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What Is Happy Friendship Day Date In India

What is Friendship Day Date In 2017 In India

As you all know that friendship day 2016 is coming day by day but people don’t know about the happy friendship day date in 2016. But today we are going to reveal all the happy friendship dates on which you can celebrate this day with your loving friends. We are revealing the dates of friendship day in the bunch in which you will see one year of the previous year and current with the next years dates as well. You will see the date’s difference as the friendship day always celebrated on the first Sunday of month august.

What Is Happy Friendship Day Date In India

Every one celebrate this day with their friends and loved one because this day is dedicated to your friends and after a long busy schedule, you can spend a day with your friends. This is the beautiful day which is celebrated with your friends so that they feel happy with you as it will not only improve the relationship but also improve the strength in the friendship. Happy friendship day 2016 will work as a bond or glue between two hearts so that they become just like they can do anything for each other. In my opinion, it is not just a day as it is related with friends so you can use this day for the better strong strength in your friendship relationship.

Happy friendship day date

Now without wasting more time with the introduction of friendship, we are going to tell you more about the friendship day date in the year.

Friendship day date in the year 2017                                               6th August 2017

Happy Friendship day date in the year 2018                                   5th August 2018


Friendship day is feeling of celebration which is normally celebrated among friends and enjoy a lot with lots of stuff of doing like friendship day games, friendship day drink like wine and bear etc., friendship day get together, friendship day party ideas and many more. If you have any special or best friend with you then you should also just take care of the feeling of that friend because it will give you a big boost in relation of friendship. Friendship is the only relation in my eyes which is so much beautiful and nice which understand the feeling of other friend without saying it. A friendship is the one who know the real value of the other person and you will understand the worth of each other.

Every year we love to celebrate it with more and more joy and happiness. We are always waiting for this day because by the way of this friendship day date, we can celebrate with our friends. It will only become your friendship stronger. Today you have get to know what is friendship day date in 2016 in India from our article and also get to know the dates of it in some of the next years with previous years.

Updated: October 8, 2016 — 7:34 pm

Paul Walker Net Worth, Movies, Daughter And Wife

Paul Walker Net Worth, Wife, Daughter And Movies

Paul Walker Net Worth

$ 25 Million

Paul Walker Net Worth, Movies, Daughter And Wife

Credit -:

Paul Walker Biography

Paul walker is a wonderful actor was born on 12th September in 1973. His birthplace is Glendale in California. His full name is Paul William Walker IV. He is a blue-eyed charming hunk who steals the heart of every person and steals the hearts of every one especially of girls. He was starred in movie ‘The Fast and the Furious’. He was died in a collision of single vehicle on 30th November, 2013. Paul Walker net worth is estimated to around $25 million. Paul Walker daughter and wife details are given here. The name of his wife is Angie. He along with his pretty wife shared very emotional and strong along with unforgettable memories together. They are bounded in a strong connection. The sad part here is that the famous and heart touching Paul Walker was died in a car accident on 30th November, 2013 in Valencia in California, USA. His daughter from one time girlfriend Rebecca Soteros is Meadow Walker.


Paul Walker Career

He became popular after starring in film ‘Fast and Furious’ and he was then world-widely known. He was also seemed in a role in this film’s sequel in year 2003 called ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ and with the installments of franchise of fourth, fifth and sixth. He was also a model and started appearing in featured films and TV shows like ‘The Young and the Restless’. He was also appeared on Pleasantville, Varsity Blues, The Skulls, Running Scared, Into the Blue, Takers, Eight Below, Expedition Great While, etc. It is shocking but he is died on 30th November in 2013 at the age of just 40 in a car accident. Such a great star will also be in memories of us and he will never be forgotten. Paul Walker movies were super duper hit. His movies are namely Monster in the Closet in 1986, Programmed to Kill in 1987, Tammy and the T-Rex in 1994, Pleasantville and Meet the Deedles in 1998, She’s All That along with Brokedown Palace and Varsity Blues in 1999 and The Skulls in 2000.

