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Dr Phil Mcgraw Net Worth, Biography And Annual Salary

Dr Phil Mcgraw Net Worth, Family, Biography And Annual Salary With Their Personally

Dr. Phil McGraw Biography

Dr. Phil McGraw biography is very interesting as he is officially called as Phillip Calvin ‘Phil’ McGraw. He was born on 1st September, 1950 in Oklahoma at Vinita. He is also called by the nickname of Dr Phil is a populous author, American T.V personality, ‘Dr. Phil’ T.V show host and a psychologist. He became a celebrity after appearing on a show of 1990s called Oprah Winfrey Show.

Dr Phil Mcgraw Net Worth, Biography And Annual Salary

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His schooling was completed from Shawnee Mission North High School situated in Kansas, Overland Park in 1975. His graduation was completed in B.A in Psychology from Midwestern State University in year 1976. His post graduation was completed in 1976 with experimental psychology and PhD degree was completed in 1979 with clinical psychology from North Texas University. Dr. Phil McGraw biography also contains his weight loss products, foundations and psychological approaches.

Dr Phil McGraw Career

Dr. Phil McGraw Career in psychology made him one of the successful psychologists of his country. He achieved a scholarship of football in 1968 to Tulsa University and he played there middle linebacker under Glenn Dobbs coach. On 23rd November, 1968 his team lost to Houston University 100-6 which is known to be the most interesting game in history of football. McGraw was transferred to Wichita Falls in Texas to the University Of Midwestern State. He joined his father Joe McGraw after gaining his doctorate over there.

He also practiced his private psychology at that place. He and his father joined an established businesswoman called Thelma Box in 1983. They all together resented pathways seminars and experienced based training which makes individuals to create and achieve their own specific results. Some of his filmography are namely Frasier in 2003, Sesame Street in 2004, Scary Movie 4 and Simpsons in 2006, Madea Goes to Jail and Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009 and Hannah Montana in 2010.His approach to psychology had drawn some critics from some fellow laymen and psychotherapists in year 2013. He never loved the counseling of one-on-one as claimed by him in the interview of South Florida newspaper in 2001. He also said that he is not a kind of psychologist who talks about hush puppies, pipe and talking about mother.

His foundation had been formed for fighting against childhood obesity was opened in 2003 by raising its funds. Many charitable organizations were connected with this foundation to help spiritual, emotional and monetary needs of families and children. His weight loss products made him a more famous personality. His entrance into this business selling numerous products like energy bars, shakes, supplements etc. was featured on his show and its testimonials were broadcasted in television with his sisters and nephew.

The name of the brand of these products is ‘Shape It Up, Woo, Woo!’. The products comprises of ingredients which are scientifically researched that can control your behavior along with controlling your weight. He ahs been accused from many sources and several critics are being identified as well. His products were taken off from the market in 2004 after facing an investigation from Federal Trade Commission. There was also a class action lawsuit against Dr. McGraw claiming that his products are not helping people in their weight loss.


Dr Phil McGraw Net Worth

Dr. Phil McGraw net worth is estimated to $335 million comes in a list of the rich celebrities. The rich and most famous celebrity is actually a popular American television personality, author, psychologist and a host who has an amazing Dr. Phil McGraw net worth. Hence, Dr. Phil McGraw net worth estimation is too huge makes him a rich celebrity.


Dr. Phil McGraw Annual Salary

Dr. Phil McGraw annual salary in 2009 was $80 million. Dr. Phil McGraw annual salary after 2010 is between amounts $80 to $200 million. Therefore, Dr. Phil McGraw annual salary has touched the sky.


Dr. Phil McGraw’s personal information

  1. Phil McGraw full name: Phillip Calvin McGraw
  2. Phil McGraw middle name: Calvin
  3. Phil McGraw nicknames: Phil and Dr. Phil
  4. Phil McGraw Birth date: 1st September, 1950
  5. Phil McGraw Birth place: Oklahoma, Vinita, United States of America.
  6. Phil McGraw Age: 64
  7. Phil McGraw Height: 6’4 feet
  8. Phil McGraw eye color: grey
  9. Phil McGraw skin color: white
  10. Phil McGraw hair color: grey
  11. Phil McGraw ethnical background: White
  12. Phil McGraw sex: Straight
  13. Phil McGraw zodiac sign: Virgo
  14. Phil McGraw Nationality: American
  15. Phil McGraw Occupation/Profession: T.V personality, host and an author.
  16. Phil McGraw Educational qualifications: Schooling from Shawnee Mission North High School and graduation from Tulsa University and Midwestern State University in B.S Psychology and post graduation from North Texas University in MA and PhD in Psychology.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s family information

He was married in 1970 at the age of 20 to Debbie Higgins McCall who was a cheerleader. He began dating Robin Jo Jameson in 1973. They were married in year 1976. This couple became proud with two children namely Jordan and Jay.

