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How Old Is Bow Wow Net Worth, Basketball And Married And Wife

Bow Wow Net Worth,  Married And Wife And Basketball

Bow Wow Net Worth

$ 600 Thousand


Bow Wow Biography

Bow Wow’s full name is Shad Gregory Moss was born on 9th March, 1987. Bow Wow is his stage name and his profession is being an actor, rapper and the host on television. When he was 13 years old his first album known as Beware of Dog was released in year 2000 followed in 2001 by Doggy Bag. His birthplace is Columbus, Ohio. He became interested in rapping at very small age of three and his recreational rapping was started when he was six years old under King Gangsta. He was a huge fan of N.W.A as well. He performed in Los Angeles in a concert and he was named as ‘Lil’ Bow Wow’ by Snoop Dog.

How Old Is Bow Wow Net Worth, Basketball And Married And Wife

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Bow Wow Career

Bow Wow’s career is really commendable with his absolutely smashing talent of being rapper, host and an actor which begun in year 1993 when he was at the age of 6. At that age he performed brilliantly at a concert which was seen by a legend of rap Snoop Dog. From that day he used to call Bow Wow as ‘Lil Bow Wow’. His first album called ‘Beware of Dog’ gathered huge success along with roles in films and television series. He had worked in many films like All About the Benjamins, Carmen: A Hip Hopera, Like Mike, Role Bounce, Johnson Family Vacation, The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Lottery Ticket, Scary Movie 5, Who Is Shad Moss?, Hurricane Season, Madeas Big Happy Family, Furious 7 and Allegiance. He also appeared in television series like Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, Entourage, Smallville, 106 & Park, Ugly Betty, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and CSI: Cyber.

Bow Wow also had some legal issues like on 28th March in 2012, the court ordered him to pay in support of child and the amount was about $3,000 per month. In his checking account he had $1,500 only in total pay of $4,000. He was signed for 106 & Park to be its co-host.


How old is Bow Wow?

You must be thinking that how old is Bow Wow. The answer of the question ‘how old is Bow Wow’ is that Bow Wow is 28 years old. His birth date is 9th March, 1987. He is a spectacular actor, T.V host and a rapper. He began to rap when he was three years old and started rapping after that. His interest in rapping made him intellectual in that field. His talent made the world amazed and he made his family proud.


How much is Bow Wow Net Worth?

Bow Wow net worth is about $600 thousand is an extremely charming rapper, host and an actor. He earned $4000 as Birdman’s Cash Money records employee monthly. He had $1500 measly in his account of checking. Bow Wow net worth had taken a jump after 2012 and Bow Wow net worth has been amazingly increased after that. Bow Wow net worth $600 thousand is a quite nice pay given to him.


Bow Wow Annual Salary

Bow Wow annual salary is $4000 which he earns monthly. He dazzles by his absolutely smashing talent and his monthly salary is good. He is not counted on the rich personalities list but he is independent. Bow Wow annual salary as estimated as $4000 is a superb amount bout out of $4000 he is only given $1500 in his checking account and rest of $3000 is given for child support. Bow Wow annual salary again makes him an unforgettable celebrity.


Bow Wow personal information

  1. Bow Wow full name: Shad Gregory Moss
  2. Bow Wow middle name: Gregory
  3. Bow Wow nicknames: Bow Wow, Bow Weezy and Lil Shad Moss Wizzle.
  4. Bow Wow gender: Male
  5. Bow Wow Birth date: 9th March, 1987
  6. Bow Wow Birth place: Ohio, Columbus, KS
  7. Bow Wow Age: 28
  8. Bow Wow Height: 5’7 feet
  9. Bow Wow Weight: Not given
  10. Bow Wow size of shoe: Not given
  11. Bow Wow eye color: hazel
  12. Bow Wow skin color: brown
  13. Bow Wow hair color: Black
  14. Bow Wow ethnical background: American and African
  15. Bow Wow sex: Straight
  16. Bow Wow zodiac sign: Pisces
  17. Bow Wow Nationality: American
  18. Bow Wow Religion: Christian
  19. Bow Wow Occupation/Profession: Rapper