He was also appeared in films like The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Life Makes Sense if You’re Famous, Joy Ride, Noel, Timeline, Turbo-charged Prelude, Eight Below, Into the Blue, Flags of Our Fathers, Running Scared, Stories USA, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, Fast and Furious, The Lazarus Project and Takers between 2001-2010. He was then appeared in Vehicle 19, Fast Five, Fast &Furious 6, Hours, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Brick and Furious 7 between periods 2011-2015. Paul Walker movies were amazing and made hima shining star of Hollywood. He was also appeared in television series like CBS Schoolbreak Special between years 1984-1994, Highway to Heaven years between 1985-86, Throb in 1987, Charles in Charge in 1990, What a Dummy and Who’s the Boss? In 1991, The Young and the Restless in 1992, Touched by an Angel in 1996, Shark Men in 2010 and Shark Week in 2013. His contribution to music videos are also noticeable which were released in 1997, 2003, 2013 and 2015 were namely The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ludacris, 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa and Wiz Khalifa.




How much is Paul Walker Net Worth?

Paul Walker net worth is estimated as $25 million which makes him rich and classy along with popular in the world. This American actor has a beauty and charm which grabs people from all over the world. Paul Walker net worth is really amazing makes him in a list of ‘the richest’.


Paul Walker annual salary

Paul Walker annual salary is about $30 to $100 million. He has earned $15 million for movies like ‘Fast and Furious 6’ and ‘Fast Five’. He earned total salary of $39 million. Paul Walker net worth, Paul Walker movies, Paul Walker wife and daughter details are given here which should not be missed out.


Paul Walker personal information

  1. Paul Walker full name: Paul William Walker IV
  2. Paul Walker middle name: William
  3. Paul Walker nicknames: Paul William Walker IV and Paul W. Walker
  4. Paul Walker gender: Male
  5. Paul Walker Birth date: 12th September, 1973
  6. Paul Walker death date: 30th November, 2013
  7. Paul Walker Birth place: Glendale in California, USA
  8. Paul Walker death place: Valencia in Santa Clarita in California, USA
  9. Paul Walker death cause: Car Accident
  10. Paul Walker Height: 6’2 feet
  11. Paul Walker Weight: 86 kg
  12. Paul Walker eye color: Blue
  13. Paul Walker skin color: White
  14. Paul Walker hair color: Light brown
  15. Paul Walker ethnical background: Albanian American, German, English and Swiss German
  16. Paul Walker zodiac sign: Virgo
  17. Paul Walker Nationality: American
  18. Paul Walker Religion: Christian
  19. Paul Walker Occupation/Profession: Model, producer and actor
  20. Paul Walker Educational qualifications: schooling from Village Christian High School
  21. Paul Walker net worth: $25 million


Paul Walker’s family information

Paul Walker daughter and wife related information is given here. Take a look towards Paul Walker daughter and wife information. Paul Walker wife Angie had a very strong bonding before his death. In a scene, he was telling about his good times and lovable memories about his wife. Paul Walker wife Angie was very emotional after his death. He was a great son of mother Cheryl Crabtree Walker and father Paul Walker III. He has two brothers namely Cody Walker and Caleb Walker along with two beautiful sisters called as Ashlie J. Walker and Amie Lee Walker. He had a daughter from his one time girlfriend called Rebecca Soteros known as Meadow Walker.

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Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces On Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces 2017

Friendship day is coming with a speed of rocket so we should now take some decision that how you are going to celebrate on this friendship day 2016. We always wanted to send some gifts on this to our friends in whom we can count happy friendship day bracelets, bands and necklaces which can be used for giving as a present to your friends.

As you know the season of festival is running and this festival which is only dedicated to your friends is only the season of spreading love among your friends. You will love to know that you can also choose some gifts too for your friends as this is very tradition to give gifts on the friendship day. Gifts are always depends on your budget and lovingness of your friends. If your friend is so loving and your budget allow then you can also spend a lot of money on him or her. And if your friend is not such close then you can also select cheaper gift too for your friend. So we are today brings some awesome collection of happy friendship day bracelets, bands and necklaces 2016 which you can give to your friends.

