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Cool Status For Whatsapp In Hindi And English

Cool Whatsapp Status In Hindi And English

Today we are here with another series of good and cool status for whatsapp in Hindi and English so that you can you can set some of the whatsapp cool status in your app. As you all know that whatsapp is very trending these days and we are very much addicted to this app for messages to each in a very quick manner because this is world of very big and fast world. Here you need to give a very fast response to your loved one. So we have made some very good collection of cool status for whatsapp or cool whatsapp status in Hindi and English. Here I can pick my own status as per mine need.

Cool Status For Whatsapp In Hindi And English

Cool Status For Whatsapp In Hindi And English

  1. People say me bad but they also whisper that I am very cool and loving.
  2. Dude with cool attitude is in front of you open for friendship…..Grap the opportunity.
  3. May be my cool whatsapp status is interesting but don’t waste your life in reading this status.
  4. Saying bad is very easy but makes them good is very difficult in the life.
  5. Don’t try to judge me, as I am born cool and awesome.
  6. Waiting for the messages which will be from my girlfriend after all these bullshit messages.
  7. Argue with any person is as simple as it is but telling them truth is very important.
  8. May be I am not any comic hero like batman or superman but I will always be the super hero for my mom.
  9. If someone really love you then she will not need any explanation from you.
  10. If you are facing any fool then you must be silent will become your first weapon.
  11. There are always a side which can solve every problem whenever you need that.
  12. Two similar thing means wife and insult will always with you which may be look good but create only problem for you. Happy Wife day.
  13. Every problem has very cool solution with it so you just need find it with the cool mind only.
  14. It is not like that I don’t hate people, but I don’t have time for this because I am very much busy in loving people.
  15. Self-respect is better than any wife because it can sleep silently in any case.
  16. You can find solution for any problem but if you are unable to solve any problem then maybe it’s a problem of girls.
  17. Don’t try to be like me but I have a cool personality which you can’t handle.
  18. It’s not matter of giving High Five to anyone because slap someone with giving print of your full hand is not solution of any problem.
  19. Taking decision is important because if you do wrong in first then you will learn lots of new things.
  20. I miss that beautiful sleep which I received from my school desk by putting my head on the desk.
  21. Every have brilliant mind like galileo, Einstein, Newton, Bill Gates etc but I have worst mind.

Cool Whatsapp Status | Cool Status For Whatsapp

cool status for whatsapp.

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Gym Status And Quotes In Hindi, English And Punjabi

Gym Whatsapp Status And Quotes 2016 In Hindi, English And Punjabi

Gym is the place where you will find lots of people who were busy in exercise. Lots of youngster and even old age person like to do some exercise with body building in gyms. You will see many age group peoples in the gym including both men and women. Gym status and quotes in Hindi, English and Punjabi are very popular among the social media network like Facebook, whatsapp, Google plus, twitter, LinkedIn and many other. People love to go there and take some pictures and photos there in the position of workout and publish them. Today we are here with some of the very awesome and latest Gym status and quotes in Hindi, English and Punjabi so that you can also post them over your social media platform.

Gym Status And Quotes In Hindi, English And Punjabi For Whatsapp

Gym Quotes and Status for Whatsapp -:

  • Diet of this month is the body of next month.
  • Daily exercise makes you harder and body builder so if you are in the field of body building.
  • True happiness is doing workout daily only.
  • Building body is like starting building of your character. Happy Boxing day to you.
  • If not now than when will you go to Gym. #Gym.
  • Gym gives temporary pain but provide pride for forever.
  • The only one difference between fit and fat which is the middle word.
  • Winner can be known as their body in the gym.
  • Daily expenses start from our work out but it always gives you so much big and strong body.
  • You love to change
  • Happiness starts its time till when I start moving from my house to gym.
  • Life is the only then when you work out with hard pain.
  • You can’t become body builder in one day, you have to work hard for more effective work out.
  • If you love the exercise then gym is only for you.
  • If you are getting some pain in workout then it will give you so much good body.
  • Boxing has lots of passionate fan but boxing is the higher level of gym so if you want to go for more challenge then you have to do proper body building.

