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Join Clash Of Clans Game WhatsApp Group And Get Updates

Clash Of Clans Game WhatsApp Group Join With Us

Today we are here with some of the new series in which if you are the lover of Clash of clan game then you will surely like it. We are making a new whatsapp group with the name of Clash of Clans Whatsapp group in which we are daily updating many stuff.

Join Whatsapp Group For Discuss And Get Messages

Clash of Clan is the online android and window game which is played by millions of people around the world with so much enjoyment and love. They love to come in front from their friends and go for the nice competition with them. They cross level after level and also try to cross their friends in the level war. Clash of clan is the big hit game which is played online through mobile mostly all over the world because everyone like to play it with a big competition in friends.

Clash Of Clans Game WhatsApp Group

While playing this game, you will also notice that there are thousands of people near you playing it with more and more courage. You will see there are thousands of people who are also on same lever on which you are playing. In our Clash of Clans Game whatsapp group, you will get tons of information which is regularly updated by us. You can also interact with users of the group with chatting with them and can able to get to know what their interest in this game is with the chat session in the group.

Clash of clan is the online game where you can not only play but also chat with the people in the chat section. You can also make your own and can start playing the game for winning the war of the game level. This is fun and strategic game where you have to build your own town and crush the towns of others. By joining our clash of clan whatsapp group, you will also get all the info with more and more tricks and tips of the game playing in the group. You can improve your tactics and skills of playing the game with the help of our whatsapp group because you will get in touch with clash of clan lover and you can ask them too with the strategies.

You can join us for –:

  1. Regular updates of the Clash of Clan versions
  2. Tips to play the game and
  3. Some strategy so that you can cross the level
  4. Videos of the game
  5. Installation and playing process


How to join Clash of clans whatsapp group -:

  1. Comment your full name including first and last name.
  2. place where you live
  3. Mobile number including your country code

Clash of Clans Game Whatsapp Group

That’s all from my side as I have created this group for the game lover and you will surely like them because they are favorite for lots of people. I hope you will surely enjoy adding in this group. After your amazing response I will also arrange some groups too where you can be added and get some live video and updates about the clash of clans WhatsApp group.

Updated: September 30, 2016 — 7:19 pm

Join WhatsApp Video Group And Get Video On Phone

WhatsApp Video Group Joining And Get Video On Phone

Today we have very awesome group update for you that we are going to create a new whatsapp group for those who like to send some funny and new whatsapp videos on the whatsapp group. This is the group for funny whatsapp videos to spread some humor in the group members. This group is especially for some humor to get some fun in the group and provide you all the updates. These video should be type of funny video or inspirational video which is spreading.

Join Whatsapp Group For Discuss And Get Messages

Here in this group you will get all type of videos like funny, inspirational, sports, Bollywood whatsapp clips and many more cool videos which is spreading and becoming viral a lot. It is always good to laugh on the other’s video but dare is when you make your own video and post for the happiness of others. Everyone read so many jokes daily and laugh over them but I think that there are thousands of people who laugh more over the watching of the video which is funny because in reading sometime you can’t understand what the writer want to say but in video you understand it very quickly. So for enjoy of everyone, we make whatsapp video group so that you can get some video on your phone and get some laughter in your life.

Join whatsapp video group in addition get video on phone

Those who want to join can message me on the comment section in adding of this group for -:

  1. Funny And humor random videos
  2. Funny jokes clips for make you laugh
  3. Bollywood funny videos
  4. Sport funny clips
  5. Education related funny videos
  6. Some pranks over the street

For joining our WhatsApp video group you can just need to give some details like

  1. Your full name with first name and last name
  2. Your place from where you are handling the whatsapp
  3. And last but not the least you active mobile number with your country code because that is necessary.
Updated: October 8, 2016 — 7:25 pm

Join Football Whatsapp Group And Get Live News Update

Football Whatsapp Group For Football Lover And News Updates

Are you the football lover?

Will you never miss the chance to watch any football match?

If you are giving yes as answer after asking these questions then everyone can assume that you are football lover. Now as you are football lover same like me then I am sure that you will like to join football whatsapp group. We are getting hundreds of request on our website that we should create a football whatsapp group too for the football lover so we are taking this initiative for our users that we are creating a football whatsapp group and giving you all the football live news update.

Join Whatsapp Group For Discuss And Get Messages

Join Football Whatsapp Group For Live Update

You can able to get all the updates about football and various leagues which are played all around the world. You will get all the football news through your whatsapp messages for free of charge without any cost. There are many champion cup and football league playing all around the world like friendly match of countries, UEFA champions league, Euro Cup, Football league, Football world cup and many more so you can get all the update at one stop shop.

Football is most famous game all around the world and known as the national game for the India too so it is quite obvious that crores of fan out there for football match who never leave it without watching. There are hundreds of persons who are very much famous in the entire world in the football which have lakhs of fan all over the world like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Sir Alex Ferguson and many more. They have created thousands of records which are looking now unbelievable to break.

You will get so many information which you will unable to get on any website or whatsapp group or anywhere else. You can join us for -:

  1. Which football club is on top of the ranking in football.
  2. Live Football match score.
  3. Football news updates
  4. Coming match and league information
  5. Football match between different teams in all league
  6. News about the player’s personal life
  7. Various records which is making and made by the players.
  8. Ranking and other updates of player on and off the field
  9. League table news

For joining in the whatsapp group you just need to write in our comment with the following details -:

  1. Your full name with first and last name
  2. Place where you live in addition city
  3. Phone number with the country code

That’s all from us and hopes you like the most. If you want to give us some suggestions then you can also send that to us with the comment box or contact us page.