Bracelets, Bands and anything which is related with friendship and can be able to tie on the wrist of your friends are very important. These are important because you should tie them on the wrist of your friend when you are going to face to your friend. This is the basic of the happy friendship day which is like the very good starting of the meeting with friends. Friends are like a rainbow of colors in the sky which come with the new sun shine of the life and give you fresh start as the new start of the day after the rain and rainbow.

Happy Friendship Day Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces

So without wasting more time let’s start our awesome and best collection of happy friendship day bracelets, bands and necklaces 2016.

Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces On Friendship Day

A very Nice happy friendship bracelets with black and white combination with a beautiful written text.

Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces On Friendship Day

Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces On Friendship Day

A very Nice Friendship bracelets with awesome rings of friend written text too

Happy Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces

A very nice happy friendship Necklaces for your friends

Happy Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces

A very nice Friendship chain with nice hearted broken rotated design. Your friend love it

You can choose any design for Happy Friendship Bracelets, Bands And Necklaces for gifting on happy friendship day.

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Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial- Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images

We have some of the sahi pakde hai funny jokes and images bhabhi ji ghar par hai serial which is very famous these days. After the popularity of the show, lots of people search for some awesome sahi pakde hai funny jokes images all over the internet but they are unable to find it anywhere.

Today we are taking this initiative and going to give you some very awesome images and jokes of sahi pakde hai. Sahi pakde hai is phrase said by the angori bhabhi in the serial Bhabhi Ji ghar par hai which is played by the Shilpa shinde in previous days but now she left the show and replace by another actress. The show bhabhi ji ghar par hai is very popular among every age peoples. Angori bhabhi played this role in very comic style which is liked by everyone and this character angora bhabhi has become more popular among all of them.

After the use of this phrase by her, everyone likes to speak this at some moment. Everyone say sahi pakde hai when they find a correct point from the person who is saying anything correct or correct him. There are lots of memes and trolls which are very trending these days over the lots of social media platform. This is the phrase which is very popular among all the lips of peoples. As the show Bhabhi Ghar Par hai is quite popular in very time so everyone likes to see the latest episodes of the serial and love the awesome show. This is the show which is also getting a very good rating and TRP among all the shows of the TV.

As the show is going very popular with lots of jokes, trolls and mems which are listening in the show and also loved by lots of people too. We have collected some of the awesome dialogue which makes the hilarious in the situations and make more laughter in the every dialogue.

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

Sahi Pakde Hai Funny Jokes And Images Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial

So these dialogue are trending over the periods and people also loving the show which is showing on “&TV” and showing almost every day. I have listing many times when my friend made mistake some time and I correct it, then instead of saying any thank you to me they always say “Sahi Pakde Hai”. It is all about the thing and images we added here. I hope you will like it for sure and if you like and love them then you can also comment on these to us with watching “Bhabhi Ghar Par Hai”.

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Happy Friendship Day Poems and Scraps For Fb And Whatsapp

Happy Friendship Day Poems and Scraps For Fb And Whatsapp

Today we are very happy to know that we are getting some good response in our website and we want to thank you all of you to give us strength to provide you more and more best and new happy friendship day 2016 poems and scraps in Hindi and English on this beautiful and awesome day. Hey first of all, I wish you all to the happy friendship day 2016 and on the occasion of friendship, you just need to wish your friends about by fb and whatsapp with best happy friendship day poems and scraps 2016 in English so that you can easily wish them with sending.

Happy Friendship Day Poems and Quotes For Fb And Whatsapp

You can send these poems and scraps on friendship day 2016 on fb and whatsapp, tumblr, pinterest, twitter and many more social networking websites. These will not be more then smile but in my view, this smile has a net worth of billion dollars because it comes from your friend’s face and lips. I personally think that It will be a great feeling when you send these happy friendship day poems and scraps to your friends. It will be encourage your friend and increase your love in the heart of your friend. Now without wasting more time let’s start….


