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Jim Cramer Net Worth Crossed 100 Million And Annual Salary

Jim Cramer Crossed 100 Million And Annual Salary

Jim Cramer Profile

James J. Cramer popularly known as “Jim Cramer” was born in Pennsylvania in Wyndmoor on the Philadelphia suburb in U.S. his birthday comes on 10th February, 1955 aged 60 is an author, host, reporter and a television personality made himself active in employment since 1980. He hosted Mad Money and is a chairman of “”, Inc. he is also an author and an anchor of CNBC. His first job was selling ice cream during the games of Philadelphia at venue Veterans Stadium. His residence is on Summit, New Jersey. Interesting news about him is ‘Jim Cramer net worth crossed $100 Million’.

Jim Cramer Net Worth Crossed 100 Million And Annual Salary

Jim Cramer Career

His career had begun when he was graduated from Harvard College with the degree of B.A in government from “magna cum laude”. He got several reporting jobs when he was graduated. Richard Oppel who was the executive editor at that time said that “Cramer was like a dam which drives very fast. He was perfect at getting new interesting stories”.

Managing his financial status made him rely fully on Journalism as Jim Cramer net worth crossed $100 Million. He worked at Harvard as well during his under-graduation. When he was in law school, he started investing in the stock market. The owner of ‘The New Republic called as Martin Peretz gave him money for his investment after getting impressed from his stock picks. During his under-graduation period he became a writer and then his school newspaper’s president which was named as ‘The Harvard Crimson’. He was shifted to Florida in Tallahassee after his graduation for working in local rag which was Tallahassee Democrat in 1978, dated 1st March. He launched the magazine in New York related to American Lawyer. He then became a part of Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

His penning of some books in his free time made him busy again which were seen in a list of New York best sellers. They were Jim Cramer’s Real Money, Confessions of a Street Addict, etc. His fabulously written articles were also printed in New York Magazine and Time Magazine. This was because of his route to TV show ‘Mad Money’ comes in channel CNBC which he hosts was first aired in year 2005. Off course, after being studying law from Harvard Law School he ended up this school for Goldman Sachs as a broker. His voice mail with tips on stocks used to amaze people. His experience and devotion at Goldman for three years led him to start his own hedge fund. He was never satisfied with hosting only so he decided to run his very own fund. He started with Dow Jones’s Smart Money. His other years were devoted to “”. He also worked for Jerry Brown who was a governor and in year 1979, he worked for a law magazine as a first reporter which was ALM Publications.

He also earned the degree of Juris doctor from the law school of Harvard and nowadays he is working for Alan Dershowitz as a research assistant. He wants to become a successful prosecutor. He was denied there because his grades of law school were not really good enough for employment. He bounced to New York State Bar Association in 1985 after passing the bar. He was also featured in “The Daily Show” interviewed by Jon Stewart for characterizing his show format and investing suggestions in the show. He is thus a market commentator and an advisor for “” and also its 2nd largest shareholder.

Jim Cramer Net Worth

Jim Cramer net worth crossed $100 Million is a wow factor as he is considered to be the richest because of his extremely good net worth. His route in Goldman Sachs made him reliable and starting his own hedge fund made him totally dependent on his own feet. This made his way clear to ‘’. After hosting a show called ‘Mad Money’ for CNBC, his net worth lies between $50 million – $100 million. Jim Cramer earns $9,840,000 and his net worth is $119,407,200. His financial advice is “If money is the game, here is your winner. Every nickel quickly turns into a dime”.

Jim Cramer Annual Salary

If we talk about Jim Cramer Annual Salary then you will get shocked about it. Jim Cramer used to be very busy also called as busy beaver. He has many projects to work on and he has no time for his family and friends. His net worth is about $119,407,200 which comes from his projects. Thus, Jim Cramer Annual Salary is about $9,840,000 per year including taxes, lifestyle and other numerous expenses. Jim Cramer Annual Salary also comprises of his hard work that is for achieving superb status in his field.