Bow Wow’s family information

He is a proud knowing son of mother Teresa Rena Caldwell and father Alfonso Preston Moss. They supported him throughout his career which he had chosen. He lives with his mother in Atlanta in Georgia. The secret of Bow Wow of having a child was revealed. He is now engaged to Erica Mena who is a model and a television personality. Bow Wow married and wife details are given here. You must be thinking that is Bow Wow married and wife Erica Mena decided to marry him? We will give you its answer. They must be planning a secret wedding this year. Erica Mena is seen with an engagement ring. The couple got engaged in year 2014 in September. This was said that they will be getting married in 2015 summer in the month of April or June. This news is still kept a secret.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Movies, Net Worth, Films And Oscar

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth, Movies, Films And Oscar

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

$235 Million


Leonardo Dicaprio Biography

Leonardo Dicaprio or we can say a glittering star of Hollywood. He is a ‘half Russian’ because of his Russian grandparents. His name was kept as Leonardo when his mother was pregnant and while watching the painting of Leonardo da Vinci in an Italy’s museum. At that time he kicked his mother during her pregnancy. He dropped his high school when he was in third year and he studied in John Marshall High School. He dropped out because he started his GED that is General Equivalency Diploma. He lived in Germany with his maternal grandparents named as Helene and Wilhelm and he spent his childhood over there only. His fluency in German language is spectacular. Leonardo Dicaprio movies gained popularity and hits one after the other followed by his hard work. Leonardo Dicaprio films and Oscar winning performances has stolen the hearts of billions of people around the world.


Leonardo Dicaprio Movies, Net Worth, Films And Oscar

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Leonardo Dicaprio career

At the beginning of his career he was working in commercials of television. He started appearing in series of television in several soap operas namely Growing Pains and Santa Barbara in early 1990s. We will now give you the details about Leonardo Dicaprio movies. He was firstly appeared in film Critters 3. It was his first film which took major popularity.  He then was appeared in The Boy’s Life and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in 1993. He then gained fame and popularity which was increased when he was appeared in movies namely The Basketball Diaries in 1995, Romeo + Juliet in 1996 and Titanic in 1997. Titanic was the biggest hit as it took heart not only of millions of people but of the entire world. This film was one of his best movies along with being one of the best romantic movies in the world. His first award for this movie was Drama Golden Globe Award. It grossed uncountable money in billions. It was around $1.843 billion. Some of his other numerous and populous movies are The Man in the Iron Mask in 1998, Catch Me If You Can in 2002, Gangs of New York in 2002, The Aviator in 2004, Blood Diamond in 2006, The Departed in 2006, Body of Lies in 2008, Revolutionary Road in 2008, Shutter Island in 2010, Inception in 2010, J. Edgar in 2010, Django Unchained in 2012, The Great Gatsby in 2013 and The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013. His transformation into a well developed, successful and super-duper hit superstar was seen clearly and he gained popularity, fame and establishment in this industry because of his impressive talent. He became popular among teenage girls especially and people became motivated after watching his extraordinary performances and hits one after the other. He was nicknamed as ‘Leo Mania’ by his fans and viewers. People become curious about Leonardo Dicaprio movies. Leonardo Dicaprio films and Oscar became his identity.


How much is Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth?

Leonardo Dicaprio net worth is estimated to total $235 million. He is famed American actor and producer who charm every fan of him with his heart touching acting and the brilliant skills of producing.

Leonardo Dicaprio net worth is so high. It means Leonardo Dicaprio net worth is according to his genius acting which makes his fans and lovers crazy. It has been claimed that Leonardo Dicaprio and Rihanna could be a nice couple. Rihanna is having the net worth of $140 million and they both can take over the world and can be a popular couple. Leonardo Dicaprio movies made his net worth impressive. Leonardo Dicaprio films and Oscar made him a super star in Hollywood.


