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Join Jain Whatsapp Group Discuss Jain, Get Messages

Join Jain Whatsapp Groups For Discussion Jain Things, Get Messages

Jai Jinendra to all of our readers to all our brother and sister. We have recently feely that lots of people want to share their views with us and want to increase their social network so I have created a very awesome Jain group to discuss about the jain religion. We have started this Jain whatsapp group for all type of Jain news, religious thoughts of jainism, Jain mandir pooja and all the workship in the temple. We have also giving the information about the Bhadrapad (Bhado) month which is the only biggest month known for every jain person in the life. We are also sharing some details about this. You will get lots of Jain religious books knowledge which we share over there.

Join Jain Whatsapp Group For All Jains

Join Jain Whatsapp Group Discuss Jain, Get Messages

It is the religion which always say Jiyo or jeene do and love to create peace in the society so that everyone can live their life in full satisfaction. Jain is the religion which is always known for its thoughts and very big named as to love everyone. After knowing the Jain religion, you can better know what is right and what is wrong in this world. You can also indentify well your own position in the society and in front of Veetragi dev Tirthankar who is worship in the jain religion. According to me, jain is not only the religion but it is known for its thoughts and teaching which it teaches to the whole world.

After joining this jain whatsapp group you can discuss all the jain things which you want to discuss with other and can get the solution of your entire things question which arise in your mind while reading about Jainism. You can discuss “what is jain all about” and all the thoughts and question which arise in your mind and heart. After joining the group, you can ask anything with the group members so that you can get all the information but only about the Jainism.

You can join Jain Whatsapp Group for -:

  1. Jain Thoughts
  2. Motivational inspiration of Jainism
  3. Festival, fasts and Holidays
  4. Jain saying
  5. History of Jainism
  6. Daily update of Jain news
  7. News of tirth and places of Jain
  8. Jain Aarti Sangrah
  9. And lots more other things

Jain Whatsapp Group For All Jains

For joining these groups, you can just have to follow some simple steps which are as follow -:

  1. Firstly you have to like our facebook fan page which you will see in the right sidebar. You need to just press the like button in that.
  2. Now in the comment you have to mention some details like
    1. Your full name with first and last name
    2. Place where you live.
    3. Mobile number with country code. You have to mention your country code because that is mandatory for getting to know from where are you.
    4. You can also mention any other suggestion too in that comment which you want to give us.

That’s all you have to follow for joining Jain group. Comment below if you like us too.

Updated: September 30, 2016 — 6:52 pm

Join Cricket WhatsApp Group & Get Score Updates

Join Our Favorite Cricket WhatsApp Group For Instant Update

Today we are planning to make a new whatsapp group on the biggest topic of the world which is cricket. In my whole life, I never have seen any person who don’t watch cricket any time in their life.

Join Whatsapp Group For Discuss And Get Messages

According to me, cricket is the game which is seen worldwide and has widest range of follower all over the world. But they don’t find a way so that they can get the live update from the cricket ground of the match. Now you don’t need to worry as you can get all the live cricket update from the cricket whatsapp group which we are making to get to know all the cricket score. We are sharing a cricket whatsapp group which is very much popular among the cricket lover where you will get all the updates about the cricket. You will get all the messages and updates about the cricket in this cricket whatsapp group.

Cricket WhatsApp Group in addition Get Score Updates And Live Reaction

Everybody in this world knows that how much cricket is popular in India. This is not the national game in India but known as the most popular game here. Hockey is the national game in game but the follower of the cricket is more in India and continuously increasing day by day. Cricket is loved like a religion in India and loved by too.

We have made very easy rules in the joining of the cricket whatsapp group which you can easily follow and become the member. You can join cricket whatsapp group for -:

  1. Latest cricket score update
  2. Cricket Latest News
  3. Upcoming cricket series
  4. Matches of worldcup with friendly matches
  5. All the tournament like Ipl, world cup of t20, one day and test matches
  6. Domastic and international all the match series
  7. Players and team info with the previous records.
  8. Player’s information on and off the ground.

You can add in this awesome group by add your full name including first name and last name with your place too which is very important so that we get to know. With this you have to add of course your mobile number with the country code which is obviously needed for the adding in the whatsapp group.

See some related -:

Join Cricket WhatsApp Group in addition Get Score Updates And Live Reaction

That’s it for the adding in the group. Now you can also give us some suggestions too if you have about our website and this work of adding lots of people on a single platform which is always become more beneficial for you.

Updated: September 28, 2016 — 6:03 pm
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