Jim Cramer Personal information

  1. Jim Cramer full name: James J. Cramer
  2. Jim Cramer middle name: Jim
  3. Jim Cramer Birth date: 10th February, 1955
  4. Jim Cramer Birth place: Pennsylvania, Wyndmoor, US.
  5. Jim Cramer accommodation: Summit New Jersey
  6. Jim Cramer Age: 60
  7. Jim Cramer Height: 5’6 feet
  8. Jim Cramer eye color: brown
  9. Jim Cramer skin color: white
  10. Jim Cramer hair color: black
  11. Jim Cramer zodiac sign: Aquarius
  12. Jim Cramer Nationality: American
  13. Jim Cramer Occupation/Profession: Reporter, Host, Author and TV personality
  14. Jim Cramer Educational qualifications: B.A from Harvard College and Harvard Law School J.D

Jim Cramer Family’s information

Jim Cramer was born and brought with his Jewish parents. He is a bright son of father N. Ken Cramer who in Philadelphia owned International Packaging Products which includes selling of bags and boxes to restaurants and retailers. His mother’s name is Louise A. Cramer who was a lovely artist. He was married in year 2015 with Lisa Cadett Detwiler and lives happily with their two cute and sweet children.

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Jennifer Hudson Net Worth, Husband And Her Biography

Jennifer Hudson Annual Salary, Net Worth, Husband And Her Biography

Jennifer Hudson Net Worth

As per various resources and estimate, we can assure that Jennifer Hudson net worth is approx. more than 20 million dollars.

Jennifer Hudson is an American actress, recording artist having a million dollars net worth has done act as spokesperson having 20 million dollars. Jennifer Hudson was born on 12th of September, 1981 in Chicago, Illinois. She earns lots of fame when she participates in americal idol which was held in 2004. She was known for the first time at such a big level from the americal idol as she was standing at seventh place in this contest. This American idol platform was turning point of her carrier and also for Jennifer Hudson net worth. After this platform, she debuted in a movie name dream girls which was the hit movie at that time. She also earned a huge fame with her role. Everyone was pressing her role in the movie. She also earned many awards like Bafta award, Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe, NAACP Image awards and also won awards for best supporting actress which is Academy award too.

Jennifer Hudson Net Worth, Husband And Her Biography

After the film dream girls, she has also done many movies like sex and the city, secret life of Bees, The Three stooges and Winnie Mandela etc. It increases Jennifer Hudson net worth a lot. In 2008, she also won Grammy awards for her debut album which has debut with a grand opening and certified Gold. This album got a grand opening and sold almost million copies which is symbol of how huge is her fan following. Her albums become a mile stone in Jennifer Hudson net worth.

In the year of 2008, she faces a huge tragedy when her brother, mother and her nephew was killed in the shout out. It was a big tragedy happen to her and she takes a big time to get rid of this feeling.

Jennifer Hudson Net Worth And Her Events

She performed at many events like American idol, Super Bowl XLIII, Grammy Awards function and Oprah Winfrey Show. Jennifer Hudson net worth increases day by day with this. She professionally plays many roles like singer, actress, artist, musician, spokesperson and music artist etc. In 2013, she also received a star on Hollywood walk of Fame. She is known as richest celebrities and for her singing. She is very known and even friend with President Barack Obama who is current president. She has also performed in white house. She has a son and lives her life happily as she was engaged with the professional wrestler David Otunga. Jennifer Hudson net worth are not going to stop here, it will increase day by day.

When we talk about Jennifer Hudson husband and her partner then we can say that James Payton was his first husband who was stay with her on 1999 and it remain till 2007. After divoce with James, David Otunga comes in her life and David Otunga wanted to become second Jennifer Hudson husband but in 2008, she engaged with him and still now engaged with him. Jennifer Hudson son is also a famous one named as David Daniel Otunga, Jr. who is a cute child too.

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Aretha Franklin Net Worth, Greatest Hits Songs And Albums

Aretha Franklin Net Worth, Albums, Greatest Hits Songs With Biography

Aretha Franklin Net Worth

As per various website and resources, we can say that Aretha Franklin Net worth is in increasing mode and day by day it’s increasing. Aretha Franklin net worth is estimated on 60 Million Dollars.