Leonardo Dicaprio personal information

  1. Full name of Leonardo Dicaprio: Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio
  2. Middle name of Leonardo Dicaprio: Wilhelm
  3. Gender of Leonardo Dicaprio: Male
  4. Nicknames of Leonardo Dicaprio: Lenny D, Leo Dicaprio, Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio and Leo.
  5. Birth date of Leonardo Dicaprio: 11th November, 1974
  6. Birth place of Leonardo Dicaprio: Los Angeles in California in USA
  7. Age of Leonardo Dicaprio: 40
  8. Height of Leonardo Dicaprio: 6 feet
  9. Weight of Leonardo Dicaprio: 165 kg
  10. Eye color of Leonardo Dicaprio: Blue
  11. Skin color of Leonardo Dicaprio: White
  12. Hair color of Leonardo Dicaprio: Blonde
  13. Size of shoe of Leonardo Dicaprio: 12
  14. Size of chest of Leonardo Dicaprio: 38
  15. Ethnical background of Leonardo Dicaprio: Russian, Italian and German.
  16. Sexuality of Leonardo Dicaprio: Straight
  17. Zodiac sign of Leonardo Dicaprio: Scorpio
  18. Nationality of Leonardo Dicaprio: American
  19. Religion of Leonardo Dicaprio: Not given
  20. Occupation or profession of Leonardo Dicaprio: producer and actor.
  21. Educational qualifications of Leonardo Dicaprio: Schooling from Los Angeles’s Center for Enriched Studies and graduated from California University and Corinne Seeds University Elementary School.
  22. Agency of Leonardo Dicaprio: Creative Artists Agency
  23. Interests of Leonardo Dicaprio: His favorite colors are yellow, black, green, grey, white, black, brown and orange.



Leonardo Dicaprio family information

Leonardo is the only proud son of mother Irmelin Indenbirken and father George Dicaprio. His mother is a legal secretary belongs to Germany and his father is a comic artist. His parents started dating when they were studying in college and later they were shifted to Los Angeles. Later they were divorced.

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Angus T Jones Net Worth, Annual Salary And Girlfriend

Angus T Jones Net Worth, Career, Annual Salary And Girlfriend

Angus T. Jones Net Worth

$15 Million


Angus T. Jones Biography

Angus Turner “T” Jones was born on 8th October, 1993 is a 21 year old actor. His birthplace is Austin in Texas in U.S.A. In the sitcom of CBS ‘Two and a Half Men’ he played the role of Jake Harper. The addition ‘Two and a Half Men’ he had performed many supporting roles in movies like The Christmas Blessing, George of The Jungle 2, Bringing Down the House, The Rookie and See Spot Run.  He won three awards for it namely a ‘TV Land Award’ and two ‘Young Artist Award’. When he became 17 years old he also became the most popular child actor along with gathering the highest pay. The addition ‘Two and a Half Men’ made him gross over $7.8 million. It was about $300,000 which was amounted to him for every episode of total 26 episodes of this addition. Angus T. Jones net worth was gradually increased at that time made him the famous and highest paid celebrity. He became uncomfortable in 2012 to take ahead his more storylines for this addition in Los Angeles in California at Annual Paley Fest. He felt very awkward and weird to do the ‘adult thing’. He is being portrayed throughout its 9th season as the user of marijuana along with being sexually aroused. He has been also shown as being graduated from high school and then Army joining.

Angus T Jones Net Worth, Annual Salary And Girlfriend

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Angus T. Jones Career

Angus T. Jones had performed many roles in movies like Simpatico in 1999, See Spot Run in 2001, Dinner with Friends in 2001, The Rookie in 2002, Bringing Down the House in 2003, Audrey’s Rain in 2003, George of the Jungle 2 in 2003, The Christmas Blessing in 2005, Due Date in 2010 and Tuna in 2013. He had also performed many roles in TV series namely ER in 2001, Two and a Half Men from 2003 to 2013, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2008 and Hannah Montana in 2010. He had been nominated three times for ‘Young Artist Awards’ in year 2002 for ‘See Spot Run’, in 2003 for ‘The Rookie’ and in 2008 for the best performance in TV series named Leading Young Actor respectively. He had won a Carmie Award in Character and Morality Entertainment Awards. He also won two Young Artist Awards as one for best performance in ‘Two and a Half Men’ and other one for best performance in a TV series called (Comedy or Drama): Young actor Age 10 or younger in 2004. He had also achieved an award called Future Classic Award of TV Land Awards in 2009. Angus T. Jones net worth is $15 million which is his deserving pay for his established and developed acting skills which gave birth to such roles in movies and series.


