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Best And Top Shared Web Hosting Services For Website And Blog

Web Hosting Services For Website And Blog

Today we have another article over the explaining which is for those days which you are waiting from the long time. Yes you understand right, we are going to tell you best and top shared web hosting services for website and blog which is very much important for choosing a right hosting.

When I make a research over the internet, then I was very much shocked to know that there are 130+ web hosting service provider which are providing the hosting service. And when the talk came in the mind to choose a better service provider then according to me that’s a toughest job in the world. Today we are here with one of the awesome review of top and best web hosting service provider which is known as the biggest brand in the industry and working from a long time in this market.

Best And Top Shared Web Hosting Services For Website And Blog


If you are in need of selecting a very amazing and fast with reliable web hosting then you are at a right place where you will get to know best 8 top shared web hosting services for your website and blog. Just take a look over this.

  1. Digital Ocean

According to me, this is very well company and its hosting service is known as one of the best hosting ever. When we talk about the cloud server then no one can beat the digital ocean. When you will ask to the people who are using it from a long time, then you will get to know that its uptime is very-very best and you will not face any downtime in the service of their webhosting. Check some major thing in their hosting.

Pros And Features

  • Relatively lesser in price as compare to other cloud servers
  • No downtime or very less downtime
  • Easy to choose the plans
  • Easy to take backups
  • Very high level of security as based on coding
  • Sometime hard for setup


  1. Blue Host

Blue host is one of the largest hosting company having a very good reputation in the internet marketing and hosting company. It has more then 1.9 million domains hosted on their own servers which is handling by bluehost and its sister companies like ipage, host monster etc.

Bluehost known by its own name as they have established their own name in the hosting server. When I over view over the internet reviews and users of their service then one thing I feel over the year is satisfaction among the user. You will find thousands of user who working and satisfied with their users.

Pros And Features

  • Very Good uptime
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Free Domain with most of the hosting plans
  • Back up facility is very good
  • Free site builder and free instant setup
  • Very Supportive customer service over phone, mail etc.
  • Very easy to understand with cpanel
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • Very cheaper plans which start with very low price.


  1. Dreamhost

Now let’s check something about our next shortlisted hosting company which is comes about dream host and you can also check some features or pros about the dreamhost. This company is the official endorsed WP hosting company.

Pros And Features

  • Good Storage
  • Free domain with lots of plans of hosting
  • Able to handle good traffic
  • A good policy regarding the money back for unsatisfied customers.
  • One click installation of various open sources
  • Good customer support


  1. Hostgator

This is very good hosting provider and known for the hosting providing company only. According to me, we don’t need any further introduction or any clarification about the hostgator as we all know this is one of the oldest web hosting service provider working very effectively from a long time. Let see some pros and features of the hostgator web hosting.

Pros and features

  • Very good and awesome customer support
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Best coupons available across many websites
  • Good and quick tools for some quick works
  • Credit available for yahoo and bing and google
  • Thousands of free web templates


  1. InMotion Web Hosting

This is also comes at 5th number in our list as some good features force us to include InMotion web hosting in our list. You will check some InMotion web hosting reviews here.

Pros and features

  • High level of security
  • 90 days cash back money back policy
  • Claiming 20 times faster in wordpress hosting
  • Free SSD certificate
  • Open customer support
  • Most of the application can be install with one click


  1. Site ground

Siteground starts from a very low level and you will amazed to see its position in the present scenario. You will love to host your website with this as its more reliable with a very small effort.

Pros And Features

  • Cheaper in price as start with $3.95 per month
  • Fully SSD hosting
  • Very good speed of website with regular working
  • Easy to reach to the customer support officer
  • Quick setup
  • Free transfer with the help of executive or by yourself if you know the process
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  1. Godaddy

Godaddy basically known for its domain providing and registering but you will be amazed to know that you will find very fast service too in the providing the web hosting. If you want to go with a web service provider who is more reliable for you then godaddy option is very bigger for you. Let’s check some coolest features of the godaddy.

  • More cheaper then $1 per month
  • Very good uptime
  • Easy for installation
  • One click installation of hell lot of scripts
  • Huge number of free application
  • Very supportive customer care but having very less authority


  1. 1&1

This is also a service provider which is very much known for registering domains and providing a good service in hosting too. Lets come to know some of features of 1&1 web hosting reviews.

  • Very less price costing of web hosting just like its domain service
  • Free domain with hosting
  • Good customer support with responsive nature
  • Lots of application can be install with one click only
  • DDoS protection
  • Geo-redundancy


  1. iPage

This is the name which is generally many time in the web hosting world as this has risen in a very less time and made its own place in the web hosting. You will see lots of services which are free on iPage web hosting. Let’s take a look.

  • Free online web store builder
  • Free pay pal integration
  • $100 credit for google adword and bing pay service
  • 24*7 chat support
  • Unlimited disk space with email accounts in every plan
  • Free seo tools, backup tools, site builder tools etc
  • Free domain


Conclusion -:

Now comes at the final part of the this article where we want to give you conclusion of best 8 top shared web hosting services for website and blog which you will really like too. Actually I am also too much confuse about choosing the best web hosting as I was liking all. Sometime I like one feature from some hosting provider and some feature from other hosting provider.

So I choose that which suites me more for my kind of website and also fits on my needs. This is the basic of choosing the web service provider so you can also choose according to you.

Updated: October 29, 2016 — 1:27 pm

4 Best Tips For Saving The Money On Web Hosting Service

Tips For Saving Money Over Web Hosting

Today we are again with another web hosting article in which you will get to know 4 best tips for saving the money on web hosting as these days hosting are too much costlier for all the people and all want to know some tips for saving the money on web hosting service.

