -:

That’s all from our side which can be very effective while you are in the process of reducing the size of your nipple. By reading this article you can get to know how to make nipples smaller of your boobs and what can be the reason of bigger nipples so that after analysis of these things you can take proper action too.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 6:33 pm

Best Top 8 Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

Top Face Washes For Sensitive Skin

It is very highly recommend that we use such face washes which is not only can suit for sensitive skin too. There are lots of chances for reaction on the sensitive skin if the cream contains any unwanted chemical portion in that. Today we are bringing some of the very nice collection of best top 8 face wash for your sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin then you have to very careful about your skin because if you applied anything as the face wash on your face while washing it then it can be surely harmful for you. So before using any face wash for your sensitive skin just read properly about the face wash and its all consequences so that we can get to know more about the facewash.

Qualities of Best Face wash

Today we are here with some best of the best of the industry for top 8 face wash for sensitive skin so that you can choose according to you that what actually you need for your face. You can select some qualities for your face wash for your sensitive skin which is as follows -:

  1. It should be free of chemicals.
  2. Free from harsh and wrinkles and any side effects.
  3. You can also check whether it is “ayurvedic” or not.
  4. If you have low budget then you can also check the price according to your budget.

Face washes for your sensitive skin

  1. Kaya Skin Clinic face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Kaya comes in most favorite among users who have extremely sensitive skin because they are using it from lots of years and taking advantage. This is a bottle of magic if your skin is at the highest level of sensitivity. While using it and washing your face, you will also not suffer any burning and irritation sensation, as this face wash has expertise in this. One of the more good thing about this face wash is as it is soap free face wash formula and when you are in need of remove your makeup then also you can use it for that. You can also purchase it but you should take care about the price as it might be little expensive.

  1. L’Oreal’s New Go 360o Clean Deep Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

This is also one of the best face wash for your skin which comes in the best face wash category too which is L’Oreal new go 3600 clean deep face wash for sensitive skin. It will be helpful for your skin to become more smother and fresher and also not to make any irritation for you. You can also make you more confident because it prevent any pimples too on your face for washing. You can use it as it is not so much costly as the kaya skin care. It comes with the scrublet too. One more thing which you can take care as it has menthol in its ingredient so after using it as your face wash you will also feel some soothing and coolness.

  1. Amway Attitude Face Wash for Oily Skin

If you are really care about your money spends then you can opt for this amway attitude face wash for your oily skin because it has a complete money worth. If your skin is oily then you can go with this face wash as it is very gentle for your face. Sometime people don’t trust over Amway but this face wash is approved by dermatologists. If you want to clear all the excess oil from you face then you can wash your face with amway attitude. It is also can be used as shop free face wash which work as removing of your make up.

  1. Lakme’s Sun Expert Skin Lighening + DeTan Face Wash

This is the face wash which is mainly use after sun bath. Yes you listen right this is face wash for some refreshment of your face when you spend long time in sun. It is a face cleanser with DeTan for a proper care of your face skin. When you use it then you found it very natural and mind in nature. You will surely love it as it has lots of reason for gaining your love. It is effective for UV rays which has connected with you while you were in sun. You will also see that it is made by natural extract of cucumber and lemon grass which give you some real feeling of freshness and also give some cool feelings.

  1. Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin

If you have a sensitive skin and need some mild touch up then you can go with cetaphil cleansing lotion which you give a feeling of mild touch up. This is also very affordable and can fit in your budget so you don’t need too much money for purchasing this as it have very pocket friendly price. Its use will be free from any fragrance. I have seen that people have some problem like atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, sunburned effect over skin, Xerotic skin and any type of ichthyosis etc. also use it and gaining excellent results also. But when the talk comes to removing the old makeup then you should avoid it. This is good Face Wash For Sensitive Skin which you can use.
You will be noticed here at -:

  1. Liquid Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser And Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

It is also comes in the category of mild face wash and if you still need it for you sensitive skin then you can once try it too because it is extremely mild face wash and you will not try other product if you once use it. After using it, your skin will not be dry and stretchy because when we talk about its ingredient then you will find glycerin which is good for your face wash product. While using it, you don’t worry about whether you are men or women face wash because it is good for men and women both. While using it, you should have only the sensitive skin because it contains paraben which is not good for any type of face skin means you can’t use it for oily skin. It is also not cheaper so you should confirm the price first before purchasing.

  1. VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash

VLCC has lots of awesome product in their care range and you can it is one of them. It has so many ingredients in it like witch hazel, algae, honey, rose water and extracts of mulberry with many more which make this more special for using. For skin toner, rose water added and for radiant glow, algae are added as its ingredient. These all material is needed for improving the skin health and makes you more glow. This is special design for girls who have sensitive and dry skin and can be used for a gentle face wash. This is a good face wash which is worthy for its price that’s why we have added it in our list of best top 8 face wash for sensitive skin category.