How much is Angus T. Jones Net Worth?

Angus T. Jones net worth is approximately $15 million. He is a young actor won about three awards and is a superb actor known globally. He is a rich personality who gained popularity at such a young age. Angus T. Jones net worth was so high at the age of 17 and it has been increased after that after his noticeable acting performances.


Angus T. Jones Annual Salary

Angus T. Jones annual salary is $7.8 million offered by CBS which will pay him about $300,000 per episode. This is extremely awesome. Angus T. Jones annual salary made him a reliable person upon his own will. Angus T. Jones annual salary is good enough and will increase in future may be.


Angus T. Jones girlfriend

People are thinking that a girl Stalker Sarah is Angus T. Jones girlfriend through internet. She has posted numerous photos with him. She is just 17 years old. This news is somehow true. ‘Angus T. Jones girlfriend’ is a big issue or we can say that it’s a matter of discussion for every teenage Jones lover. Angus T. Jones girlfriend is Stalker Sarah as it has been claimed from many sources.


Angus T. Jones personal information

  1. Angus T. Jones full name: Angus Turner Jones
  2. Angus T. Jones middle name: Turner or T.
  3. Angus T. Jones gender: Male
  4. Angus T. Jones sexuality: Straight
  5. Angus T. Jones Birth date: 8th October, 1993
  6. Angus T. Jones Birth place: Austin in Texas, US
  7. Angus T. Jones Age: 21
  8. Angus T. Jones Height: 5’9 feet
  9. Angus T. Jones Weight: Not Given
  10. Angus T. Jones eye color: Blue
  11. Angus T. Jones skin color: White
  12. Angus T. Jones hair color: Light brown
  13. Angus T. Jones ethnical background: White
  14. Angus T. Jones sex: Straight
  15. Angus T. Jones zodiac sign: Libra
  16. Angus T. Jones Nationality: American
  17. Angus T. Jones Religion: Not given
  18. Angus T. Jones Occupation/Profession: Actor
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Sean Hannity Net Worth, Annual Salary And Radio Show

Sean Hannity Net Worth, Annual Salary And Radio Show

Sean Hannity Net Worth

$60 Million


Sean Hannity Biography

Sean Hannity’s full name is Sean Patrick Hannity. He is a television host, radio host, commentator and an author. He is a proud son of guardians Hugh Hannity and Lillian. He was born on 30th December, 1961. He belonged to New York was used to have a residence in Franklin Square. His schooling was completed from St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary High School which was located on Uniondale in New York and attended Sacred Heart Seminary which was situated on Hempstead in New York. He is a dropper of Adelphi University and New York University.  In United States he is a host of nationally famous radio show called as The Sean Hannity Show. He is also a host of a worldwide populous television show called Hannity that comes on channel Fox News. Sean Hannity net worth is recorded to be as $60 million.

Sean Hannity Net Worth, Annual Salary And Radio Show

Credit -: Wikipedia


Sean Hannity Career

Sean Hannity has written three prestigious books named as Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda and Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism. He was mentioned in the second position of 100 radio show hosts by Talkers Magazine List. He hosted a show called ‘The Sean Hannity Show’ which was syndicated around 500 stations nationally and its theme music is ‘Independence Day’ sung by Martina McBride. He signed a three-year extension with Clear Channel Communications on about 80 stations in 2007. He signed many others contracts like long-term contract with Premiere Networks in 2013 and Salem Communication Stations to air in 2014. He took home many awards as well like Marconi Award from National Association of Broadcasters, Freedom of Speech Award from Talkers magazines and Host of the Year Award of national talk show from Radio and Records magazine. He was also awarded an honorary degree from Liberty University’s chancellor called Jerry Falwell in year 2005. Sean Hannity Radio shows also made him popular globally. Sean Hannity net worth is $60 million and Sean Hannity annual salary is $30 million.