You will see lots of banners and advertisement that promise you for giving lots of web hosting services in the cheaper price. But according to me, the biggest challenge in choosing the web hosting which can provide us better service in less price. So today we are going to discuss some better points or tips by which you can save some money while purchasing a web hosting service from any web hosting Provider Company.

4 Best Tips For Saving The Money On Web Hosting Service

In these days, shared hosting is going quite popular and going viral because of its cost as you can get a web hosting in cheaper price. The main reason behind it that it has higher configuration so can handle good traffic. The reason for cheaper in costing are that it can be given to many users so the cost can be divided in all of them which make cheaper in price. Now the question arise that how to save money on web hosting lets see 4 tips are as follows -:

How to Save more money on web hosting service

  1. Take care of the some special events -: You can keep an eye on some of the biggest events like black Friday hosting deals, cyber money hosting deals or any other special days of the company on which you will get lots of deals for your hosting requirement. It will give more and more discount to purchase the deal.
  2. Use Some Coupon Code -: Many companies give lots of coupon code over the year so when you go for the hosting purchase then you can use these codes for some discount. These codes will be available on various websites and blogs which you can search out from lots of website and blog. You can just use any phrase like “Company name” + ”hosting coupon code” for searching some good coupon code over the search engines like google, yahoo.
  3. Purchase for the longer time –: many hosting provider company provide a facility that if you go for the longer time hosting plan purchase then you will get good discount. So if you are going to handle your website on the same hosting for longer time then you can go for the longer purchase of the service. It will give you some discount on the hosting which make it more cheaper.
  4. Become an affiliate first –: This is also an awesome method which give you more and more chance for the reducing the cost of the hosting which you are purchasing. In this method you will see that many companies have their own affiliate program which give you good commission if it purchase from your affiliate link.

So in this method you have to find the affiliate program of that company which you are going to buy and then see their hosting plan and affiliate rate including commission. After ensuring all the things and sign up with their affiliate program, place the banner on one of your another website. Now click on the affiliate banner and purchase the hosting by clicking on the banner. In placing the order you have to pay but most of the amount you will get back soon in the form of commission which will reduce the cost of web hosting service.

Note -: You have to take precaution in the emails and all address etc work so that affiliate network will not catch you in the fraud matter.


Conclusion -:

Finally I can say that these four methods are really amazing when you are going for purchasing a very good hosting in the cheaper price. But I must say that if you are new bie or pro blogger then you should not just go for the discount only and if you have some issues with the money then you can go with blogger or wordpress for free hosting too.

Lastly I can say waiting for big days like black Friday hosting deals or cyber Monday hosting deals are the best for good best hosting deals.

Updated: October 29, 2016 — 1:03 pm

Step By Step Guide For Choosing Best Web Hosting For New Bie

How To Choose A Best Web Hosting

Hello friends, this is going to my first step in the technology section on our website best quotes n wishes in which we will tell some very awesome information in which my many friends stuck already. This is major issue when we are going to start our blog and we are going to setup in any hosting panel.  Before setup, we have to decide to which company we have to go as we can afford their hosting and it can take care of our website properly.

Step By Step Guide For Choosing Best Web Hosting For New Bie

Today you will get a step by step guide which will explain you that which factor you need most for choosing your web hosting company with which you are going to setup your blog. If you want to setup your blog and don’t know to which company you want to go then you are now at right place.

Web hosting has 4-5 different types which are as follows –:

  1. Dedicated Webhosting
  2. VPS web hosting
  3. Shared Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting
  5. Cloud Web Hosting

These are major web hosting types which you will find in the panel of any web hosting company website from which you have to choose for your own website or blog.

So the question is now arising that which webhosting is best for you and your blog can run properly on which webhosting.

Guide for choosing a best web hosting for your blog

Now let see some major point by which you can choose your best webhosting from the lots of hosting companies.

  1. Uptime for Web Hosting

This is my first priority to check when I am checking the web hosting for my website. You should focus on the 99.99% uptime company which can fulfill their promise. You can also read some rating given by lots of people which can give you right idea.

  1. Operating System

First of all you have to understand that there are two type of web hosting according to operating system in which you get windows and linux. If you are going to make your website in php, html or wordpress etc then linux will be the better option for you. But if you have made your website in asp dot net then window server is best for you because window server is the only servers which can Linux is most popular among the blogger so you can go with Linux Hosting. All the plans are available on windows too. There is also an another advantage of linux system that it is approx. 25% faster then window hosting.

  1. Budget For Web Hosting

This is one of the big point that you can go according to your budget. You should choose only that web hosting which can give you best price for your hosting. You should proper research about the price of other companies too before buying the web hosting. This is best when you can wait for the black Friday huge discount deals. If you have limited budget then you can go with shared hosting as it will hardly charge 4-5 dollar monthly.

  1. Easy to setup

You should only go with those company who give you some extra videos to teach you for learning how to handle their system. You can choose that company only which provide you facility to set up your site quickly. If the company’s web hosting plan is not user friendly then you should firstly think about this point too.

  1. Regular updation

This is also important as it saved lots of data from the any un-authorized person. You should check whether those people are providing you full updation on regular interval or not. If not then you should avoid that.


Conclusion -:

May be now you have resolved your all the doubts which was arising in your mind and I really hope that you can purchase your hosting in these black Friday sale. This is the sale on which you will see lots of new companies offer lots of offers for their new customer and old customer as well.

I know as the new bie lots of people face lots of problems so if you also faced any issue in the hosting then this article will really help you. You can also get your black Friday hosting deal from our website for sure.

Updated: October 23, 2016 — 5:30 pm
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