That’s all from my side about the gym status and quotes where you are getting some very fabulous and awesome gym quotes and gym status for whatsapp and Facebook in Hindi, English and Punjabi. These are quotes which are all time popular among gym going people.

If you like these statuses then you can also share them over your social media platform like Facebook and whatsapp and including to these add them over LinkedIn and Google plus and various other social media platform. One more thing some of my user say to me that he is facing some issue in copying but that was his browser issue so I am requesting to all of you user that please firstly check your setting for download because I am providing these status free of cost and you will not face any problem. So take care and enjoy these status over our website.

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Heart Touching Quotes, Status And Lines For Whatsapp

Heart Touching Status, Quotes And Lines For Whatsapp

Today we are sharing some heart touching quotes, status and lines for whatsapp which you can share on your social media platform for your loved one for impressing them.

Heart Touching Quotes, Status And Lines For Whatsapp

Human being is the very special person created by god as it gets some very beautiful gifts by the god like bring and heart with lots of feeling by which he can help other peoples too. In the matter of feeling there can be many things which touch our life and in that we also become too much emotional too. there are thousands of users of whatsapp who want some heart touching lines and quotes in Hindi or English but they are unable to find over the internet but when they will come to us then surely they will get all their need fulfill. You can choose any best and top heart touching quotes, status and lines for whatsapp.

Heart Touching Quotes, Status And Lines In English

Let’s take a quick look over them -:

  • Every song which I listen gives me many reminders of you.
  • The person to whom I like the most is always starts from you.
  • As you ignore me, I always think can I be alive if I do the same with you.
  • When I miss you then I normally read your previous messages which make me smile too.
  • Everything in this world is related to you because even a single song gives me reminder of you.
  • My biggest problem is that I care too much.
  • Missing someone is also important when you get a reminder that you have lots of love in you for someone.
  • Reminding you is like reading a newspaper which is full of knowledge and news.
  • Loving you is not my need it’s like I want you. That’s all.
  • Most beautiful moments of my life is only when you are nearer to me.
  • I think it is thousand time better to leave alone then to be played by lots of bad people.
  • I see you everywhere when I close my eyes and found you everywhere when I open my eyes. Don’t find any place where you are not.
  • I always wish that someday you will surely realize that how much you hurt me with your ignorance.
  • Feeling always alone when someone got angry.

Heart Touching Quotes, Status And Lines In Hindi

  • जो भी गाना मैं सुनता हु बस मुझे सिर्फ तुम्हारी ही याद आती है |
  • जो भी इंसान इस दुनिया में मुझे पसंद आता है उसकी तुलना मैं तुम्ही से क्यों करता हु |
  • जैसे तुम मुझे देख कर भी अनदेखा कर देती हो मैं सोचता हु की क्या तुम्हारे साथ ऐसा करके मैं जिंदा भी रह पाउगा या नहीं |
  • जब भी मैं तुम्हे सबसे ज्यादा याद करता हु तो मैं तुम्हारे ही मेसेज बार बार पढ़ पढ़ के हँसता जाता हु |
  • दुनिया की सबसे ज्यादा बड़ी प्रॉब्लम मेरे साथ ये है की मैं बहुत ज्यादा परवाह करता हु |
  • किसी को याद करना भी उतना ही जरुरी है क्युकी यह हमे याद दिलाता है की आपके दिल में किसी और के लिए कितना प्यार है |
  • जिंदगी में बड़ा ही अधुरापन लगता है जब कोई आपसे रूठ जाता है |
  • मैं तब तक गायब ही रहूगा जब तक किसी को मेरी सबसे ज्यादा जरुरत नहीं पड़ेगी |
  • क्यों जानवरों से गुस्सा होते हो जब वो आपको इंसानों के मुकाबले कही ज्यादा अच्छे से treat करते है |
Updated: October 28, 2016 — 7:42 pm

