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10 Mistakes To Avoid For Picking Nickname For Girls Or Girlfriend

How To Pick A Nickname For Girls Or Girlfriend – Complete Guide

Hello friends, I know that every of my friends and reader who come to us on this page have a wonderful girlfriend and want to know something which is related with them. Today we are going to tell you some most common 10 mistakes to avoid for picking nickname for girls or girlfriends which can not only destroy your relation but also make you separate from each other.

Picking a nice nickname for girls

10 Mistakes To Avoid For Picking Nickname For Girls Or Girlfriend

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Nickname is the symbol that you want to give some special and unique feeling to your loved one girl or girlfriend. That’s why you should choose a name which will be based on your love to your girl and girlfriend so that she can feel so much lucky and special for you. But lots of people made lots of mistake while choosing a nickname for girl and girlfriend which can make some serious issues in your relation because nickname will be called every time but become monotonous can fed up to your girl.

Not to do things while choosing the nickname or Mistakes of choosing the Nick name or Pet name

Let’s first take a look something which you should not to do while choosing the nickname of girl or girlfriend.

10 Mistakes In Picking Nickname For Girls Or Girlfriend

  1. Pet names or nickname is never come from asking so don’t ask to girl for any nickname.
  2. Never use a pet name or nickname which is same as your ex-girlfriend. Always choose a different one.
  3. Fatty is good for laugh but never use it as nick name or pet name of girlfriend so don’t call her by this name.
  4. Don’t choose a name which is widely used so choose a name which is unique for her.
  5. Don’t take a random name which doesn’t mean anything so choose any nickname which has meaning.
  6. Always take care of her own choice too so you should choose a name which she like too otherwise she will become irritated with you.
  7. Call her with any name which shows your love to her instead of embarrassing her.
  8. Never choose such name which will pressure her for choosing because choosing a name will be according to wishes of both the people.
  9. You should not choose any name which don’t have any story or good meaning according to your girlfriend.
  10. Never be in so much hurry in choosing the nickname so take some time in choosing that.


Now we are going to see some of other things too in which we will see some methods how you can find a cute nick name for girls.

How to find a cute nick name or pet name for girls

  • Using her own name

This is very good method for choosing a very good and best pet name or nickname for your girl because it will become best for her. It will give you a creative name idea.

In this idea, you will choose a name which comes from her real name. Means if her name is Jennifer then you call her by the name of jenny or jennisis or you can also add something like if her name is keylee then you can say keyleeious.

  • Check name according to personality and physical appearance

In this idea, you can choose any name which will fit to their nature and personality like if she looks so cute then you can say cutie pie etc. which will not only make her happy but also give some positive impression of you. But you have to keep in mind that you have to take only good point of her personality means if she is fat then you can’t say fatty to her as it can hurt her too.

For choosing the name you have to keep in mind some points which you have to consider from her personality.

  1. Is she cute or ugly
  2. Shy or vulgar
  3. Playful or serious
  4. Attractive or sharp feature
  5. Slim or fatty etc.
  6. Sexy or normal
  7. Tall or short
  8. Tiny toes or big toes
  9. Colors of eyes

Collect these all information and then you will get a suitable nick name and pet name for your girlfriend.

  • Get Idea from mannerism

Mannerism is always unique for all people as the finger prints of him /her. So you can consider the mannerisms too of your girlfriend to choose a good name of her.

  • Get ideas with hobbies and interest

This is another way by which you can get an awesome name ides for your girl and girlfriend with her hobbies and interest which we can understand by some examples. If your girlfriend like pickles then you can make a name pickly or if your girlfriend like pink color then you can call her with the name of pinky which is very good name.

You can check some hobbies with these questions like what she love in eating, wearing, sports, type of movies etc. which give you more ideas about the nick name and pet name of girl.

  • A joke can be nick name

You can observe her mood on any joke and shyari which can become her nick name too because if she laugh on some joke of santa and banta about the height and then pick a word from that joke can be the nickname of your girl.

  • Ideas from serials

You can catch a nickname or pet name from the serial which you or her like which can be a good nickname for her.

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Cute And Nice Nickname for girls

That’s all from my side which can be big thing for choosing a good nickname for girl or girlfriend. So if you are also willing to choose a name then you can take consideration of these points. You must just take care of only one thing that your nick name should not hurt her as it can make some distraction in your long relation too.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 7:19 pm
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