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Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth, Wife And Movies

Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth, Movies And Wife

Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth

$ 60 Million


Larry the Cable Guy Biography

Larry the Cable Guy is character and stage name of Daniel Lawrence ‘Larry’ Whitney. His birth date is 17th February, 1963 and his birth place is Pawnee city situated within Nebraska on a pig farm. He is a dashing and spectacular American actor, screenwriter, radio personality, stand-up comedian and a voice actor. His schooling was completed from The King’s Academy High School where his father was a principal. His graduation was completed from Bapist University of America, Berean Christian School and Nebraksa University. He has a southern accent and is superb in comedy. His resident is in Lincoln Nebraska. His home-town had named a street after his name.

Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth, Wife And Movies

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He is a biggest fan of Nebraska Cornhuskers Football. He has a chain of letter ‘N’ which denotes Nebraska and he is often seen it wearing. He had done the donation of about $5 million in 2010 to Arnold Palmer Children Hospital situated in Orlando in Florida. It was for developing International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The hospital also helped in curing Whitney’s son who was suffering from Dysplasia when he was an infant. He also raised the donation money for promoting ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader’ and ‘Family Feud’. The new wing was opened within the hospital named as ‘Wyatt Whitney Wing’ in year 2012. Larry the Cable Guy net worth is around $60 million.


Larry the Cable Guy Career

He was called in radio stations and he used to do radio comedy in different characters in 1991. From there, the persona Larry the Cable Guy was known to be popular. This character became his routine and his popularity started spreading after this. His trademark of southern accent made him unique persona. He used to talk about family stories and turned t into a comedy. He also used to talk about ‘background’ redneck’. He has ‘Git-R-Done!’ which is his own catchphrase. When his friend and comedian Jeff Foxworthy invited Larry the Cable Guy for joining his ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour’ Larry became more famous at that time during 2000. This tour became a worldwide success. Millions of copies were sold of the comedy tour and later in 2006 he came to cinemas with his ‘cable guy’ character’ with ‘Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector’. He was also seen in ‘Witless Protection’. Larry the Cable Guy net worth $60 million also makes him a famous personality.

Larry the Cable Guy movies were super duper hit. Larry the Cable Guy movies are ‘Cars’ and Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector in 2006, Delta Farce in 2007, Witless Protection in 2008, Cars 2 in 2011 and A Madea Christmas in 2013. He had worked on many radio shows which made his career on high level. They are namely The Ron and Ron Show, The Bob and Tom Show, The Todd and Tyler Show, The Chris Baker Show, Kirk Mark and Lopez show. He also became a guest frequently on The Johnny Dare Morning Show along with his appearance on WJRR in Florida. In Manchester and Portsmouth he was bought on Greg and the Morning Buzz on WGIR-FM 101.1 and WHEB 100.3.

If we talk about his stand-up career then he was successful in building up that career and establishing himself in this line. His character was seemed as stereotypical with redneck with a southern accent, family details, expressions and catchphrase called ‘Git-R-Done’. He often uses the catchphrases like ‘I apologize lord and please be with starvin’ Pygmies within New Guinea… Amen’ and ‘I don’t damn care who are you and that’s really funny there right’. He had been certificated as ‘gold’ by RIAA for his two most amazing albums of comedy called The Right to Bare Arms in 2005 and Lord, I Apologize in 2001. His TV special along with his worldwide famous third album named Morning Constitutions was released in year 2007.


How much is Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth?

Larry the Cable Guy net worth is $60 million. He is special person with extraordinary capabilities. Larry the Cable Guy net worth is so fabulous that it makes him a richest personality along with being knowingly noticeable. Larry the Cable Guy movies were totally outstanding helped him to achieve such a high net worth.