Heart Broken Whatsapp Status In Hindi, English And Punjabi

Heart Broken Whatsapp Status In Hindi, English And Punjabi

We have some of the very awesome collection of heart broken whatsapp status in Hindi, English and Punjabi which you will like the most and very much useful for you. These are very useful when you want to share your sadness without saying many words to your friends who are connected with you with whatsapp in your friends circle. Now you don’t need to wait more for your heart broken whatsapp status in Hindi, English and Punjabi.

Heart Broken Whatsapp Status In Hindi, English And Punjabi

Heart Broken Whatsapp Status In Hindi

  • जो टाइम पास था तेरे लिए मेरी खातिर ऐ जानेमन

वही एक दिन सच्चा प्यार बन गया मेरे लिए


  • किसी ने सच ही कहा की बोलने से पहले सौ बार सोच लेना चाहिए क्युकी बोलने के बाद सोचा नही जाता बस पछतावा ही किया जा सकता है |


  • तुमने मेरा दिल तोडा मैंने कुछ नहीं कहा लेकिन मेरे दोस्त एक बात सुन लेना की कोई भी अपने हिस्से के दुखो से नहीं बचता और जो दुसरो को दुःख देता है वो भगवान् की अदालत में सबसे बड़ा दोषी होता है


  • जब तुमने आखरी बार मुझसे कहा था की मैं तुम्हे एक न एक दिन जरुर याद करुगा लेकिन मैं तुमसे एक बात कहना चाहता हु की याद तो तब करुगा जब तुम्हे भुलुगा |


  • तुमने मुझे छोड़ा रोने के लिए लेकिन ध्यान रखना मेरे दोस्त मैं कभी भी तुम्हारे रोने की दुआएं नहीं करुगा कभी भी |


  • किसी को याद करने का हल ये नहीं की तुम उसके साथ ही चले जाओ रहने के लिए बस दिल का एक स्पर्श ही काफी होता है अपनी यादो के लिए


  • तुम्हारे साथ हमारा रिश्ता भी कितना अजीब सा हो गया था की न तुम्हे अपना बना सके और ना ही तुम्हारे बन सके


Heart Broken Whatsapp Status In English

  • It was the real love for me which was the fun and pass time for you to me.


  • Some said it truly that think twice before speaking anything because after speaking you can think except feeling sorry for that.


  • You have broken my heart I have not said anything but listen my friend that no one can escape from the pain but giving pain is the biggest sin in the court of god.


  • When You will said last time that I will someday remember you but I want to say that I will remember after when I forget you but what if I am unable to forget you.


  • It’s a time to touch someone because it’s thought that she may forget you.


  • I am crying daily as you have left for me but remember I will not pray for your cry.


Heart Broken Whatsapp Status In Punjabi

  • Jadi time pass karda si mere laiy, Das da sacha pyara si mere laiy


  • Raba Jo Lok Apne Chage Vaste Dujiyan Da Mara Karde Ne, Pehla Unha Da Bhala Kari Ta Ki Unhanu Kise Hor De Mara Karan Bare Sochna Na Pave…


  • Bahut Mehsoos Hunda Hai … .Tera mehsoos na karan…


  • Mera ਦਿਲ, Te Nain dono ਰੇਹਨ dullde _ ਤੇਰਾ Pind, ਤੇਰਾ ਨਾਮ dono nhi bhullde..!!


  • Bolan Toh Pehla Hee Soch Lio Kyuki Bolan To Baadd Sochiya Nahi, Pachtaya Jada Hai..


  • Hanju Bann Ke Digga Teriyan ankha cho..


  • Kise apne de kami da ehsaas jaroor huda … Usno khon ton baad …


  • Tenu Yadd Ta Kara, Je Kade Bhuliya Hove..
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