  1. My father tells the story of angels and heaven sends,

Happy friendship day to you my loving and innocent friends.


Happy friendship day 2016 quotes and poems


  1. My heart is your home,

My wishes will be worm,

I just want to say my friend,

Happy friendship day 2016 to you my friend.


3 truth about a true friend

Always give you miss call,

Read message with smile,

Don’t read 3rd  truth down







If you say no to anything then he will surely do.

Hehehe just smile friend.


Oh my dear friend,

How are you dear,

Don’t fear,

I am there,

Just for you,

Only for your,

Now for you,

With your,





Happy friendship day poems and scraps


If I don’t remember you it will not possible

I will not lose a friend like you,

Always try to do sms other we will not

Let you sleep whole night too.


Only a stone is enough to break the glass,

Single sentence is enough to break the heart,

A smile is enough to be fall in love,

And only a friend is enough to break in love….


You can break silence of any number of years but love in life is enough for breaking any silence so you should love everyone to make your life good and happening.


If you think that I can forget you then you are wrong in any case because may be I can busy in my work but forgetting you is never be possible for me as you are flowing with me and your memories are always with me which make me to remember you.


A friendship is like flowing blood in any human body and I must say that you are same as we are so I want to tell you that you are the person to whom I love the most.


I always remember you so if you have any doubt then you can ask to me anything it’s a real friendship.


Happy friendship day 2016 scraps and poems


Hum to ek khayal se jeete hai

Or usi khayal se marte hai

Dosti ke sirf ahsaas se jeete hai,

Or usi se palte badhte hai

Ho naa jaana humse kabhi naraz,

Hum humesa hi is aas mei jeete hai.

Happy Friendship Day 2016 Scraps And Poems In Hindi


E mere dost,

Aao aaj ek challenge dete hai tumhe,

Hum aapse humesa root jaate hai

Aap humse humesa root jaate ho,

To kyu naa is barsaat ke dino mei,

Aapko ek challenge hi de diya jaaye,

Kabhi aao humare kareeb,

Or rakho piche se humari aakho mei apna hath,

Agar humne pahchaan liya

To aap hamare ho jaaoge,

Or nahi pahchaan paaye,

To hum ho jaayege aapke…

Kaho to suru kare…..



  1. True friends,

Always with you when you are in trouble

Solve every problem when you feel confused

Care you when you really need it

Inspire you when you need motivation in life,

Encourage you when feel demotivated

Loves you when you really need some love in life,

Pray for you when he become helpless,

Advice you when you want to become so much adviceable.


Happy Friendship Day 2016 Poems And Scraps In English

Tum kya jaano mere dost humari dosti kaisi hai

Kabhi humari dosti zameen hai kabhi aasmaan,

Kabhi yahi dosti jeet hai kabhi yahi haar,

Ye dosti akalbandi hai kabhi ye dosti pagalpan,

Kabhi bahut sochna hai kabhi bina sochna bhi dosti hai,

Dosti hamari saaz hai kabhi yahi dosti sargam bhi hai,

Kabhi hum ise diya kahte hai kabhi ise baati kahte hai,

Hum kabhi dost se pyaar karte hai kabhi usi pr gussa hote hai

Kabhi yahi dosti nazam hai kabhi yahi dosti hamari geet hai,

Pyaar se kahi padhkar hai ye dosti,

Sirf soch se kabhi badi hai ye dosti,

Aapko is dosti ki bahut bahut mubaarak baad or dher saari badhai

Happy Friendship Day Scraps And Poems In Hindi


We are not friends by birth

but I am damn sure that I will be

with you forever and ever to tell

you what your place in my life

and I can sacrifice my whole life for you.

Happy Friendship Day 2016 Poems And Scraps In English

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