Larry the Cable Guy personal information

  1. Larry the Cable Guy full name: Daniel Lawrence ‘Larry’ Whitney
  2. Larry the Cable Guy middle name: Lawrence
  3. Larry the Cable Guy nicknames: Daniel Whitney, Dan Whitney and Daniel Lawrence Whitney
  4. Larry the Cable Guy gender: Male
  5. Larry the Cable Guy Birth date: 17th February, 1963
  6. Larry the Cable Guy Birth place: Pawnee city in Nebraska
  7. Larry the Cable Guy Age: 52
  8. Larry the Cable Guy Height: 5’10 feet
  9. Larry the Cable Guy Weight: Not given
  10. Larry the Cable Guy eye color:
  11. Larry the Cable Guy skin color:
  12. Larry the Cable Guy hair color: Light brown
  13. Larry the Cable Guy ethnical background: White
  14. Larry the Cable Guy sex: Straight
  15. Larry the Cable Guy zodiac sign: Aquarius
  16. Larry the Cable Guy Nationality: American
  17. Larry the Cable Guy Religion: Christian
  18. Larry the Cable Guy Occupation/Profession: Voice actor, stand-up comedian, radio personality, screenwriter and actor.
  19. Larry the Cable Guy Educational qualifications: America’s Bapist University in Georgia, USA.


Larry the Cable Guy’s family information

Larry the Cable Guy wife is Cara Whitney and they were married in year 2005. Larry the Cable Guy wife gave birth to a son named Wyatt was born in 2006 and a daughter named Reagan was born in 2007. Thus, Whitney is a proud son of father Tom Whitney and mother Shirley. Larry the Cable Guy wife and he had a strong and understanding connection.

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Paul Walker Net Worth, Movies, Daughter And Wife

Paul Walker Net Worth, Wife, Daughter And Movies

Paul Walker Net Worth

$ 25 Million

Paul Walker Net Worth, Movies, Daughter And Wife

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Paul Walker Biography

Paul walker is a wonderful actor was born on 12th September in 1973. His birthplace is Glendale in California. His full name is Paul William Walker IV. He is a blue-eyed charming hunk who steals the heart of every person and steals the hearts of every one especially of girls. He was starred in movie ‘The Fast and the Furious’. He was died in a collision of single vehicle on 30th November, 2013. Paul Walker net worth is estimated to around $25 million. Paul Walker daughter and wife details are given here. The name of his wife is Angie. He along with his pretty wife shared very emotional and strong along with unforgettable memories together. They are bounded in a strong connection. The sad part here is that the famous and heart touching Paul Walker was died in a car accident on 30th November, 2013 in Valencia in California, USA. His daughter from one time girlfriend Rebecca Soteros is Meadow Walker.


Paul Walker Career

He became popular after starring in film ‘Fast and Furious’ and he was then world-widely known. He was also seemed in a role in this film’s sequel in year 2003 called ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ and with the installments of franchise of fourth, fifth and sixth. He was also a model and started appearing in featured films and TV shows like ‘The Young and the Restless’. He was also appeared on Pleasantville, Varsity Blues, The Skulls, Running Scared, Into the Blue, Takers, Eight Below, Expedition Great While, etc. It is shocking but he is died on 30th November in 2013 at the age of just 40 in a car accident. Such a great star will also be in memories of us and he will never be forgotten. Paul Walker movies were super duper hit. His movies are namely Monster in the Closet in 1986, Programmed to Kill in 1987, Tammy and the T-Rex in 1994, Pleasantville and Meet the Deedles in 1998, She’s All That along with Brokedown Palace and Varsity Blues in 1999 and The Skulls in 2000.

He was also appeared in films like The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Life Makes Sense if You’re Famous, Joy Ride, Noel, Timeline, Turbo-charged Prelude, Eight Below, Into the Blue, Flags of Our Fathers, Running Scared, Stories USA, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, Fast and Furious, The Lazarus Project and Takers between 2001-2010. He was then appeared in Vehicle 19, Fast Five, Fast &Furious 6, Hours, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Brick and Furious 7 between periods 2011-2015. Paul Walker movies were amazing and made hima shining star of Hollywood. He was also appeared in television series like CBS Schoolbreak Special between years 1984-1994, Highway to Heaven years between 1985-86, Throb in 1987, Charles in Charge in 1990, What a Dummy and Who’s the Boss? In 1991, The Young and the Restless in 1992, Touched by an Angel in 1996, Shark Men in 2010 and Shark Week in 2013. His contribution to music videos are also noticeable which were released in 1997, 2003, 2013 and 2015 were namely The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ludacris, 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa and Wiz Khalifa.