Football Whatsapp Group And New Update With Live

Updated: October 8, 2016 — 7:24 pm

Top 20 Types Of People Found in Whatsapp Group

Top 20 Types Of People Found in Whatsapp Group

Hey friends how are you; according to me you will found top 20 type of people in the whatsapp groups in which you will found some type of people in random groups for sure. If you are got in love with whatsapp and their groups chats with your friends and everyone on your mobile. You also love to exchange chats, video, audio, text and files with your friends and family members.

Top 20 Types Of People Found in Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is text messaging app which is generally used by every smart phone holder in their phone and it is also free of charge to use for life time now a days. And if that is free of cost then also no one in the family restricts to use them. Now let’s see those top 20 type of people found in whatsapp groups.

  1. The one who have thinking that without their wishing of good morning and good night, morning will not start and night will not end. These are those people who always start the group who send morning wishes and night wishes without any forget.


  1. The person who always try to prank with Admin and make some jokes and fun about the admin. Like “Bhagwan ne ek admin diya or wo bhi chu****”


  1. Next person is that who always like peace lover and come in front for stopping the fight for everyone. And become active for stopping the fights.


  1. There is another type of person who has a big collection of dirty or non-veg jokes with him and ready to send them even in family group.


  1. Next person is that who come in front for trolling any person in the group. He / She catch any word of a person and start fighting.


  1. This is those people who always try show off their richness, their selfies, video, photos etc. He just tries to show off every time in which he /she doesn’t matter what the matter going on. These people found in whatsapp group for showing lots of problems.


  1. A one more type of person who always active in the group, whatever topic going on, he will surely reply you.


  1. Another type of person who don’t know what is going on in the group he will post his own post only. Whether someone is fighting, whether some is very emotional, he don’t care and will post his own.


  1. The one who always ready for fight with anyone, even if you are talking with someone else, he will come in front of you and fight with you. These are some kind of frustrated person.


  1. Another type of person who always like to change the pics and name of the group according to the events and festival. If the admin’s birthday came then he likes to update the group name with the name’s birthday and also the photo of whatsapp group with the pictures of admin.


  1. Some type of person who always try to know your IQ and love to send some silly puzzles and riddles even if you irritate with these or not.


  1. One who like to grab the attention of every person so he leave the group without any reason.


  1. A person is that who holds the responsibility to change the group icons and name time to time but he never change it.


  1. The one who always ready to make plans for something big and when the date comes he is the only person which is absent in the meeting.


  1. The one who always send the motivational message even if it is funny group or any travel group. He will only send motivational.


  1. The one who think that “K” and “hmmmm” is sufficient for any type of questions.


  1. One is the person who doesn’t know whether the topic is discussing in the group is comedy or not. He will only send smily, emotions and lol in the group.


  1. One who consistently share the video or images whether you are interested to read them or not.


  1. A silent person is another type of persons who don’t know what is going on the group, he will never reply of anything and not even read.


This is my last category and I hope rest all the people come in this category and these are those people who only in the group for reading the stuff. They will just read the msgs and if they like then do copy paste in the other group.

Updated: September 30, 2016 — 6:59 pm

Join the Big bang Theory Whatsapp Group For Instant Updates

Big bang Theory Whatsapp Group Join For Instant Updates

Hello guys, I know there are thousands of people who like big bang theory series out there. Friends we have created a new the big bang theory TBBT Whatsapp group which you will really like the most. I know there are thousands of people who love this series here a lot.

Whats app Group For Bing Bang Theory

Join Whatsapp Group For Discuss And Get Messages

I know you love watching the series of TBBT including knowing about the story and its amazing characters. So we have created a whatsapp group which is named as The Big Bang Theory Whatsapp Group where you will get all the update about the show and get to know about the characters and their working schedule too. Most of us are more and more crazy about the joining of whatsapp group to which we love the most where we can get updates about their favorite character and show series so that we cant not only become updated but also we can get to know some about what is happening in the show.

In this whatsapp group you will get to know all update about the show which was continue from season 1 to season 9 through this whatsapp group of us. You will also able to get all the messages about the show in this TBBT whatsapp group for free. It is also the fun factor for those who love this The Big Bang Theory whatsapp group. So you need not to worry about the updates of the show.

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) is a comedy show which is circulated around the 3 geeks and 1 beautiful girl penny who like near to each other in apartments. You will see 3 character named Sheldon, penny, leonard and Raj who playing the role in this series. In this series penny is most beautiful girl, Sheldon is genius and emotional, Raj always suffer in talking with girls and leonard plays a character who is confused in his love life.

The Big bang Theory Whatsapp Group

In this Whatsapp group you can join us for -:

  1. Pictures of the character who is playing the role in TBBT but mostly the beautiful penny
  2. Funny and crazy moment videos of the show
  3. Some loving and funny quotes of the show
  4. Update of the show
  5. Update about the timing of the show
  6. Latest updated news about the show actor and actress.
  7. And many other things

If you want to join us too for getting lots of update in The Big Bang Theory whatsapp group then you can join us in two simple step.

  1. You have to simply like our facebook page which is showing in the side bar of the website.
  2. And you have to comment us your full name, place and whatsapp number with country code in the comment box.
  3. That’s it.

If you want to get some fun then you just need to do these 2 steps for joining the group and let us know what actually you know too about the show. So don’t fall behind from other just do these 2 steps and join us for the updates in The big bang theory whatsapp group.

Whats app Group For Bing Bang Theory In Addition Get Messages

Updated: September 30, 2016 — 7:01 pm
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