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Short Clever Status For Whatsapp | Short Funny Status

Short Funny And Clever Status For Whatsapp

Hello friends, today we have some status for you for your social media network as we are here with some very awesome short clever status for whatsapp and short funny status for whatsapp and facebook only and especially for my friends and family members. We are sharing these statuses for lots of friends for whatsapp. As you all know that there are thousands and lakhs of people who using whatsapp daily basis and want to update their status too on daily too. So they want  some status for their whatsapp profile status.

Short Cleaver Status For Whatsapp | Short Funny Status

Funny Cleaver Status For Whatsapp

You will be amazed to know that today we are sharing our wonderful collection of funny and clever status for whatsapp in Hindi and English both the languages. I really hope that all of you who are reading our post will surely like our post over the status of whatsapp.

Clever Whatsapp Status And Funny Whatsapp Status in Hindi English

  • If you think that being a hot person is not so good and equal to a crime then I don’t mind to go jail for that.
  • If you are doing everything in good way and no one hates you then maybe you doing some boring work.
  • Always work in the present time so that your tomorrow will be good for you.
  • I hate the early morning because I love the school but I hate teachers, exams, homework and walking too early.
  • I am single and ready to mingle but unable to find a suitable person for me.
  • Just leave everything for your competitor because goal is sufficient for you to handle.
  • May be you are the born original but don’t try to copy other and be original.
  • My life my rules and only I can break it.
  • Love can’t be expressed when you take x-ray of your heart because it is related by feeling not bones.
  • Failure is always come from your mind so give it to other and become successful.
  • Never ever feel so late to complete your dream. You can always have some time.
  • Don’t try to play any game with me because you know that I am champion on any game who can tell you how to play.
  • Dream can’t be completed just by seeing them you have to make some effort to complete them.
  • Better taking decision is good then never taking it because late taking decision is good to take never.
  • How much good feeling is this when you get to know that your crush’s crush is also you.
  • If you want to go in relation then I am always free for you, you can talk to me.
  • Don’t think about the tomorrow because when you have good today then only you will get good tomorrow.
  • Some stays bachelors too because according to me everyone is not idiot.
  • Someday apple will make the car but quite confuse will it have windows or not.
  • I can be late sometime but not failed..
  • Try to resolve your problem today and don’t leave them for tomorrow because if you neglect them then surely you will face some problems.
  • Womens are made for to do love so love me always.
  • I always like to have a lover who is full time lover not just night time or part time lover.
  • I am not so clever as you are so try to give me more explanation.

So friends that’s all from my side about the short clever status for whatsapp and short funny status for whatsapp and facebook which you will surely love a lot. Thank you so much for reading them.

Cleaver Status For Whatsapp

Updated: October 28, 2016 — 7:43 pm

Best And Top 20 Funny Whatsapp Status In Hindi And English 2016

Best And Top 20 Funny Whatsapp 2016 Status In Hindi And English

Today in this article we are sharing best and top 20 funny whatsapp status in Hindi and English 2016 so that you can not only copy those but also make them to your whatsapp status which seen by lots of your friend and they will become happy after seeing them.

In this article we have an awesome collection of funny whatsapp status in Hindi and English which is not only helpful in updating of your status regulary but also make an image of funny person in your friends circle. I really hope that you like these funny whatsapp status in Hindi in which we have included whatsapp status quotes in Hindi, loving funny whatsapp status, funny whatsapp status messages, love messages and sms in Hindi and many more cool status and quotes.

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Best Funny Whatsapp Status In Hindi Images and wallpapers

लड़की के बारे में बोलते है की हसी तो फंसी पर कुछ कहते है ये सही नहीं है लेकिन कोशिश करने में क्या जाता है |


सोच और सच में तो ज़मीन आसमान का अंतर है क्युकी जब दोनों में तालमेल बैठाना पड़ता है तो जिंदगी निकल जाती है |


अपनी दोस्ती का इतना उसूल है की तेरा कबूल जो मिल जाए तो तेरा सब कुछ कबूल है |


मुझे तो लगता है उस बूढ़े का हिसाब कुछ कच्चा है क्युकी भीख में तो मैंने सिर्फ एक रुपया ही दिया था उसने बदले लाखो की दुआ ही दे दी |


लोग भी कितने मतलबी हो गए किसी को खोने का खतरा और पाने की इच्छा ना होती तो क्या पता लोग भगवान् को भी ना पूजते |


हम तो दिलो पर हुकूमत करने वाले है इसीलिए राजा है वरना तो कुत्तो के राजा तो हमारी शॉप पर नौकर का काम भी करते है |

Best Funny Whatsapp Status In English Images and wallpapers

Best And Top 20 Funny Whatsapp Status In Hindi And English 2016
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Best And Top 20 Funny Whatsapp Status In Hindi And English 2016

Best And Top 20 Funny Whatsapp 2016 Status In Hindi And English

I think no one is busy in this world, every time the priorities changes.


If you cant convince then atleast try to confuse them.. it will make the rest of the way.


We don’t want pray from anyone to be happy we want to live in heart from where no one can destroy us.


When I find the key of success someone change the lock.


Two thing in this world are so much stupid you and me, I am not sure about mine.


Dhokhe khana bahut asaan hai mere dost

Teri dosti mei bhi humne dhoke hi khaye hai

Kabhi apple to kabhi banana dhoke hi khaye hai


I never reject anyone in my life but rejection is the truth of my life so sorry girls I am committed now.


Please call me as now I am not on whatsapp and if you recharge my phone then you can message me.


Hum to dil ke aashik hai or use hi lut lete hai

Humne dukhane nahi luti warna hum to unki dukaan bhi lut lete jaha duniya ke sabse acche locks milte hai..


Becoming an Important person is not necessary because everyone can be important for some time only but the good person can be impossible to become.


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Negative of a photograph is useful for developing the photo but negative is useful for developing the nature of a person so keep calm and be happy.


Friends are the honest with each other and if you have doubt just slap yourself and read the first sentence again.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 6:26 pm
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