How much is Paul Walker Net Worth?

Paul Walker net worth is estimated as $25 million which makes him rich and classy along with popular in the world. This American actor has a beauty and charm which grabs people from all over the world. Paul Walker net worth is really amazing makes him in a list of ‘the richest’.


Paul Walker annual salary

Paul Walker annual salary is about $30 to $100 million. He has earned $15 million for movies like ‘Fast and Furious 6’ and ‘Fast Five’. He earned total salary of $39 million. Paul Walker net worth, Paul Walker movies, Paul Walker wife and daughter details are given here which should not be missed out.


Paul Walker personal information

  1. Paul Walker full name: Paul William Walker IV
  2. Paul Walker middle name: William
  3. Paul Walker nicknames: Paul William Walker IV and Paul W. Walker
  4. Paul Walker gender: Male
  5. Paul Walker Birth date: 12th September, 1973
  6. Paul Walker death date: 30th November, 2013
  7. Paul Walker Birth place: Glendale in California, USA
  8. Paul Walker death place: Valencia in Santa Clarita in California, USA
  9. Paul Walker death cause: Car Accident
  10. Paul Walker Height: 6’2 feet
  11. Paul Walker Weight: 86 kg
  12. Paul Walker eye color: Blue
  13. Paul Walker skin color: White
  14. Paul Walker hair color: Light brown
  15. Paul Walker ethnical background: Albanian American, German, English and Swiss German
  16. Paul Walker zodiac sign: Virgo
  17. Paul Walker Nationality: American
  18. Paul Walker Religion: Christian
  19. Paul Walker Occupation/Profession: Model, producer and actor
  20. Paul Walker Educational qualifications: schooling from Village Christian High School
  21. Paul Walker net worth: $25 million


Paul Walker’s family information

Paul Walker daughter and wife related information is given here. Take a look towards Paul Walker daughter and wife information. Paul Walker wife Angie had a very strong bonding before his death. In a scene, he was telling about his good times and lovable memories about his wife. Paul Walker wife Angie was very emotional after his death. He was a great son of mother Cheryl Crabtree Walker and father Paul Walker III. He has two brothers namely Cody Walker and Caleb Walker along with two beautiful sisters called as Ashlie J. Walker and Amie Lee Walker. He had a daughter from his one time girlfriend called Rebecca Soteros known as Meadow Walker.

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Rush Limbaugh Net Worth And Live Radio Streaming

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth And Live Radio Streaming

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth

$ 400 Million


Rush Limbaugh Biography

Rush Limbaugh officially called as Rush Hudson Limbaugh III celebrated his birthday on 12th January and he was born in 1951. His birth place is Cape Girardeau, Missouri and he is a successful and popular entertainer, writer, radio show host and political commentator. His current residence is situated in Florida at Palm Beach.

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth And Live Radio Streaming

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He started working at the age of 16 in many disc jockey jobs. His radio career was begun at KFBK radio station in year 1984 in which he had featured his listener calls and political commentary. He started working in New York City in WABC radio station where he started broadcasting it nationally in 1988. He now does the broadcasting of WOR. He does the broadcasting of ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show’ radio program and a talk show. This show has become the maximum listing show and it was also listed by Talkers magazine in year 2012. The New York Times Best Seller List comprises of the mentioning of his two famous and impressive books namely See I Told You So in 1993 and The Way Things Ought to Be in 1992.

The beginning of his career took place in 1967 by usage with the name of Rusty Sharpe. His graduation was completed in 1969 from Missouri Central High School. He also attended Southeast Missouri State University and he left it after completion of two semesters. He struggled and worked hard a lot to gain his father’s approval and respect. He was also interested in football.