Aretha Franklin Net Worth, Greatest Hits Songs And Albums

Aretha Louis Franklin is the real and full name of Aretha Franklin was born on 25th March 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Her parents got separated when she was at six. She was professional American musician and singer. She has also written so many songs as song writer. While she was in starting age, she started her career with her father which is known by the name of C.L. Franklin who was a minister at that time with singing gospel. She was not as popular as she has very unique voice. Then she comes in contract with company name Atlantic Records Label. After her contract she done some fabulous singing work in some singles project like “Think”, “Respect” and “(You make me feel Like) A Natural Woman”. She became queen of heart and soul after these singles and also won a great title “The Queen of Soul” as her songs got huge popularity in all over the America.

Aretha Franklin Career

She has a long recording career with lots of charted singles on billboard, singles and entries etc was included. In her recording career she totally recorded 112 charted singles on Billboard, 17 singles which was top ten pop, 20 number one singles which is R&B, 77 Hot, 100 entries etc. It made a huge contribution in Aretha Franklin Net Worth. It will make her most charted female artist too as per her achievement. He done some albums too like Young, Amazing Grace, Lady Soul, I never loved a Man the way I Love You, Gifted & Black and many more which also helpful in Aretha Franklin net worth. As everyone love the Aretha franklin respect song even I like it too.

It was a turning point in her life as she had seen her father’s death in 1979, then she moved from Atlantic and also done a fresh contract with Arista Records. It increases a lot in the Aretha Franklin net worth. Her movie’s income was making a massive increase in Aretha Franklin Net Worth. She wants to start her career in movies and films and done roles in film “The Blues Brothers” and an album “Who’s Zoomin’ Who.” Aretha Franklin given so many hits like “Jump to it”, “Sisters are doin’It for Themselves”, “Rock Steady”, “I know you were waiting(For Me)”(With George Michael), “It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t never Gonna Be”, “Who’s Zoomin’ Who”, “Something he can feel” and many more.

Greatest Hits Songs Like Respect And Albums

Franklin was also listed two times on Rolling Stone Magazine with 100 greatest artists all over the world who has name as greatest performing artist. In artist she got ninth position which is very good among 100 best performing artist. When we talk about the greatest singers of all the time in which she got 1st position too, it is the greatest 100 singer as well. Aretha Franklin net worth was increasing day by day as she got her well position in business.

Franklin got huge success in his life and it can be calculated as it won almost 18 Grammy Awards in his career and become one of the best-selling female artists all the time which is also having a record of selling records more than 75 million and it is not limited to one country as it is calculated from worldwide. Selling of records increase a lot in Aretha Franklin’s net worth.

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How Much Is Pharrell Williams Net Worth And Their Songs And Height

Pharrell Williams Net Worth And Their Songs And Height

Pharell Williams Net worth

$80 Million

Profile of Pharell Williams

Pharell Williams was born on 5th April in year 1973 is 42 years old. He is a famous rapper, actor, song writer, fashion designer and a song producer. Pharell Williams has produced the famous duo record production made many hits with hip hop, soul and R&B music. That duo record production is popularly known as Neptunes. He is also a rock drummer and a lead vocalist of amazing N*E*R*D band produced many super duper hits of hip hop, funk and rock music. The band N*E*R*D was formed by Pharell Williams and Shay Haley who is his childhood friend. The brilliance in music and acting made Pharell Williams net worth about $80 Million. His career in such fields made him a commendable star in Hollywood industry.

 Pharrell Williams Net Worth And Their Songs And Height

Career of Pharell Williams

Williams had produced the superb hits after being a part of Neptunes band. He achieved about 11 Grammy Awards which was his biggest achievement. His style of entertainment, producing music, emphasizing fashion and creating art made every viewer of this world amazed. The media venture owned by him is called as ‘I am Other’. It serves to be an umbrella for all of his Billionaire Girls Club, endeavors, YouTube channel and Bionic Yarn which is a textile company. YouTube channel was launched in year 2012 dated 12th May. He was a part of this channel as an original channel initiative which gained about 100 Million Dollars.