  1. Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Cleanser For Sensitive and Combination Skin

This is our last face wash in top 8 face wash for sensitive skin category which has no need for introduction. It is the very mild face wash for your combination and sensitive skin which you will like to use. It is also important in skin stretchy and never gives you stretchy skin if you use it. Dove Deep Pure face wash cleanser for sensitive and combination skin is not so much pocket friendly so you should analysis its price and pocket before buying it. This is good Face Wash For Sensitive Skin which you can use.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 6:35 pm

Top 8 Homemade Tips For Controlling The Blood Pressure

Homemade Tips For Controlling The Blood Pressure

As we all know that blood pressure is going very common in every person in some big cities and even in small cities so today we are here with some top 8 homemade tips for controlling the blood pressure so that you can get to know how you can control the blood pressure with some home techniques.

Top 8 Homemade Tips For Controlling The Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is mainly known as hypertension in technical terms and need proper medical treatment for controlling the blood pressure. If your blood pressure goes beyond the higher level then you should do such activities and things which can control it. A normal person should have a blood pressure reading from 90 to 140 but if you are getting a higher reading from 140 or higher than it is known as systolic blood pressure or high blood pressure. Same as high, if your blood pressure reading is less than 90 then it is known as diastolic blood pressure or low blood pressure. It is dangerous in both cases and you should control it both.

If you have high blood pressure then you may come in contact of many disease and mostly related with heart like failure, attacks of heart and some disease of kidney too which can decrease your life.

Tips For Controlling The Blood Pressure

Let’s see sine best top 8 homemade tips for controlling the blood pressure which can be a life change moment for you after using them.

  1. Deep Breath

This is the first step if you feeling high blood pressure as it is like yoga. Yoga decreases most of the stress you feel so you should try it atleast 2 or 3 times a day. You can try it only 5 minutes but 2 or 3 time is good for your health which is helpful in high blood pressure. You can expand your belly and inhale deeply for the exercise. It will be more helpful in decreasing your tension.

  1. Exercise Regularly

It is also one of main and important factor which can control your high blood pressure and maintain your health properly. You can start your exercise from 15 minutes a day and can also increase but upto a limited level. You don’t need to do exercise a lot more but it is needed for bringing down your pressure of blood. It can also reduce your hypertension too.

  1. Add more potassium rich food in your eating habit

You should not add more salt in your diet because it can raise your blood pressure so you can add more potassium rich food in your lunch and dinner. You should aware of this fact that more salt can be more harmful for you. It is recommended by most of the dietitian that you should add more potassium rich food items in your food which includes banana, peas, tomatoes, honeydew melon, sweet potatoes, orange juice, cantaloupe, kidney beans, normal potatoes and some dry fruits like raisins and prunes. This is more important in the series of best top 8 homemade tips for controlling the blood pressure so you should take care.

  1. Avoid Some Sodium rich food

This is also important because lots of people who have high blood pressure don’t know that sodium rich food items can be harmful for you in your food. You should only eat processed food because unprocessed can invite lots of disease after the high blood pressure. It is also most important for you that you should not add addition salt too. You can also check the ingredient before purchasing any product which is eatable in the future.

  1. Avoid the more alcohol

You should also avoid more and more alcohol from your drinking habit because it is not good for excess drinking. More alcohol can be dangerous in high blood pressure so you should only drink at a level on which you can bear that. One full drink is equal to 355ML or 12 ounces while half is equal to only 5 ounces or approx. 148ML. You should drink it only till suggested level because higher amount of alcohol can damage your kidney and it will be more dangerous when you are suffering from high blood pressure. The more care is needed for women, children and light weight persons.

  1. Skin Caffeine for controlling the blood pressure

Lots of people have so many different opinions about the caffeine but you should avoid this mis-conception that caffeine is good in blood pressure. Caffeine can be beneficial in some aspect but that is not related with blood pressure so you should avoid caffeine while you have problem of high blood pressure as it can cause some short term spikes too if you are suffering from high blood pressure. If you have a habbit of caffeine then you should firstly take a quick test of this after checking the Blood pressure reading before and after drinking the caffeine. It can give you more and more suitable results which can tell you whether you should drink caffeine or not.

  1. Avoid tobacco & second hand smokes

Smoking and tobacco is most dangerous for high blood pressure because it can raise your blood pressure. The product nicotine which is available in smoking and tobacco is one dangerous thing which cann raise your blood pressure mostly. So you should aware of this fact and should remove this habit if you have. Second hand smoke and chain smoking is most of the big factor which normally people do in their friends circle can be very dangerous and create a health problem for you too.