Rush Limbaugh Career

Rush Limbaugh officially known as Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is a highly popular and attraction radio show talk host who makes every person enthusiastic by his lovely and bingo performances. His annual salary is about $70 million which is really great and fantastic. He is a populous owner of a radio show which has about 15 million listeners and its listeners are increasing day-by-day. Rush owns a place which is huge that has about 12 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms along with an elevator and there is ocean in front of the home and he used to broadcast his show from there. He is also an owner of a penthouse condo situated in Manhattan. Some of his important works are:

  1. See I Told You So: It is a book was written in 1993 by him.
  2. The Way Things Ought to Be: It is also a pocket book was written in 1992.
  3. Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: It is a threshold edition was written in 2013.
  4. Rush Revere and the American Revolution: This is an another threshold edition was written in 2014
  5. Rush Revere and the First Patriots: It was written in 2014 is another threshold edition.


How much is Rush Limbaugh Net Worth?

Rush Limbaugh net worth is observed as $400 million which is really a great net worth makes everyone startle. Thus, Rush Limbaugh net worth has reached at the high level makes his status also high. Rush Limbaugh net worth $400 million is touching the sky.


Rush Limbaugh Annual Salary

Rush Limbaugh annual salary is estimated as $70 million. It is a huge salary. Rush Limbaugh annual salary is really wow. If we talk about an awesome salary we think about Rush Limbaugh annual salary.


Rush Limbaugh personal information

  1. Full name of Rush Limbaugh: Rush Hudson Limbaugh III
  2. Middle name of Rush Limbaugh: Hudson
  3. Gender of Rush Limbaugh: Male
  4. Nicknames of Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo, Jeff Christie, Pumpkin head, Limbaugh, Rusty, Rush, The Pigman, The Rusher, Maha Rushie, America’s Anchorman and Rusty Sharpe.
  5. Birth date of Rush Limbaugh: 12th January, 1951
  6. Birth place of Rush Limbaugh: Cape Girardeau in Missouri in USA
  7. Age of Rush Limbaugh: 64
  8. Height of Rush Limbaugh: 6 feet
  9. Weight of Rush Limbaugh: 145 kg
  10. Eye color of Rush Limbaugh: Light brown
  11. Skin color of Rush Limbaugh: White
  12. Hair color of Rush Limbaugh: Grey
  13. Ethnical background of Rush Limbaugh: English and German.
  14. Sexuality of Rush Limbaugh: Straight
  15. Zodiac sign of Rush Limbaugh: Capricorn
  16. Nationality of Rush Limbaugh: American
  17. Religion of Rush Limbaugh: Methodist
  18. Occupation or profession of Rush Limbaugh: Radio personality, actor, author and commentator.
  19. Educational qualifications of Rush Limbaugh: Schooling from Cape Central High School and graduated from Southeast Missouri State University.


Rush Limbaugh’s family information

From year 1971, he had the total of 8 public relationships and he always dates young women and it is about 20 years younger age. He dated Elliot Sanders in 1971. Then from 1976-1980 he dated Roxy Maxine Mcneely. The next lady whom he dated was Michelle Wennerholm from 1981-1990. He then dated Norm Woodruff in 1984. From 1993-2004, he dated Marta Fitzgerald and to Daryn Kagan from 2004-2006. He dated Mary Lynn Rajskub in 2006 and now his partner is Kathryn Limbaugh from 2007. He is the only son of father Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Jr. who was a fighter pilot and a lawyer and mother Mildred Carolyn also called as Millie was a Searcy native in Arkansas. The name Rush was originally kept for Rush Limbaugh’s grandfather to honor a family member known as Edna Rush.

Rush Limbaugh belongs to the ancestry of German. His brother, father and grandfather were all lawyers. His uncle called as Stephen N. Limbaugh Sr. and his cousin Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. both are judges in United States District Court for Eastern District Missouri and his uncle is a federal judge. George W. Bush appointed his cousin as the judge. Rush Limbaugh’s grandfather called as Rush Limbaugh Sr. was a judge, Missouri Historical Society’s president, special commissioner and Prosecutor of Missouri.

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How Old Is Bow Wow Net Worth, Basketball And Married And Wife

Bow Wow Net Worth,  Married And Wife And Basketball

Bow Wow Net Worth

$ 600 Thousand


Bow Wow Biography

Bow Wow’s full name is Shad Gregory Moss was born on 9th March, 1987. Bow Wow is his stage name and his profession is being an actor, rapper and the host on television. When he was 13 years old his first album known as Beware of Dog was released in year 2000 followed in 2001 by Doggy Bag. His birthplace is Columbus, Ohio. He became interested in rapping at very small age of three and his recreational rapping was started when he was six years old under King Gangsta. He was a huge fan of N.W.A as well. He performed in Los Angeles in a concert and he was named as ‘Lil’ Bow Wow’ by Snoop Dog.