He performed a hit rap populously called as ‘Right Here (UK Remix)’. Williams established a production duo with Hugo. He also produced an album called Kaleidoscope with Kelis. Neptunes became the worldwide popular band. Neptunes presented Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave 4 U” in year 2001. In the same year, the band N*E*R*D released “In Search of….” which was the first album created by Pharell Williams, Haley and Hugo in Europe. N*E*R*D used to record its album with the usage of rock band spymob. The Nelly’s ‘Hot in Here’ reached at first position belonged to Neptunes in 2002.

In the similar year, the Billboard Music Awards and the Source Awards made Neptunes named as ‘Producers of the year’. Neptunes also released and made hits on The Neptunes Present… Clones, The Black Album, Frontin, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, etc. The album Fly or Die was released in year 2004 which belonged to N*E*R*D. he performed the Beatle’s – I Saw Her Standing There in  Grammy Awards 2004 with Vince Gill, Sting and Dave Matthews. He received about two Grammy Awards for best pop vocal album for super-hit album ‘Justified’ and producer of the year.

He was featured on ‘Drop It Like Its Hot’ by Snoop Dogg. Some of the albums created by him are- In my Mind, Angel, Can I Have It Like That, Mamacita, Number One and That Girl. In year 2006, the Neptunes represented their second album called as Hell Hath No Fury. He performed at a concert on 1st July, 2007 for Diana and on 7th July, 2007 he performed in Rio De Janerio at Brazilian leg of famous Live Earth. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend was produced by Williams which was Beyonce’s version.

Neptunes was always in the eyes of his audiences and he produced a fantabulous album ‘Blackout’ of Britney Spears called ‘Why Should I Be Sad’. Williams vocalized Madonna’s 11th album commendably called as Hard Candy.Williams fourth album knowingly ‘The Strokes’ was also produced and represented. Williams also worked with Shakira on ‘Good Stuff, Why Wait, Did It Again and Long Time songs for her album called She Wolf. He was a producer and a co-writer of Jennifer Lopez’s song ‘Fresh Out the Oven’. Williams another album was ‘The R.E.D Album’. In year 2010, he composed Despicable Me film’s soundtrack.

Williams worked with many artists and produced hits. He worked with Adam Lambert, Mac Miller, Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Lately, Daft Punk, Azealia Bank, Gwen Stefani, Robin Thicke etc. He worked in album Sky High as he produced three tracks for it. He also produced three soundtracks songs for the movie The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water. he created a Cameo called ‘Walking Big and Tall’ in an episode of the famous “The Simpsons” in year 2005.

How much is Pharell Williams worth?

There could be a question in your minds that how much Pharell Williams worth. The answer is Pharell Williams net worth is about $80 Million which makes him rich and a dashing personality of Hollywood industry. He made numerous albums, songs and bands along with cooperating with several famous artists produced countable hits. After all his achievements his net worth is $80 Million and he is a deserving person to get all this. His grace and charm catches the eye of every music lover. He became an inspiration for every singer and artist. Pharell Williams net worth and their songs made him the most successful person in Hollywood. His tracks with amazing lyrics made him permanently unique personality.

Pharell Williams personal information

  1. Full name: Mononym Pharell
  2. Birth date: 5th April, 1973
  3. Birth place: Virgina, United States of America
  4. Age: 42
  5. Height: 5”7 feet
  6. Weight: 68
  7. Eye color: black
  8. Hair color: black
  9. Skin color: brown
  10. Zodiac sign: Aries
  11. Nationality: American
  12. Occupation/Profession: singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer.
  13. Educational qualifications: Princess Anne High School.


Pharell Williams family’s information

He is the oldest bright son of father Pharaoh Williams who is a handyman and mother Carolyn who is a teacher. He is married to Helen Lasichanh in year 2013.

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Weird Al Yankovic Net Worth And Songs Video

Weird Al Yankovic Net Worth And Songs Video

Profile of Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic was born in year 1959 and he is a knowingly successful musician, singer, songwriter and comedian. These all professions all together are the source of Weird Al Yankovic net worth. He used to attend accordion lessons when he was very small at the age of 6 and he skipped his second grade as he was so brilliant in music. He was called as the ‘Geek’ as being a student of straight A. he took no interest in social events of sports as he was only focused on music.