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  1. Listen favorite and deep music

Blood pressure sometime can become high when you came in contact with any type of tension. And everyone know that music can become the best medicine for lowering your tension so you can also use your favorite music for making some relax. You can listen classic, western or any type of gazal etc whatever you may like.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 6:09 pm

Top 3 Methods For How To Get Dimples On Cheeks Naturally

Methods For How To Get Dimples On Cheeks Naturally

Today we are going to give some top 3 methods by which you can get to know how to get dimples on cheeks naturally so that you can be improve your looks and get some attractive looks which will get more compliment from others. Lots of people love to have some dimples in the cheeks as it is one of the beauty symbols for women and man. Dimple looks cute and attractive as it is nothing more than an indentation on the cheeks which comes while the smiling of any person. That person looks cuter and attractive that has these in their cheeks.

Top 3 Methods For How To Get Dimples On Cheeks Naturally

Image Credit -: to those who capture the image

If we see scientifically about the dimples on the cheeks then it is caused due to deformity of the minor muscles which makes the cheeks skin. External divots also made by this deformation. Sometime it comes in the cheeks due to their elder family member and sometime it is due to ancestors. Lots of people like to have dimple but they think that it can be done only by surgery but you can also make it without any surgery or naturally. We have shortlisted 3 main methods by which you can get some dimples on your face naturally.

3 Ways to get dimples on cheeks naturally without any surgery

  1. How to get dimples on cheeks with makeup
  2. How to get dimples on cheeks with exercise
  3. How to get dimples on cheeks with piercing

How to get Dimple on cheeks with makeup

Let’s see how you can get dimple on cheeks with makeup. In this first method of makeup you have to identify first the exact place where you want dimples on the cheek. You can identify the place by seeing in the mirror. You can mark that place where you want the dimple in the cheek. Natural Crease is the method which can become outside the mouth and dimple also become over it. Open heart smile and a big smile can give you more and more dimple in your cheek on that position which you marked. It will also give you a proper position where the dimple must be happen as it is very necessary because if the make become wrong then it will look ugly instead of beautiful.  You can mark the same position with your eye liner or dark brown color pencil as it will be look good and mix up with the other makeup. You should also avoid using black, blue pencil color or any other color because it can be look weird too.

a.) Crescent of Moon Curve Shape

Now after identifying the exact place where you want the dimple on your cheek, in this step you have to make a very small curve mark with the same eye liner or brown color pencil so that it can easily escape in the makeup.

b.) Dimples in a single line

This step is very important because if you are going to work with the dimples in the cheek with makeup then you have to make both dimples in single line in both cheeks. It will look weird if you have placed in wrong line. You can also erase them if you find any mistake and can redraw it for good looking.

c.) Eye Shadow And Blush

After all the lines and points made and also in the perfect position, now the turn comes of blush and eye shadow. If you are perfect in the makeup and beauty work then you know it very well. You have to make your eyes more looks good and make more compatibles with the cheek dimple.

How to Get dimples on cheeks with exercise

This is not scientifically tested by many people used it so we are also adding it in our case study of how to get dimples on cheeks naturally. This is the exercise which is also equal to the exercise which we do for our six pack abs or losing weight etc. let’s take a look how you can excise and get some cute dimples on your cheeks.

a.) Cute Dimple exercise no.1

This is the exercise which is just like the chewed something sour product like tamarind or lemon. It is the same exercise when your eyes closed tighten, lips slightly puckered and cheeks goes sucked in position. It is the natural exercise which you can do as an exercise but you should take care of the things that your lips and teeth can be closed or open but your eyes should be closed for pure feeling of sour.  As we have already said we don’t have any scientific reason for this but people are taking advantage from this.

While doing the exercise, you should place your cheeks inside in such a manner that it looks good and natural. This can become the main point of this exercise.

b.) Exercise number 2 for dimples on cheeks naturally.

This is something good but can be look so weird to other people as after selected the particular place on you cheek where you want the dimples, you have to hold that spot with your index finger gently and hold it regularly. You have to press that regularly for making it dimple. You can also use two pencils for gently pressing or holding with thumb gently.

How To Get Dimples On Cheeks With Piercing

You can get dimples on your cheeks with piercing too but you should know the facts that it has a risk in it too so while you want to go with that technique you should be ready for any infection too. I have some more suggestion for you that if you want dimples and nothing working for you and you are planning to go with piercing technique then you should firstly carefully choose a perfect person who can do that and you should never choose to do it at home.

You have to complete wash your face and clear your cheeks complete before going to any piercing. You should also use any anti-bacterial face wash or shop for cleaning your skin.

As the infection can occurs so you should take care for complete cleaning of the piercing tools which is going to use for piercing. You have to check the needle too if that is going to use in piercing, that must be completely washed and boiled for the more precautions.

Maintenance is the most ultimate thing which we have to take care after the piercing because you have to make it clear from your cheeks with some saline water.

You Can See -:

That’s all about the dimple techniques by which you can easily get some dimple. We bring some top 3 methods for how to get dimples on cheeks naturally after understanding your need of the dimples from which you can also choose which method is good for making some cute and loving dimples on cheeks naturally.

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