How Old Is Bow Wow Net Worth, Basketball And Married And Wife

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Bow Wow Career

Bow Wow’s career is really commendable with his absolutely smashing talent of being rapper, host and an actor which begun in year 1993 when he was at the age of 6. At that age he performed brilliantly at a concert which was seen by a legend of rap Snoop Dog. From that day he used to call Bow Wow as ‘Lil Bow Wow’. His first album called ‘Beware of Dog’ gathered huge success along with roles in films and television series. He had worked in many films like All About the Benjamins, Carmen: A Hip Hopera, Like Mike, Role Bounce, Johnson Family Vacation, The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Lottery Ticket, Scary Movie 5, Who Is Shad Moss?, Hurricane Season, Madeas Big Happy Family, Furious 7 and Allegiance. He also appeared in television series like Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, Entourage, Smallville, 106 & Park, Ugly Betty, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and CSI: Cyber.

Bow Wow also had some legal issues like on 28th March in 2012, the court ordered him to pay in support of child and the amount was about $3,000 per month. In his checking account he had $1,500 only in total pay of $4,000. He was signed for 106 & Park to be its co-host.


How old is Bow Wow?

You must be thinking that how old is Bow Wow. The answer of the question ‘how old is Bow Wow’ is that Bow Wow is 28 years old. His birth date is 9th March, 1987. He is a spectacular actor, T.V host and a rapper. He began to rap when he was three years old and started rapping after that. His interest in rapping made him intellectual in that field. His talent made the world amazed and he made his family proud.


How much is Bow Wow Net Worth?

Bow Wow net worth is about $600 thousand is an extremely charming rapper, host and an actor. He earned $4000 as Birdman’s Cash Money records employee monthly. He had $1500 measly in his account of checking. Bow Wow net worth had taken a jump after 2012 and Bow Wow net worth has been amazingly increased after that. Bow Wow net worth $600 thousand is a quite nice pay given to him.


Bow Wow Annual Salary

Bow Wow annual salary is $4000 which he earns monthly. He dazzles by his absolutely smashing talent and his monthly salary is good. He is not counted on the rich personalities list but he is independent. Bow Wow annual salary as estimated as $4000 is a superb amount bout out of $4000 he is only given $1500 in his checking account and rest of $3000 is given for child support. Bow Wow annual salary again makes him an unforgettable celebrity.


Bow Wow personal information

  1. Bow Wow full name: Shad Gregory Moss
  2. Bow Wow middle name: Gregory
  3. Bow Wow nicknames: Bow Wow, Bow Weezy and Lil Shad Moss Wizzle.
  4. Bow Wow gender: Male
  5. Bow Wow Birth date: 9th March, 1987
  6. Bow Wow Birth place: Ohio, Columbus, KS
  7. Bow Wow Age: 28
  8. Bow Wow Height: 5’7 feet
  9. Bow Wow Weight: Not given
  10. Bow Wow size of shoe: Not given
  11. Bow Wow eye color: hazel
  12. Bow Wow skin color: brown
  13. Bow Wow hair color: Black
  14. Bow Wow ethnical background: American and African
  15. Bow Wow sex: Straight
  16. Bow Wow zodiac sign: Pisces
  17. Bow Wow Nationality: American
  18. Bow Wow Religion: Christian
  19. Bow Wow Occupation/Profession: Rapper


Bow Wow’s family information

He is a proud knowing son of mother Teresa Rena Caldwell and father Alfonso Preston Moss. They supported him throughout his career which he had chosen. He lives with his mother in Atlanta in Georgia. The secret of Bow Wow of having a child was revealed. He is now engaged to Erica Mena who is a model and a television personality. Bow Wow married and wife details are given here. You must be thinking that is Bow Wow married and wife Erica Mena decided to marry him? We will give you its answer. They must be planning a secret wedding this year. Erica Mena is seen with an engagement ring. The couple got engaged in year 2014 in September. This was said that they will be getting married in 2015 summer in the month of April or June. This news is still kept a secret.

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