Sean Hannity Radio shows

Sean Hannity radio shows made his net worth and earning much better and he was counted as the most adorable and heart touching host of the world. He steals the heart of every individual through his hard work and eye catching capabilities. The Sean Hannity Show was started its syndication on 10 September, 2001. It is a political show which is conservative in nature. The show is based on Sean Hannity’s ideologies and opinions based on Political issues, politicians and current issues. In ABC Radio he signed a five-year contract with ABC Radio which had a deal of about $25 million. He had to continue working there from 2004 to 2009. Later it was sold to famous Citadel Communications. Some of the other Sean Hannity radio shows are namely Premiere Networks in 2013 and a five-year contract with Premiere Detroit which has a deal of $100 million. Some other Sean Hannity radio shows are WDTK Detroit, WWRC Washington DC, KSKY Dallas and WIND Chicago radio shows.


How much is Sean Hannity Net Worth?

SEAN Hannity net worth is $35 million. He has earned about $125 million from his radio hosting deals with Network Premiere and ABC Radio. His abilities made everyone amazed as his communication skills and personality. His net worth totally deserves to him.


Sean Hannity Annual Salary

Sean Hannity salary is $30 million yearly. Sean Hannity annual salary is awesome and makes him a rich person. His hidden talent came in front of the world and known by him and his focus on his favorite talent makes him a unique person. Sean Hannity salary is the proof of his hard work.


Sean Hannity personal information

  1. Sean Hannity full name: Sean Patrick Hannity
  2. Sean Hannity middle name: Patrick
  3. Sean Hannity gender: Male
  4. Sean Hannity Birth date: 30th December, 1961
  5. Sean Hannity Birth place: City of New York
  6. Sean Hannity Age: 53
  7. Sean Hannity Height: 6 feet
  8. Sean Hannity Weight: Not given
  9. Sean Hannity eye color: Black
  10. Sean Hannity skin color: White
  11. Sean Hannity hair color: Pepper and Salt
  12. Sean Hannity ethnical background: White
  13. Sean Hannity sex: Straight
  14. Sean Hannity zodiac sign: Capricorn
  15. Sean Hannity Nationality: American
  16. Sean Hannity Religion: Roman Catholic
  17. Sean Hannity Occupation/Profession: TV host, radio host, author and political commentator
  18. Sean Hannity Educational qualifications: schooling from St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary, Uniondale in New York and graduated from Liberty University.


Sean Hannity’s family information

His family details are not complete but you can know here about his grandparents. His grandparents belonged to Ireland and they were shifted to US. Hannity has two lovely sisters. Is married in 1993 to Jill Hannity and has two adorable children namely Merri Kelly and Sean Patrick.

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Maria Sharapova Net Worth, Boyfriend, Engaged And Husband

Maria Sharapova Net Worth, Husband, Boyfriend And Engaged

Maria Sharapova Net Worth

$125 Million

Maria Sharapova Net Worth, Boyfriend, Engaged And Husband

Credit -:

Maria Sharapova Biography

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova is a professional, famous and Russian tennis player was born on 19th April in 1987. He belongs to Nvagan in Siberia. Her parents named Yelena and Yuri belonged to Belarussian SSR in Gomel. They left their town before Maria was born. Her financial condition was not so good earlier so she was shifter at the age of 16 with her father in United States. She went there to be professional in her tennis career and she attended Nick Bolletieri Tennis Academy when she turned 17. It was her first event of Grand Slam in year 2004 at Wimbledon. In singles, she had been ranked as the World No. 1 on five different occasions by WTA and again she was ranked as World No. 2 by WTA. Maria Sharapova net worth is around $125 million.