 Weird Al Yankovic Net Worth And Songs Video

Career of Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic’s career took to the higher level of popularity after his release of first sing known as ‘Parody’. He gained many achievements after that song. About 12 million of his Parody album copies were sold. This is the highest sale of Weird Al which was received as compared to other artists in Hollywood. Weird Al Yankovic net worth is about $16 Million. This added to his total amount and increased his net worth.

He thus achieved three Grammy Awards and his four records were gold certified along with platinum certification of his six records. He was also interested in acting and he hosted a famously show named as ‘The Weird Al Show’. In year 1979 his first parody was released and then he continued to make parodies which were his hits. He was also seen in a mockumentary which was co-written by him known as ‘The Compleat Al’.

He has performed many roles in numerous films like in 1988 he was appeared in The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad and Tapeheads, in 1989 in UHF, in 1991 in The Naked Gun 21/2 : The Smell of Fear in 1991, Naked Gun 331/2: The Final Insult in 1994, in 1996 in Spy Hard, Safety Patrol in 1997, Nothing Sacred in 2000, Desperation Boulevard in 2002, Haunted Lighthouse in 2003, Halloween II in 2009 and Batman vs. Robin in 2015.


Weird Al Yankovic net worth

It has been examined that Weird Al Yankovic net worth is about 16 Million dollars. Acting is another important source of Weird Al Yankovic net worth. He is a popular actor, music producer, songwriter, singer and a comedian. He directed many music videos for artists like Hanson and Ben Folds. He started playing accordion when he was 6 years old and for the continuous three years he learned that. He took no interest in social events or activities and sports and he was called as a ‘nerd’. Weird Al Yankovic net worth is amazing makes him a man of excellence in his professions like song writing, singing, music and comedy.


Weird Al Yankovic video songs

1 1983 Another One Rides the Bus
2 1983 I Love Rocky Road
3 1983 My Bologna
4 1984 I Lost on Jeopardy
5 1984 Eat It
6 1985 Dare to be Stupid
7 1985 Like a Surgeon
8 1988 Fat
9 1989 UHF
10 1992 Off The Deep End
11 1992 Smells like Nirvana
12 1996 Amish Paradise
13 1996 Everything You Know is Wrong
14 1999 The Saga Begins
15 1999 It’s All About the Pentium
16 1999 Pretty Fly for a Rabby
17 2003 A Complicated Song
18 2003 Couch Potato
19 2003 Wanna B Ur Lovr
20 2006 White & Nerdy
21 2006

Trapped in the Drive-Thru

22 2006 Don’t Download This Song
23 2006 Canadian Idiot
24 2011 Polka Face
25 2011 Party In the CIA
26 2011 Perform this Way
27 2014 First World Problems
28 2014 Inactive
29 2014 NOW That’s What I Call Polka!
30 2014 Word Crimes
31 2014 Tacky
32 2014 Foil
33 2014 Handy

Thus, Weird Al Yankovic video songs are really heart touching and takes the breath away. Every song of him is presented in a creative way along with extraordinary music, lyrics and video execution. We are proud of this talented personality.


Weird Al Yankovic personal information

  1. Weird Al Yankovic full name: Alfred Mathew “Weird Al Yankovic”
  2. Weird Al Yankovic Birth date: 23rd October, 1959
  3. Weird Al Yankovic Birth place: Downey, California, United States of America
  4. Weird Al Yankovic Age: 55
  5. Weird Al Yankovic Height: 6 feet
  6. Weird Al Yankovic eye color: black
  7. Weird Al Yankovic skin color: white
  8. Weird Al Yankovic hair color: brown
  9. Weird Al Yankovic zodiac sign: Scorpio
  10. Weird Al Yankovic Nationality: American
  11. Weird Al Yankovic Occupation/Profession: Actor and comedian.
  12. Weird Al Yankovic Educational qualifications: Graduated from Columbia High School.


Weird Al Yankovic Family’s Information

Weird Al Yankovic’s parents were died due to an accident caused by carbon monoxide poisoning in Fallbrook in California. He is now married to Suzanne Krajewski in year 2001 and has an eleven year old daughter Nina.

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