Maria Sharapova Career

She became popular when she was 18 years old. She released about 35 single titles. She had won about two titles at French Open, one title at US Open, one at Australian Open, five titles at Grand Slam, three titles of double and one at Wimbledon. She is one of the active players is in thirds rank. The WTA Finals was won by her in her debut in year 2004. In women’s game she has achieved that higher level because of her hard work and dedication and has maintained a longevity level. She was an ambassador of United Nations Development Programme Goodwill in 2007. She is also known as ‘The Past, Present and Future: One of the women’s 30 legends of Tennis’. A tennis channel named her ‘100 greatest of all time’. She had gone to a clinic of tennis at the age of six situated in Moscow where she gained the professional training in academy of Nick Bollettieri Tennis located in Florida. Her financial conditions were not good as her father used to do dishwashing to collect the fun for admitting her to the academy. She was trained in Rick Macci Tennis Academy and later she made her entry into IMG Business.

Maria Sharapova net worth is about $125 million which brings her in ‘the richest’ category list. She was paid about $35,000 as a tuition fees from IMG and she became a highest paid tennis player. He was mentioned in Forbes magazine in 2006 as the highest paid athlete in this whole world. She has the total earning of about $18 million. She had a bad shoulder injury but she continued to be in top of the toppers list. She was also called as the ‘most beautiful celebrities in the world’. She was also called as the ‘hottest athlete’ when he was shooted for a bikini photo shoot. She was voted by FHM magazine of Britain as the most eligible bachelorette in seventh position. She is also a Wimbledon champion in 2004. She has done many endorsements like Cannon, Tiffany, Land Rover, Motorola, Tag Heuer, Nike, Tropicana, Gatorade, etc.


How much is Maria Sharapova Net Worth?

Maria Sharapova net worth is $125 million is a popular, professional and Russian tennis player. His net worth is very high makes him a rich personality. Her beauty with brains made everyone startled. Her performance is world widely known to each and every tennis player within the globe. She has been appreciated millions of times and she is a deserving person to gain all that appreciations. Her net worth is a proof of her extraordinary ability and capabilities. Maria Sharapova net worth is really superb as she deserves to have this amount.


Maria Sharapova personal information

  1. Maria Sharapova full name: Maria Yuryevna Sharapova
  2. Maria Sharapova middle name: Yuryevna
  3. Maria Sharapova nicknames: Maria Sharapova
  4. Maria Sharapova gender: Female
  5. Maria Sharapova Birth date: 19th April, 1987
  6. Maria Sharapova Birth place: Nvagan in Siberia
  7. Maria Sharapova Age: 28
  8. Maria Sharapova Height: 5’8 feet
  9. Maria Sharapova Weight: 59 kg
  10. Maria Sharapova figure: 34-24-36
  11. Maria Sharapova size of bra: 32 B
  12. Maria Sharapova size of feet: 11 US
  13. Maria Sharapova size of dress: 4 US and 34 EU
  14. Maria Sharapova size of hip: 35
  15. Maria Sharapova size of waist: 24
  16. Maria Sharapova eye color: Green
  17. Maria Sharapova skin color: White
  18. Maria Sharapova hair color: Blonde
  19. Maria Sharapova ethnical background: Russian
  20. Maria Sharapova zodiac sign: Aries
  21. Maria Sharapova Nationality: Russian
  22. Maria Sharapova Religion: Russian Orthodox
  23. Maria Sharapova Occupation/Profession: Tennis player
  24. Maria Sharapova Educational qualifications: Schooling from Keystone National High School, on-line.
  25. Maria Sharapova interest: Favorite colors are pink, green and red.


Maria Sharapova’s family information

Maria Sharapova engaged and husband details are being provided here. Check out Maria Sharapova engaged and husband details at here. She has dated Adam Levine and they started meeting each other after her birthday party when she turned 18. Maria Sharapova boyfriend Adam and she had a great connection which came in public view and it also became a reason for her popularity. Later, Maria Sharapova boyfriend was Charlie Ebersol and then they broke up. Maria Sharapova engaged and husband he was going to be called Sasha Vuiacic and they were separated in 2012. Later, Maria Sharapova boyfriend Grigor Dimitroy and her relationship along with her dating details became publically visible. Maria Sharapova boyfriend is a famous tennis player. She is a proud daughter of parents Yuri Sharapova and Yelena Sharapova.

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